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20 Tips On How To Pass JAMB UTME 2020 With Flying Colours

Interesting tips on how to pass JAMB UTME 2020 with flying colours. As far as Nigeria is concerned, the Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME) is a necessity that a student must overcome before he or she can study in a tertiary institution. Therefore, there are usually students interested in getting resources that will help them pass Jamb in flying colours, so they can fulfill their dreams. 

If you have been searching for how to pass Jamb in flying colours, look no further, because we will give you 20 golden tips in this article. 

Here are they:

How To Pass JAMB UTME 2020 With Flying Colours

  • 1. A Positive Mindset 

The first thing is to develop a positive mindset, as this will sure affect other things. For instance, a student that have the mindset of passing Jamb this year will be encouraged to read at the appropriate time. 

  • 2. Adequate Preparation 

Of course, if you ask every student if they will like to pass Jamb, they will definitely say yes. But, why won’t many of them pass? Simply because wishing for something is not enough – you must take adequate steps to get them. In this case, you must be ready to put in place necessary preparations. 

  • 3. Don’t Procrastinate 

One of the things affecting many young people negatively is procrastination. Please, don’t procrastinate at all. When it is time to read, don’t postpone it to another time. 

  • 4. Don’t Allow Distraction 

Just don’t allow distractions in your quest to prepare adequately for the exam, and you will be proud of yourself eventually. 

  • 5. Ignore Hindrances 

You must identify factors (people, things, activities, etc that can hinder you from getting a high score in Jamb, and you must ignore such). 

  • 6. Be Disciplined 

It is not easy to not procrastinate. It is not too easy to push off distraction. However, you must always be ready to inculcate discipline, and stuffs will get easier for you. 

  • 7. Gather quality textbooks and useful materials

There is nothing wrong with using the money you ought to use to buy airtime (which you will only use to gist with your friends) to buy relevant textbooks. Invest now and enjoy later. 

  • 8. Ensure You Get Only Materials 

Don’t get materials blindly. There are some textbooks you don’t actually need, as they are beyond what Jamb settle for. Ensure the things you invest your time to read are only relevant stuffs. Even JAMB do recommends certain books, try your possible best to get them.

  • 9. Have A Reading Schedule

There is nothing wrong with reading spontaneously. Nevertheless, even as at that, still have a dedicated reading schedule and try to be disciplined enough. 

  • 10. Know Yourself 

Some people can assimilate faster than others. Know what works for you. If you are a person that assimilate best at night, then read more at night. If otherwise, then do otherwise. Don’t follow the trend just to feel among. 

  • 11. Have A Game Plan 

This is very helpful. It helps to agree already the subject you will work on first, then the second one, and the third, before the last. This will make you coordinated when you get into the exam hall. While some people will opt for tackling the hardest subjects first, some prefers doing the easiest first. 

  • 12. Enjoy What You Are Doing 

Find pleasure in reading and preparing for the exam, so it won’t become a burden you will hate. A student that hate to read will most likely fail. So, enjoy reading your books. Be happy that you are literate (remember, there are tons of illiterates out there always wishing they are in your shoes). 

  • 13. Work On Your Weaknesses 

Sure, everyone has strength and weaknesses (we can’t help it). Nevertheless, if you are not careful, some weaknesses can spoil your dreams of passing Jamb in flying colours. Therefore, anything you know is your weakness (it might be a particular subject, it might be that you don’t like reading for long, etc), ensure you work on them immediately.  

  • 14. Make good use of past questions

Please, don’t ignore this at all. In fact, in your quest to pass Jamb, if you have not started practising with past questions, then you have not yet started. In your preparations, if you have not include past questions, then you are not yet there (as this is one of the most importantly aspects of your preparation). Ask people who were able to pass Jamb triumphantly for advice, and many will quickly admonish you to pick your past questions. One advantage of studying with past questions is that many questions are usually repeated (which gives you an advantage). Additionally, it helps make you familiar with how they set their questions. While studying materials, you will have an idea of where to read and where not to bother reading (so you won’t read outside the scope of their syllabus) 

  • 15. Connect with like minds

At this point, connect with like minds – people who have the same aim as you. We are not just talking about any other person that is writing jamb – but we are talking about people with the aim of passing with flying colours too. 

  • 16. Get acquainted with CBT

JAMB UTME 2020 will be a ‘Computer Based Test’ (CBT), as this is what the organization has been using in recent times. Hence, it is necessary that you get familiar with the system beforehand, so you won’t be stranded on the day of the exam. 

  • 17. Stay updated

Ensure you are following the news that concerns your examination, so you won’t miss out on any important information. 

  • 18. Get To The Exam Center Early Enough 

Irrespective of where you live, make sure you arrive very early. 

  • 19. Be Calm 

Once inside, stay calm, and don’t allow anxiety make you do the wrong things. 

  • 20. Put God First

Lastly, put God first, and you won’t regret it. It is not by power or might, but by God’s Grace and Help. So, pray vehemently and strive pleasing Him. 

With these tips, you are expected to successfully pass Jamb with flying colours 

That’s all about the tips on how to pass JAMB UTME 2020 with flying colours.


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