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Prettiest Black Girl Names (2023)

Names are probably the very first present parents give to their kids. Therefore, it’s natural to create the most memorable one.

The God-sent angel is worthy of all the finest names that the world offers. You can choose to follow the latest trends in cute and original names for babies.

Prettiest Black Girl Names

1. Adah

Adah is a name of Hebrew origin. The name means a beautiful ornament

2. Aaliyah

A well sought-after name in America, Aaliyah is simply wonderful! The Arabic name, Aaliyah is also a well-known name among Africans which means the rising. It’s the feminine variant that is derived from the word Ali. The variations of the name are Alia, Aliya, and Alya.

3. Audre

The name is of English origin. Audre is one of the sweetest names that means noble strength

4. Adelaide

Adelaide refers to nobility. Adelaide is a name that is renowned around the world! Adelaide was the nickname given to the German princess who got married to the British King William IV in 1830. She was referred to as the Good Queen Adelaide. Adelaide is also the name of a city in Australia that was named after Queen Adelaide.

5. Alyssa

A name with historical significance, Alyssa is derived from the German name Adalheidis which means highly regarded and generous

6. Aurelia

Originating from Latin roots, Aurelia is a name that will be loved by everyone! It’s a name that means Golden and is derived from Aurelius. It’s a feminine name that is highly popular in a variety of nations.

7. Amber

An Arabic name, Amber refers to a precious stone! Amber is a lovely feminine name, which is common in Arabic as well as African countries. The amber jewel has a warm honey hue.

8. Bolanle

A name that is among the top sought-after popular traditional African name for girls, Bolanle is a reference to the person who met wealth in the home. Bolanle has an odd pronunciation, and is believed to bring riches naturally! You could therefore call her Bolanle as she’s the luckiest charm in your life!

9. Binta

A beautiful name that belongs to both African as well as the Arabian countries. Binta refers to With God which is a perfect choice for parents seeking spiritual names for their child! Every girl is fortunate to be blessed with this name, as it’s a rare name and will forever be blessed with divine blessings!

10. Brianna

An Irish birth name, Brianna means strong, honorable, and virtuous. A nickname Bri is a great match for the name!

11. Candice

The name Candice is quite famous throughout America as well as Africa. Candice means pure and innocent. This beautiful feminine name is ideal for your baby girl. In the early African kingdom known as Kush was a title awarded to queens or queen mothers. It is derived from the title Candice!

12. Cassandra

The name Cassandra is a Greek name of origin, Cassandra means unheeded prophetess. It is believed to be significant according to Greek theology. Cassandra is the title given to the Trojan prophetess who was the princess of King Priam. Cassandra’s prediction about the demise of Troy was ignored!

13. Charlotte

A French Origin name, Charlotte is the feminine variant of the name Charlot also known as Charles and It means free will. The name was discovered during the 14th century! A charming nickname of Lottie, Charlie, or Carlota could be a good fit for Charlotte.

14. Ciara

Ciara has an Irish Gaelic origin and is the female form of Ciaran. It is a reference to a dark-haired person. 

15. Dakota

A popular American Baby name, which is common across the world! Dakota refers to a friend.

16. Danielle

A name of Hebrew Origin that can be described as the feminine form of Daniel which means God has been my Judge.

17. Dominique

A baby girl’s name of French origin. Dominique is a reference to the Lord or the person who is a part of God.

18. Elaine

If you’re seeking something adorable and short and unique, then Elaine is the choice for your needs! Elaine is a French variant of the famous name Helen. It means bright with shining lights.

19. Edwina

A name which is the female variant of Edwin. Edwina translates to a rich friend. It’s an ancient English name that became famous in the Victorian period.

20. Eloise

An English name, which originated in France, Eloise means healthy and smart.

21. Eshe

The name was first used by Swahili natives. Eshe is a reference to energy and life both of which reflect optimism, enthusiasm, and zeal toward life! It is one of the most popular options for female African names, this ensures that your child will never lack enthusiasm or vitality in life!

22. Frida

Another name inspired by celebrities, Frida was quite common throughout Germany during a certain period in time! Famous Mexican artist Frida Kahlo was named after the lovely meaning of the name peaceful.

23. Fajah

An African name that is difficult to come across! Fajah is a word that means thanks!

24. Fayola

One of the most beautiful names for black girls, Fayola means one who lives with honor. It’s an African name with African roots and is the perfect name for your little princess if you wish for her to live an exemplary life of dignity and self-respect.

25. Gabrielle

Gabrielle is a name of Hebrew origin. It’s the feminine variant of Gabriel. It’s a Hebrew word that means God’s woman.

26. Gemma

A timeless Italian name that’s popular across the world. Gemma refers to a precious jewel.

27. Hailey

A happy, go-lucky name that translates to a meadow.

28. Hannah

A name of Hebrew origin meaning favor or grace. One can also write this name with Hanna.

29. Hyacinth

Hyacinth is a lovely feminine name of Greek origin. Hyacinth is the full name given to the pretty purple flower!

30. Indigo

Do you find yourself often overwhelmed by striking blue eyes? Why not give her the name of the gorgeous Indigo color!

31. Jemila

Everything about Somalia is good and so is this name. Jemila can be described as a word that was first used in Somalia as well as among Swahili spoken people. It is a word that means beautiful. Jemila is also well-known in Arab as well as other African countries.

32. Jendayi

Being grateful for everything you can enjoy is the ideal expression of humility! Jendayi is a Zimbabwe name that means grateful. A name with an amazing meaning, you should think about this name as a way to instill the value of being humble in your child! The name will inspire her to be humble the same way, and over and over again!

33. Jacinta

Jacinta is a name of  Greek origin that is a different name for the Hyacinth, which is a deep purple-colored flower.

34. Jovita

A Latin name that signifies happiness. The other variations of the name include Jasmine, Jalena, and Jacinta.

35. Kalifa

The perfect name for parents seeking a holy or spiritual name to give their child. The most stunning name that is of Arabic as well as African source, Kalifa means holy and clean. The essence of the name will make her life more beautiful either way!

36. Keandra

A name of Gaelic source, Kaendra means keen power.

37. Kadisha

A gorgeous and distinctive name that means one with an expressive, open-minded nature.

38. Kalinda

The name is a name of Sanskrit source. Kalinda refers to the sun. This name is of great significance to Hindu mythology!

39. Keisha

An antiquated African name that means great joy.

40. Kylie

A name of Gaelic origin that refers to beautiful or graceful.

41. Laila

Originated from the Persian term Leila, Laila means dark beauty!

42. Leal

One of the most adorable baby names for girls of black descent, Leal is an African name of African origin that translates to faithful. You can start by naming your baby girl Leal to instill in her the importance of being faithful and loyal which is an essential component in any relationship!

43. Lysha

A Hebrew name of origin that translates to a cheerful and charming person.

44. Makeba

Makeba is an uncommon and rarely seen baby girl name. It’s an Ethiopian name, which translates to greatness. The most popular bearer of the name is the famous singer Miriam Makeba from South Africa! Another variant is Makeda.

45. Michelle

It is said that the Hebrew name Michael is given a stylish transformation to be Michelle. It’s a French remake of a Hebrew name that means just like God. The most well-known person bearing the name is Michelle Obama, the US First Lady Michelle Obama who is considered to be among the most powerful women in this 21st Century.

46. Malika

An Arabic name, Malika is popular amongst the blacks from all over the world! Malika means queen.

47. Mandisa

An African name, Mandisa means sweetness. A feminine and delicate name with a sweet sound, Mandisa is perfect for little girls who are as sweet as honey!

48. Nina

One of the beautiful names for girls, which translates to the most precious one. It’s surely a great name for your adorable baby!

49. Nzinga

The name is unique and comes from Africa. Central African continent! The distinctive and gorgeous name has many meanings, however, the most fitting one is beautiful. The most well-known bearer of this name was Queen Nzinga Mbandi who fought against the Portuguese colonizers in Southwest Africa.

50. Nichelle

A name of African origin translating to a victorious maiden. Like Michelle, Nichelle is an adorable feminine name with an important meaning behind it!

51. Nakeisha

An unusual name, Nakeisha is of African origin. It’s a beautiful name, which means her life.

52. Oba

A name that is of African origin that we’re betting you’d never even heard of. Oba means river goddess.

53. Phylicia

A Latin name, Phylicia means lucky. We say we are fortunate to have our daughter as our own, however, the reality is that your daughter is similarly more fortunate to have parents just like you! Why not give her a name that reflects this wonderful idea!

54. Paulina

The name is the female variant of the male name Paul, Paulina in Latin refers to small.

55. Patriciana

A Latin name that is a reference to noble. Patricia is another variation of the name. 

56. Quiesha

A Unique African name, meaning favorite.

57. Quanesia

A unique Jamaican baby girl’s name that refers to life.

58. Ruby

A baby name of Latin origin that translates to a precious stone of deep red color. We know that the angel who has been sent to you is a treasure to you and you should name her in honor of the precious stone that is extremely rare and gorgeous!

59. Ramla

The meaning behind the name is not clear because it is said to be a name of Egyptian and African sources! A name that evokes the virtues of piety and purity, Ramla means prophetess.

60. Serena

A name of Latin origin. The meaning is just as the name implies, serene and peaceful. It also gives you the pleasure of having your child after the revered and most successful athlete of all time, Serena Williams!

61. Shanice

Shanice is a name that has African roots, and is extremely rare to come across! Shanice is a reference to a gift from God precisely the kind of girl you have!

62. Shaquana

A beautiful and unique name. Shaquana is a reference to the truth of life. The name Shaquana is bestowed on her for who knows when she might be the bright spot for many!

63. Sakina

A Muslim baby name, meaning devout and calm.

64. Sierra

A Spanish name that symbolizes solidity.

65. Taisha

A name of Arabic origin that translates to healthy or alive.

66. Taleisha

A name of Jamaican origin that translates to blooming life.

67. Trissa

A Latin-American name that translates to the noble patrician.

68. Toni

The days are gone when parents used to call their little girl the long name Antonia! Therefore, a shorter and sweet version of Antonia’s name is Toni! The most appealing aspect of this name Toni is that it means priceless, which your daughter is to you.

69. Tori

Tori refers to the winner or conqueror. It’s a diminutive form of the word Victoria.

70. Tiffany

A Latin baby name, meaning manifestation by God.

71. Valeria

A strong feminine name that means strong and brave.

72. Viera

A baby name of Russian origin that means the truth.

73. Winnie

Winnifred used to be a well-known name that is now replaced by the sweet and short Winnie! Winnie refers to holy peacemaker and gentle companion. Winnie Mandela was the name given to his second spouse Nelson Mandela who stood against the odds and was waiting for her husband to be released from jail for 27 years!

74. Wilma

A name of German origin meaning strong will.

75. Xia

An old name of Greek origin meaning hospitable.

76. Yalonda

An antiquated Greek name meaning a beautiful floral arrangement of violet flowers.

77. Yakeera

A Hebrew name that translates to precious.

78. Yafit

A trendy Hebrew name, which means a good woman.

79. Zahara

A baby name of African origin that translates to flower.

80. Zelena

A beautiful Greek name meaning shine.



A lot of new parents often love to pick the most appropriate name for their new bundle of joy however, the reality is that whatever name you pick is the perfect name for your child! 

The current trend is to choose unique names, however, we recommend that you never reduce the significance or sound of your name.