Top 10 Best Medical Courses In Nigeria (2023)

A good number of our population will love to be in the medical field, in one way or the other. Apart from medicine there are other courses which are also referred to as “Hot Cakes” in the country. I believe when you were a kid you were the type that told mummy or daddy that you want to be a doctor or even work in a hospital.

There are lots of medical courses in this country, that you can study, but wait! Have you thought about the top 10 best medical courses to study in Nigeria? Apart from medicine, there are other medical courses you can likewise study and be on that white coat that you always love. Below are the top medical courses in Nigeria.

Top 10 Best Medical Courses In Nigeria 


I know you might be surprised this made it to number 1. This is termed as the best medical course, it also has branches like pharmacology, clinical pharmacy, and others. You study drugs, sales, and dispensary of types of drugs and also how to manufacture them. You cannot study pharmacy and come out and do not find a job, you can also open your own pharmacy shop and make good money.

Best Medical Courses In Nigeria

Medicine and Surgery

This deals with the human body, structure metabolic activities, and others. Studying medicine and surgery enables you to treat people and also perform surgical operations on them when needed. This course also teaches you the basic knowledge of other medical-related courses.


We refer to them as the “Hotcake” of the country. They are needed everywhere, nursing teaches us the prevention of illness, injury, rendering help to the communities, families, and others. Nursing is a course that teaches you how to care for and make people feel comfortable in a time of ill health.

Medical Laboratory Science

This course teaches you how to carry out analyses of body fluids. They teach about complex chemicals, hematological, bacterial diagnosis. Studying this course gives you the opportunity to work in different places, like the laboratory, hospitals, reference labs, and many others.

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Now let’s break it into simpler terms, those who study dentistry are in charge of taking care of the teeth. Dentistry teaches you prevention, treatment, and diseases of the oral cavity.


This is the study of the eyes and related structures. These doctors are trained to prescribe lenses to help correct eyes and also improvement of vision, they are also trained to treat different eye diseases.


I believe if you have done an x-ray before or a CAT scan before, then you will probably know who is called a radiologist. The branch of medicines that deals with the treatment of diseases like cancer and others, they deal with the diagnostic images of anatomic structures.


This is a branch of medicine that helps people recover from a particular injury or illness through education, advice, exercise, and others. They help people to manage pains and also to prevent diseases.


Human Anatomy

This is the study of the structure of the human body. This course teaches you a lot about humans and their bodies. You can also work in the hospital and other places.

Veterinary Medicine

This is a course that deals with animals alone. They treat and take care of animals in times of injury and ill health. They render their services to both domesticated and wild animals.

That’s all for the top 10 best medical courses in Nigeria. So if you plan on studying any medical course, you can take a sneak on this over and choose your best.