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Top 10 Best English Speaking Countries In Africa (2024)

Nearly everyone today speaks English as an additional language. It’s now to the point that being educated in virtually every corner of the globe requires English.

Ghana is the best English-speaking country in Africa. In the realm of political matters, English is the official language of the vast majority of international meetings around the globe, and the majority of world organizations employ English for official communication.

Top 10 Best English Speaking Countries in Africa


Ghana like many other West African countries, has English as the official language. Ghanaians took over the English language from the British during the colonial era.

It is used today to aid in government and media communication, as well as commercial purposes in almost every part of Ghana. Although Ghana is an Anglophone nation, the bulk of its inhabitants still speaks their native languages. Ghana is the best English-speaking country in Africa.


Nigerians use English as their official language. In the colonial era, British colonists introduced and established the English language as a second language. Nigeria is a West African country with a significant English-speaking population. In different areas of the country especially in urban areas, English or Pidgin English is the predominant language.

Nigeria is one of the best English-speaking countries in Africa. The structure of the country’s administration has been divided into three main zones each one of which is controlled by one of the three major languages which are Hausa, Igbo, and Yoruba. Ibibio, Urhobo, Edo, Kanuri, and Fulani are just a few examples of the most important indigenous dialects spoken in the country. 


English is the nation’s official language despite the fact it is one of the forty languages used throughout the East African country. It is widely spoken and comprehended by the majority of the people. Among all the Anglophone countries in Africa, Uganda is widely thought of as being one of the best English-speaking countries.

The country embraced the British model of education and English is used to teach Children in Ugandan schools. The English language is also the primary language in the country, however, the majority of the population is fluent in more than 60 different languages.

South Africa

To Westerners, this is the most well-known African country. It has a significant English-speaking population which assists in spreading the language throughout the country. English is among the various official dialects spoken in South Africa. When the English gained control over the Dutch in the 1800s, they expanded the English language across the nation.

The country is situated in the southernmost part of the African continent, and it is one of the best English-speaking countries in Africa. Other languages, like Afrikaans and isiZulu are spoken in South Africa. Additionally, the country recognizes eleven official languages.

The Gambia

The Gambia is a nation that speaks English as its official language. The Gambia is among the best English-speaking countries in Africa. The British introduced the English Language to this country during its colonial rule, from the time of colonization until independence in 1965.

The Gambians have a primary language, Wolof which is spoken widely. Based on the World Atlas, Wolof is spoken as a first language for approximately 18% of Gambians. Mandinka, Sirer, Jola-Fonyi, Maninkakan, Sine, Manjak, Pulaar, and Soninke are some of the other languages spoken by the indigenous peoples of the country.


Kenya is an African country located in the continent’s eastern region. Kenya is famous due to its abundant wildlife as well as recreation opportunities, attracting a huge number of English-speaking visitors. English, as well as Swahili, are the two official languages of Kenya.

Although Swahili is Kenya’s primary language, English was introduced during the colonial period when English colonialists controlled the nation. Kenya has several ethnic groups that speak their languages and can communicate with each other. English language, as well as Swahili, are used for interaction with other people to varying degrees.


It is believed that the English language is the primary language spoken in Sierra Leone. It’s been that way since the time that the British assumed control. The government was aware of the influence the Bangladeshi forces of peacekeeping had on the nation before 2002 and designated Bengali as the official second native language of the country.

Even though English is officially the language of the country, Krio is still the second most commonly spoken language in the country. In addition to Krio, Sierra Leone has approximately 18 native languages. Mende, Temne, Kissi, Fula, Kono, and Kuranko are among the other popular languages spoken in the country.


Liberia as with many other West African countries, has English as the official language. To establish a colonial Library in the first place, the Library, American Colonization Society (ACS) invited black volunteers to join the colony. Since the time of the country’s establishment, English has been the most used language. In Liberia, more than 3 million people speak an English dialect known as a pidgin.

Due to the English influence on the language, none of their native tongues have an official mainline. It is believed that the Gola, Mel, Kru, and Mande dialects are the only indigenous languages spoken in some communities. It is one of the best English-speaking countries in Africa.


The official language of the nation is English which is widely used in schools as well as for official business. English was declared to be the official language under the colonial administration. This meant that it was used in education, government business, as well as society.

The most commonly spoken language of Zambia is Nyanja which is spoken more in Lusaka and Tonga, while Bemba can be considered the second most frequently used local dialect. The country is home to a mix of 73 languages, which include Lozi, Kaonde, Lunda, and Tonga.


In addition to English, Zimbabwe is a country that has fifteen other recognized languages. The English language was officially adopted in Zimbabwe during the colonial era. In the colonial period, the English language was used extensively in the education system as well as within the system of law.  Bantu, Shona, and Sindebele, languages are the widely spoken native languages in the country.

Shona is the language spoken by 70% of the country’s population, while Sindebele is only spoken by 20% of the people. The other Bantu languages spoken by the country include Venda, Tonga, Shangaan, Sotho, Kalanga, Nambya, and Ndau. Zimbabwe is one of the best English-speaking countries in Africa.



English is growing in popularity in Africa. African countries are now promoting English learning programs within their own countries, in the present and plan to continue to do so shortly and will be recognizing English as a powerful instrument for growth and opportunities.

As more countries join the UNDP’s Millennium Development Goals we can anticipate a rise in the need for English teaching and learning resources, tools, and properly trained English instructors in nations that are focused specifically on English education. However, several countries have been recognized as the Best English-speaking countries in Africa.