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Top 100 Largest Swimming Pools In The World (2023)

Swimming pools help us bring water activities to our homes. The largest swimming pools in the world are hardly going to be in homes; they are designed to take more people, and are usually used to host professional swimming competitions, and to train professional swimmers.

Of course, many are simply used for recreational purposes; people dive in simply for fun, and for the experience of getting wet.

These types of swimming pools require considerable investments in construction and maintenance which is why there are not so many of them available.

Top 100 Largest Swimming Pools In The World

1. Citystars Sharm Elsheik

Sharm El Sheik, Egypt

At 23.9 Acres Citystars is more than just a swimming pool; it is better described as an artificial lake. It was built in 2015, in the city of Sharm El Sheik, which is in Egypt, and is pumped full of     Sea water.

This swimming pool holds the record for the biggest man made lagoon in the world. To make it look more natural, it is surrounded by more than 22km of sand, like one would find in a beach.

However, this is not a beach; it is a resort. It is owned and operated by Swissotel, and branded as Swissotel Citystars Sharm El Sheik. The hotel is a world class establishments with 400 rooms. This is set to be the biggest establishment in the Hospitality industry in the country; the swimming pool is already a cultural attraction.

2. Crystal Lagoon      

Algarrobo, Chile

Crystal Lagoon is an 80,000 m2 wide swimming pool, which is actually an artificial lagoon. It was built in 2006, and is pumped full of Sea water         . It is located in Algarrobo, Chile, and for a time was the biggest artificial body of water in the world, before being surpassed by the one in Egypt.

This impressive water body is part of an even bigger franchise; it is part of the famous San Alfonso del Mar – which is a private resort in Algarrobo, Chile.

Some of the attractions to the hotel include; 1,200 second home units, an Aquarium which is located on the edge of the artificial lagoon, and then a gym and spa.

3. Mahasamutr          

Hua Hin, Thailand

This is a 72,000 m2 wide swimming pool in Hua Hin, Thailand. It was built in 2014, and pumped full of Sea water. This pool may not be the biggest but in terms of design, it is certainly the most impressive.

While other large pools are simply large, more effort is put into giving this one a natural appearance. Furthermore, right in the middle of the pool, there are well designed and laid out cabins that give users the impression of being on an island surrounded by water.

It is also built by Crystal Lagoon, and has a restaurant, spa, and other amenities. There is also a lot of greenery in and around the area, making it the perfect holiday spot.

4. Treasure Bay Bintan         

Bintan, Indonesia

Treasure Bay is a 63,000 m2 wide swimming pool located in Bintan, Indonesia. It was built in 2015, and contains Sea water. This artificial lagoon is very impressive in its design and layout- at first glance it is quite difficult to believe that it was built by hand.

Rather than give the pool a square or rectangular shape; this one has a natural appearance- a shape that is hard to describe. Furthermore, there is an abundance of white sand all around the pool; which makes it look like a beach. Then there is the greenery; shrubs, flowers, and even trees lining the pool providing shade to the visitors, and adding to the overall beauty of the place.

5. Ostrava Poruba

Vřesina, Czech Republic

Ostrava Poruba is a mega swimming pool measuring 41,200 m2. For many years it the biggest swimming pool on earth; it was built in 1962, and is full of Fresh water. It is located in Vřesina, in the Czech Republic.

The swimming pool is called a summer swimming pool because in the winter it freezes over, and can be used for winter sports. This swimming pool is more like what one would expect from a man made water body; there are paved tracks on all sides, and there is no attempt to hide the concrete.

Nevertheless, it is very practical, and very much beloved by the people of the city who flock there in large numbers during the summer months. There are water slides and trees around the place to make it more fun.

6. The Lagoon at Epperson  


The Lagoon at Epperson is one of the largest swimming pools in the world; it measures 30,540.9 m2. This artificial lagoon is located at Wesley Chapel, in the United States.  It was built in 2017, and is full of  Sea water.

This is another very beautiful artificial lagoon that does not look artificial at all; the ingenuity of the design makes it like a beach, or a marshy land. There is no particular shape to this lagoon; instead, the water is spread put like a rough star.

The water is clear and blue, and there is plenty of white sand surrounding the water; even in the pool. The swimming pool is complete with water slides, including a bouncy castle roughly in the center. There is plenty of greenery to add to the natural effect.

7. Balneario Carlos Xamena

Salta, Argentina

Balneario Carlos Xamena is a huge swimming pool, measuring 26,199 m2, which is located in Salta, Argentina, and filled with freshwater. It is one of the largest artificial freshwater bodies in the world.  This swimming pool stands out for size in Latin America.

It has an irregular shape, but has been described as bean shaped, the pool is designed to hide its identity as man made; there is a concrete pavement right up to the water. However there is also white sand around it, and also greenery adds to the beauty.

8. Piscina Las Brisas De Santo Domingo

Santo Domingo, Chile

Pincina Las Brisas is a massive swimming pool located in Santo Domingo, it measures 22,000 m2, and is pumped full of Sea water. Pincina Las Brisas is a marvel of design; it blends seamlessly into the rocky ground; giving the impression of a natural lake.

After the rocky ground, there is still a ring of pure white sand, and then there is the aqua blue water, which is held in the pool which has a somewhat circular shape. The pool is divided into segments, and those segments are of different depths.

The pool is part of a golf course and club known as the Piscina – Club de Golf Las Brisas de Santo Domingo. There is also a spa, accommodation, and other amenities.

9. The Lagoon at Windsong Ranch 

Texas, USA

The Lagoon at Windsong Ranch is a super big pool located in Texas, USA. It measures 20,230 sq m, and is filled with saltwater.

The design of this pool is quite something to behold; it is roughly the shape of the figure 3, and meticulously crafted to look natural. The whole place looks like a beach in the Caribbean; the white sand surrounding the water, the irregular shape of the pool, the aquamarine color of the water, and palm trees all around- these things add to the natural effect.

10. Peninsula  

Cicarlau, Romania

Peninsula is a huge swimming pool located in Cicarlau, Romania. It measures 18,000 sq m, and is pumped full of freshwater. This pool is not built to disguise the fact that it is an artificial body of water; brown concrete runs nearly the full length of the pool.

That has not stopped this lagoon from being an important part of the cultural landscape of the city; it is an important attraction both to tourists and locals.

The following are some of the biggest swimming pools in the world.

Rank Swimming Pool Location
1 Citystars, Sharm El Sheik Sharm El Sheik, Egypt
2 Crystal Lagoon Algarrobo, Chile
3 Mahasamutr Hua Hin, Thailand
4 Treasure Bay Bintan Bintan, Indonesia
5 Ostrava Poruba Vřesina, Czech Republic
6 The Lagoon at Epperson USA
7 Balneario Carlos Xamena Salta, Argentina
8 Piscina Las Brisas De Santo Domingo Santo Domingo, Chile
9 The Lagoon at Windsong Ranch Texas, USA
10 Peninsula Cicarlau, Romania
11 The Mirada Lagoon San Antonio, FL, USA
12 Avalanche Bay Boyne, MI, USA
13 Six Flags White Water Marietta, GA, USA
14 Schlitterbahn New Braunfels, TX, USA
15 Six Flags Hurricane Harbor Jackson, NJ, USA
16 Typhoon Lagoon Orlando, FL, USA
17 Schlitterbahn South Padre Island, TX, USA
18 Action Park Mountain Creek Vernon, NJ, USA
19 Myrtle Waves Myrtle Beach, SC, USA
20 Noah’s Ark Wisconsin Dells, WI, USA
21 Splashin’ Safari Santa Claus, IN, USA
22 Water World Federal Heights, CO, USA
23 Agua Caliente, Jalisco, Mexico
24 Aqua Splash, Morelos, Mexico
25 Chimulco Water Park, Jalisco, Mexico
26 Xcaret Park, Quintana Roo, Mexico
27 Kalambu Hot Springs, La Fortuna, San Carlos, Costa Rica
28 Amazoo, Granby, Quebec, Canada
29 Mont Saint-Sauveur, Saint-Saveur Quebec, Canada
30 Adventure Bay Family Water Park, Windsor, Ontario, Canada
31 East Park, London, Ontario, Canada
32 Fallsview Indoor Waterpark, Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada
33 Great Wolf Lodge, Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada
34 Waves Indoor Water Park, Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada
35 Aquaventure, Nassau (part of Atlantis Paradise Island) , The Bahamas
36 Castaway Cay, The Bahamas
37 Alpine Slide at Magic Mountain, Big Bear Lake, California, USA
38 Antioch Water Park, Antioch, California, USA
39 Aqua Adventure, Fremont, California, USA
40 Blackbeard’s Family Entertainment Center, Fresno, California, USA
41 Buccaneer Cove at Castle Park, Riverside, California, USA
42 Ocean Park, Hyderabad, India
43 Somanipuram Adventure Park, Indore, India
44 Rose Valley Amusement Parks, Kolkata
45 Savin Kingdom, Siliguri, West Bengal, India
46 Splashdown Waterpark Goa, Anjuna, Goa, India
47 Wet N’ Joy Water Park, Lonavala, India
48 Splash Water World, Rohtak, Haryana, India
49 Shefayim Water Park, Kibbutz Shefayim , Israel
50 Hirakata Park, Hirakata, Osaka, Japan
51 Nagashima Spa Land, Kuwana city, Mie Prefecture, Japan
52 Yokohama Hakkeijima Sea Paradise, Kanazawa-ku, Yokohama, Japan
53 Summerland, Tokyo, Japan
54 Sunway Lagoon, Subang Jaya, Malaysia
55 Lost World of Tambun, Ipoh, Malaysia
56 ESCAPE Waterplay, Penang, Malaysia
57 Bukit Merah Laketown Water Park, Perak, Malaysia
58 Tiara Beach Resort, Port Dickson, Malaysia
59 Nazhvan water park, Isfahan, Iran
60 Khavaran water park, Tabriz, Iran
61 Mysterious castle water park, Bandar Abbas, Iran
62 Baran Blue waves water park, Yazd, Iran
63 Nilansh Waterpark, Lucknow, India
64 Legoland Water Park, Carlsbad, California, USA
65 Golfland Emerald Hills, San Jose, California, USA
66 Golfland Sunsplash, Roseville, California, USA
67 Calypso Park, Limoges, Ontario, Canada
68 Village Vacances Valcartier, Saint-Gabriel-de-Valcartier Quebec, Canada
69 South Bay Shores, Santa Clara, California, USA
70 Caribbean Bay, Yongin (part of Everland Resort), South Korea
71 Lotte Water Park, Gimhae, Gyeongsangnam-do, South Korea
72 Ocean World, Hongcheon-gun, Gangwon-do, Korea
73 Sun Beach Water Park, Ch’angwon Gyeongsangnam-do, South Korea
74 Woongjin Playdoci, Bucheon-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea
75 Tasik kenyir Water Park, Terengganu, Malaysia
76 Water World@I-City, Shah Alam, Malaysia
77 Wet World Hot Spring, Pedas, Malaysia
78 Legoland Water Park, Johor Bahru, Malaysia
79 Carnival Water Park, Kedah, Malaysia
80 Gold Coast Morib Themes Water Park, Sepang, Malaysia
81 Space World, Yahatahigashi-ku, Kitakyūshū, Japan
82 Chime Long Water Park, Guangzhou, China
83 Water Cube, Beijing, China
84 Wet’n’Wild Haikou, Haikou, China
85 Ocean Water Park, Kish Island, Iran
86 Azadegan Water Park, Tehran, Iran
87 Opark water park, Tehran, Iran
88 Splash Jungle Water Park, Phuket, Thailand
89 The Splash Water Park, Ubon Ratchathani, Thailand
90 Splashdown Waterpark, Chonburi, Thailand
91 The Sun Water Park, Lamphun, Thailand
92 Thonglor Waterpark, Ubon Ratchathani, Thailand
93 Udon Water World, Udon Thani, Thailand
94 Vana Nava Water Park, Hua Hin, Thailand
95 Thanakorn Water Park, Nakhon Sawan, Thailand
96 Star Tiger Zoo and Water Park, Chaiyaphum, Thailand
97 Aquaventure Waterpark, Emirate of Dubai, UAE
98 Dreamland Aqua Park, Emirate of Umm al-Quwain, UAE
99 Al Montazah Water Park, Emirate of Sharjah, UAE
100 Aqua Park, Kuwait City Kuwait



It is quite difficult to keep up with the biggest swimming pools in the world; this is because large artificial water bodies are built every few years, with the sole intention of being the biggest in the world. One would normally expect these pools to be in the richest countries; but apparently, tourism investors think differently.

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