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Top 100 Best Theme Parks In The World (2023)

Nothing leaves a memory in the mind of a young child like visiting a theme park. The best theme parks in the world are built not just to impress, but to provide places where people can gather to enjoy themselves, based on the interests they already have.

This theme parks make it look like visitors have come to the fantasy worlds and fictional places they have read about, or seen in the movies.

There are theme parks beyond counting scattered throughout the world; choosing the best is not going to be easy.

Top 100 Best Theme Park In The World

1. Liesberg – Sweden

Liesberg is one of the oldest and most prestigious theme parks in the world; it opened back in 1923. Important attractions include Europe’s longest dive coaster and highest free-fall ride. On its 100th birthday this park made some expansions and additions; including Luna Park which is actually a world famous brand; noted for the excitement it offers.

Liesberg therefore offers a theme park within a theme park; so much fun for the whole family. Most visitors to this theme park do not want to leave; which is quite okay because there is also the Liseberg Grand Curiosa Hotel, which is an exciting place to stay; having such an artful design, with a moat and garden in front of it.

Liesberg is one place where the kids will never forget. The fun rides and the attractions at the hotel are sure to leave a lasting impression on the minds of young ones, and even adults will like to visit again.

2. Ferrari World Abu Dhabi

Have you ever seen a theme park that is based on cars? Not just old pieces of metal junk- supercars! If cars and fun interests you, then you have to see Ferrari World which is located on Yas Island in Abu Dhabi.

This is a place of great fun; it is an indoor theme park with so many talking points. First there is the design of the place; it is rather difficult to put into words; it is like a red triangle with a hole in the center. As it turns out; that is not just a hole; it is an important feature that is central to the entire theme of the park.

Its attractions include Formula Rossa; the world’s fastest roller coaster.  Another interesting thing about this theme park is the roller coaster called Flying Aces, which has the world’s tallest non-inverting loop (tallest free fall), and then there is the Mission Ferrari.

This is a truly remarkable experience; you can do the Roof Walk- a 90 minutes’ walk on the roof, or you can take a ride on a hang glider. Children can drive a miniature Ferrari race car; and there is so much else to do.

3. Europa-Park

Europa-Park in Germany was founded in 1975 by father and son Franz and Roland Mack. It is precisely located in Rust, Baden-Württemberg, Germany. The park covers an area of 95 hectares, which makes up eighteen themed areas.

Aside from the themed areas there are several attractions such as rides (of which there are 100), roller coasters (of which there are 13), and then a cinema and a conference center. The park also has places for visitors to spend time; there are hotels, a camping site, and a tepee village.

Europa-Park is particularly interesting because of the themed areas; the tepee area for example has many teepees which looks like a community of Native Americans. The themed areas are styled after many countries of Europe; especially how they looked like in medieval times. One that stands out is the Spanish Arena.

This is one of the most attended theme parks in the world; it gets around 6 million visitors every year.

4. Six Flags México

Six Flags México is an amusement park located in Mexico City. This is one of the most popular theme parks in the world; it is themed to incorporate the natural world with the adventures of an amusement park. It is located in the Tlalpan forest and village which is on the southern edge of Mexico City.

This is where the movie free Willy was filmed; and the Killer Whale Kieko which starred as Free Willy was the main attraction to the park. Since Free Willy was reintroduced to the wild, much has changed in the park.

It is not just about its size; this is the most important theme park in Latin America; it gets nearly 3 million visitors annually. There are 9 roller coasters and 2 water rides in this theme park. The theme is quite traditional in the sense that there is a bit of Latin American culture, as well as the cultures of traditional Europe and Polynesia on display.

Pueblo Mexicano, Pueblo Frances, Pueblo Swizo, and Pueblo Polenesio are some of the sections in the park; they mean Mexican Village, French Village, Swiss Village, and Polynesian Village. There is also a Villa Hollywood where comic heroes are on parade; this is a very interesting place to visit.

5. Universal Studios Beijing

Universal Studios Beijing is located in Beijing, China. The Chinese do not tolerate mediocrity; this theme park does well to uphold the standards of excellence for which they are known. This park was opened in 2021; it is actually part of a bigger resort.

The name Universal Studios is synonymous with excellent movies; and it is those movies that make the theme of this beautiful park.

Some of the attractions include Castle Hogwarts (from Harry Potter), Minion Land (from Despicable Me) – Minion land also features characters from the movies Sing. Perhaps the most popular area of this theme park is the Kung Fu Panda Land Of Awesomeness; it is the first indoor part of the theme park, and also has a restaurant based on Mr. Ping’s Noodle House.

Other theme areas include Transformers, and Jurassic World. This is a truly impressive place; it is no doubt one of the biggest and best theme parks in the world.

6. Legoland Deutschland

Legoland Deutschland is located in Germany; and was opened in 2002. As the name explains, it is a theme park based on Lego; the company that makes toys out of bricks. It is all about Legos; this theme park is built with 55 million Lego bricks and has 64 attractions.

Legoland Deutschland’s attractions are basically models of monuments; while they may be small to adults, these models are quite impressive to children. Neuschwanstein Castle is one of the attractions; it is a miniature castle, complete with trees, a mountain and garden all in miniature.

There is also little Asia; which is based on the ninjago cartoon series. This attraction “flies” and is a fantastic feeling for children. There are several different rides and carousels in legoland Deutschland; including a swinging pirate ship. There is also legoland Atlantis which is an indoor aquarium, with real fish living in a Lego environment.

7. Animal Kingdom

Animal Kingdom is one of the Walt Disney World Resort. This one was opened in April 1998, and is located in Bay Lake, Florida, Near Orlando. The theme of the park is clear once you walk in; it is all about animals.

Central to the theme park is the Tree of Life; a huge Baobab tree; complete with branches and leaves. This is a very well planned out theme park; one gets the feeling that the people behind it are trying to celebrate life, nature, and mankind’s role in it.

Some of the sections in the park include Africa; you find a landscape resembling an African village with thatched huts built by Zulu workers. There is also Rafiki’s Planet Watch; which is drawn out from The Lion King franchise where Rafiki is the baboon.

Asia is another section of the theme park; going in gives one the impression of visiting Cambodia or Thailand. There is also Dinoland; with many different types of prehistoric creatures and their existing relatives.

8. Happy Valley Shenzhen

Happy Valley Shenzhen is a huge theme park located in Shenzhen, China. It opened back in 1998, and covers an area of 350,000 square meters. There are 5 roller coasters in this park, and there many other attractions to the park.

There are 9 themed areas in the theme park; they include Spanish Square, Cartoon City, Mt. Adventure, Gold Mine Town, Shangri-La Woods, Sunshine Beach, Typhoon Bay, Happy Times and Playa Maya Water Park. Each of the themed areas has buildings depicting the cultures they are named after.

The Playa Maya Water Park depicts Mayan civilization; it is complete with buildings and statues in Mayan architectural styles.

9. Dreamworld Australia

Dreamworld is a theme park and zoo on the Gold Coast in Queensland, in Australia. Australia is no stranger to huge attractions; this would have been just one of many if not for its sheer size. This is Australia’s biggest theme park, and it was opened in 1981.

The theme park has 40 rides and attractions, including some very big carousels. This has one of the world’s tallest and fastest thrill rides. Dreamworld is also home to several themed islands including DreamWorks from the movie company.

Other themes in Dreamworld include ABC Kids World, Tiger Island, Main Street, Gold Rush Country and Corroboree. These themed areas have buildings and sights that authenticate their names, and that have sculptures that resemble characters from said shows.

10. Alton Towers

Alton Towers is a theme park in Alton Towers Resort, which is located in Staffordshire, England, near the village of Alton. The theme park is part of a wider resort area which includes a water park, spa, mini golf and hotel complex. This park was opened back in 1860, and has seen a number of improvements since then.

The attractions at the park include Runaway Mine Train (a roller coaster built like a train), Nemesis (a roller coaster), Oblivion, Galactica (a roller coaster built like a spaceship), as well as other roller coasters like The Smiler, Wicker Man, Rita and TH13TEEN.

The theme park also has a special attraction called Congo River Rapid; this is a fast flowing river on which families can go on rides in inflatable rafts.

The following is a more extensive list of the top 100 theme parks in the world.

Rank Theme Park Country
1 Liesberg – Sweden Sweden
2 Ferrari World Abu Dhabi UAE
3 Europa-Park Germany
4 Six Flags México Mexico
5 Universal Studios Beijing Beijing, China
6 Legoland Deutschland Germany
7 Animal Kingdom Florida, USA
8 Happy Valley Shenzhen Germany
9 Dreamworld Australia Australia
10 Alton Towers Staffordshire, UK
11 Six Flags Discovery Kingdom Vallejo, California
12 Wanda Nanchang China
13 Parque Xcaret Mexico
14 Happy Valley Beijing, China
15 Six Flags Magic Mountain Valencia, California, USA
16 SeaWorld San Diego San Diego, California, USA
17 Drayton Manor Resort Staffordshire, UK
18 PortAventura Park Barcelona, Spain
19 Disney Magic Kingdom Orlando, Florida, USA
20 Sesame Place Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
21 China Dinosaurs Park China
22 Tokyo Disneyland Tokyo, Japan
23 Warner Bros. World Abu Dhabi Abu Dhabi, UAE
24 Chimelong Paradise China
25 Six Flags Great America Chicago, USA
26 Busch Gardens Williamsburg USA
27 Legoland New York New York, USA
28 Universal Studios Florida Orlando, Florida
29 Paultons Park Hampshire, UK
30 Puy du Fou France
31 Zhengzhou Fantawild Adventure China
32 Everland Seoul, South Korea
33 Motiongate Dubai Dubai, UAE
34 Six Flags Great Adventure New jersey, USA
35 Silver Dollar City USA
36 Epcot Florida, USA
37 Efteling Netherlands
38 Legoland Billund Denmark
39 Lotte World Seoul, South Korea
40 Hong Kong Disneyland Hong Kong
41 Beto Carrero World Brazil
42 Legoland Malaysia Malaysia
43 Six Flags Over Georgia USA
44 SeaWorld San Antonio Texas, USA
45 Kings Island Ohio, USA
46 Disneyland Park California, USA
47 Chessington World of Adventures Surrey, UK
48 Parc Astérix France
49 Canada’s Wonderland Canada
50 Shanghai Haichang Ocean Park China
51 Ocean Park Hong Kong Hong Kong
52 IMG Worlds of Adventure Dubai, UAE
53 Cedar Point Ohio, USA
54 Universal Studios Hollywood California, USA
55 Legoland Windsor United Kingdom
56 Tivoli Gardens Copenhagen, Denmark
57 Disneyland Park France
58 Nagashima Resort Japan
59 Global Village Dubai, UAE
60 Six Flags Fiesta Texas Texas, USA
61 Peppa Pig Theme Park Texas, USA
62 Kings Dominion USA
63 Gardaland Italy
64 Ningbo Fantawild Oriental Heritage China
65 Busch Gardens Tampa Bay Florida, USA
66 Carowinds USA
67 Legoland California USA
68 Universal Studios Singapore Singapore
69 Happy Valley Chengdu China
70 Legoland Florida Florida, USA
71 Hersheypark Pennsylvania, USA
72 Bollywood Parks Dubai USA
73 Six Flags Over Texas USA
74 Disney California Adventure Park USA
75 Phantasialand Germany
76 Kennywood Pennsylvania, USA
77 SeaWorld Orlando Orlando, Florida
78 Chimelong Ocean Kingdom China
79 Legoland Dubai Dubai, UAE
80 Knott’s Berry Farm California
81 Universal’s Islands of Adventure Orlando, Florida, USA
82 Thorpe Park Surrey, UK
83 Walt Disney Studios Park Paris, France
84 Universal Studios Japan Japan
85 Parque Warner Madrid Madrid, Spain
86 Disney’s Hollywood Studios California, USA
87 Six Flags America Washington, USA
88 window of the world Shenzhen Shenzhen, China
89 Tokyo DisneySea Tokyo, Japan
90 Dollywood Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, USA
91 Heide Park Germany
92 Sesame Place San Diego San Diego, California, USA
93 Puy du Fou España Spain
94 Escape Penang Malaysia
95 Futuroscope France
96 sea world Australia Australia
97 Ghibli Park Japan
98 Universal Studios Singapore Singapore


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The best theme parks have the best ideas behind them; they mostly portray movie themes and some also look and feel like distant places and cultures. One thing they all have in common is the ridiculous amount of money it takes to build these leisure places, which essentially puts it beyond the reach of some countries.


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