Top 10 Ugliest People In The World (2023)

Are you ready to explore the intriguing world of uniqueness and unconventional beauty? In this article, we will take a closer look at the top 10 ugliest people in the world who have gained recognition for their unusual appearances.

Some of the ugliest people right now include Godfrey Baguma, Dennis Avner, Maison Sere, Erik Sprague, and Donatella Versace. From physical conditions to deliberate transformations, these individuals defy societal norms and challenge our perception of beauty. Let’s delve into their fascinating stories.

Top 10 Ugliest People In The World

1. Godfrey Baguma

Godfrey Baguma is one of the ugliest person in the world right now

Godfrey Baguma, also known as Ssebabi is the ugliest person in the world right now, he was born in Mbarara, Uganda. His journey to recognition began with a rare illness that affected one side of his face, drastically altering his appearance. Abandoned by his mother due to his health problems, Godfrey was raised by his grandmother.

Growing up, he faced numerous challenges, including social isolation and limited opportunities. However, as he matured, Godfrey decided to embrace his uniqueness and competed for the title of the “ugliest man on the planet.” Surprisingly, he won the competition and kickstarted his career. Today, Godfrey is not only known for his unconventional looks but also for his talents as a singer and comedian.

2. Dennis Avner

Dennis Avner is one of the ugliest person in the world Guinness world record

Dennis Avner, famously known as the Stalking Cat, hailed from Flint, Michigan, in the United States. Since childhood, Dennis felt a spiritual connection with feline species, particularly tigers. His transformation journey began with his deep-rooted fascination.

While claiming to have grown up in a tribe, Dennis undertook various modifications to resemble a tiger. Despite facing emotional trauma and personal challenges, he persisted in his transformation. Although Dennis is no longer with us, his unique appearance left a lasting impact and raised awareness about the power of personal expression which enlists him on the record as the world’s ugliest person.

3. Maison Sere

Maison Sere is one of the ugliest people in the world right now

Maison Sere gained fame through his participation in Zimbabwe’s annual “Mr Ugly” competition. In a contest that celebrates unconventional beauty, Maison emerged as the winner. His missing teeth became the distinguishing factor that labeled him as one of the world’s ugliest individuals.

Despite societal standards, Maison Sere embraced his appearance and proved that beauty can transcend traditional norms. His victory in the competition paved the way for acceptance and appreciation of diverse forms of beauty.

4. Erik Sprague

Erik Sprague world ugliest person right now

Erik Sprague, famously known as the Lizardman, is an individual who has transformed himself into a reptilian-like being. Through extensive tattooing, horn implants, and other body modifications, Erik embodies a unique aesthetic.

Unlike some others on this list, Erik’s transformation was a conscious choice. He challenges societal norms and invites us to question our preconceived notions of beauty. Erik’s transformation not only earned him recognition but also a platform to discuss individuality and the freedom to express oneself.

5. Donatella Versace

Donatella Versace

Donatella Versace, born into a renowned fashion family, experienced a different kind of transformation, one that was not deliberate which eventually landed her on the list of ugly-looking people in the world. While she was once considered a beautiful woman, a series of unfortunate plastic surgeries drastically altered her appearance.

Botched procedures led to exaggerated features, such as enlarged lips and nose, resulting in an unconventional and often criticized look. Donatella’s transformation serves as a cautionary tale, reminding us of the risks associated with cosmetic procedures.

6. Michael Berryman

Michael Berryman, widely recognized for his roles in horror movies, possesses a distinct appearance rooted in a medical condition called Hypohidrotic Ectodermal Dysplasia. This condition affects the growth of hair, nails, teeth, and sweat glands, resulting in an unconventional appearance.

Despite the challenges it brings, Michael has made a successful career in the entertainment industry, showcasing that talent and uniqueness can go hand in hand.

7. Etienne Dumont

Etienne Dumont, an art critic from Switzerland, has taken the concept of body art to extreme levels. With his entire body covered in tattoos and silicone implants beneath the skin, Etienne has transformed himself into a striking and often terrifying figure.

His bull-like appearance, complete with a face adorned with pinned spectacles, challenges conventional ideas of beauty. Etienne serves as a reminder that self-expression comes in various forms, and art can be an embodiment of individuality.

8. Rick Genest

Rick Genest, famously known as the Zombie Boy, gained significant attention for his full-body tattooed appearance. After surviving a brain tumor, Rick made a deliberate choice to embrace an undead persona.

His transformation includes intricate skeletal tattoos that cover his entire body. Rick’s appearance is unsettling, serving as a visual representation of his journey and struggles. Although he is no longer with us, his impact on the acceptance of unconventional beauty remains.

9. Kala Kaiwi

Kala Kaiwi’s striking appearance, characterized by numerous facial piercings and tattooed body art, earns him a place on our list of the world’s ugliest people. With horn-like implants near his ears and a snake-like tongue, Kala’s chaotic aesthetics often lead to misconceptions and assumptions. Despite societal judgments, Kala embraces his self-expression, challenging the notion of beauty as a fixed concept.

10. Pauly Unstoppable

Pauly Unstoppable, previously a handsome man, has undergone extreme piercings and bodily alterations, earning him a spot among the world’s ugliest individuals. With tunnel-like ear piercings, nose piercings adorned with large rings, and a divided tongue, Pauly’s transformation is striking. His choice to alter his body in such a drastic manner challenges societal norms and serves as a statement of personal identity. His striking appearance makes him one of the ugliest people in the world.

Can beauty be defined by conventional standards?

Beauty is subjective, and conventional standards often fail to capture the diversity of human appearances. True beauty lies in embracing individuality and celebrating unique features.

Are these individuals happy with their appearances?

While it is impossible to generalize, many of these individuals have found contentment and purpose in embracing their appearances. Their stories demonstrate the power of self-acceptance and the freedom that comes with expressing one’s true self.

What can we learn from the stories of these individuals?

The stories of these individuals teach us about the importance of acceptance, tolerance, and celebrating diversity. They encourage us to challenge societal norms and embrace the uniqueness within ourselves and others.

How does the media influence our perception of beauty?

The media plays a significant role in shaping societal beauty standards. It is crucial to recognize and question these influences, striving for a more inclusive and diverse representation of beauty.

How can we promote a more inclusive definition of beauty?

Promoting a more inclusive definition of beauty starts with embracing and celebrating diversity. By challenging stereotypes and appreciating unique characteristics, we can create a more inclusive and accepting society.

These individuals, though often labeled as the world’s ugliest, have defied societal norms and showcased the power of individuality. Their stories remind us that beauty is not confined to conventional standards but is an ever-evolving concept that celebrates the richness of human diversity.



Exploring the lives of these individuals challenges our preconceived notions of beauty. While some were born with unique physical conditions, others intentionally transformed their appearances. Each person on this list has confronted societal expectations and created a space for self-expression. Their stories serve as a reminder that true beauty lies in embracing one’s individuality and celebrating the diversity that exists in our world.

Now that you’ve learned about these extraordinary individuals who are the ugliest people in the world, take a moment to reflect on the meaning of beauty and the power of self-acceptance. Beauty is not limited to conventional standards but expands to encompass the richness of human diversity.

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