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Top 50 Best Water Parks In The World (2023)

There is something about the water that has always attracted mankind. The best water parks in the world can be described as man’s most elaborate attempts to bring the water, and all the fun that comes with it to land.

Scattered around the world, these fun places are they favorite haunts of children and adults who like to swim, and enjoy the company of other thrill seekers in protected areas.

Water Parks are evolving; they are adding new and bigger attractions such as game arcades, and other activities so as to appeal to a wider audience.

50 Best Water Parks In The World

1. Chimelong Water Park

Chimelong Water Park was opened in 2007, and immediately became famous around the world as the top destination for people who love to splash around in water. This water park comes loaded with attractions such as colorful slides and tubing rides. The courses are not just long, they are also wide, and there is plenty of greenery to give the impression of natural waterfall.

The inflatable boats are big enough for the whole family to slide together, and to enjoy the thrill together. The whole area is also lively with music; there are even live music and dance performances.

There is also plenty of fun to be had on land; there is a climbing area, as well as open ground for riding bikes, playing football, or just strolling around while listening to the music.

Chimelong Water Park is part of a resort; there is a bigger recreational franchise in the area which includes two hotels, a Circus, a Safari, as well as Chimelong Paradise, and Chimelong International Ocean Resort.

This water park (and adjoining establishments) has everything one could want- it is the water park to beat presently.

2. Typhoon Lagoon

Typhoon Lagoon water park is located in the Walt Disney World Resort in Lake Buena Vista, Florida. It is a very interesting place, not just for the water slides but for the entire concept of the place.

The concept is inspired by a tropical paradise; there is plenty of greenery in and around the place, and the maze of rocks also add to the natural effect. The water park is fitted with decor including fishing tackle and surfboards. It is difficult to miss the medieval sailing ship on top of the small mountain.

The water park has plenty of attractions for water borne activities; the waterslides have interesting names: ‘Crush ‘n’ Gusher’, ‘Bay Slides’, and ‘Storm Slides’. There’s also a river flowing at a slow pace; it is called ‘Castaway Creek.’ There are also family-friendly water rides, where families can act mock battles using water guns.

3. Blizzard Beach

Blizzard Beach is also located at Disney World in Florida. This water park was opened in 1995, and remains one of the best water parks in the world. It was painstakingly crafted and built; most of its attractions are built around an artificial hill of 90 feet called Mount Gushmore.

The theme of Blizzard Beach is snow; the whole place is designed to look like a place covered with snow, or even hit by a particularly bad snow storm.

The attractions in the park all have names that reflect what they have to offer. Summit Plummet is one of the tallest slides; it is also one of the fastest free fall body slides that you can find. Teamboat Springs is one of the world’s longest group raft attractions; here teams (mostly families) can sail together, spending quality time, and doing something as a team.

Toboggan Racers is an attraction where guest try to outdo each other.  Cross Country Creek is a slow going river; it is good for those who are afraid to go fast, while Runoff Rapids is for those who love the thrill of speed.

While the whole place looks frozen, please remember that it is in Florida. There are attractions specifically designed for kids; igloos and dwarfs and pools that are only knee deep.

4. Therme Erding

Therme Erding is the world’s largest water park; it covers 185,000 square meters, and includes a thermal bath and spa complex. It was launched in 1999, and is the foremost water park in Europe. This water park is so famous that it welcomes approximately 4,000 daily visitors.

Therme Erding has a total of 27 indoor and outdoor slides; it also offers the first virtual reality slide in which visitors wear VR headsets, and go sliding through the course ways. This is like going to another world, and feeling the water splash on your body.

Therme Erding is a very modern themed water park; especially as much of it is indoors. Nevertheless, it is a very successful park; one that is being replicated in many countries of the world.

5. Thermas dos Laranjais, Olimpia, Brazil

Thermas dos Laranjais is the premier water most park in Latin America. It is located in Olimpia, Brazil- a country that is famous for having fun.  It first opened in 1987 and has seen a number of improvements.

This outdoor wonderland is themed to replicate a natural paradise. The water slides run through a maze of rocks, which are interspersed with greenery such as palm trees, and bushes.

There are about 55 attractions in this park; some of which include swimming pools, surfing facilities, water slides; and a gentle flowing river. One particularly interesting slide has alternating current that runs fast and slow and is wide enough to take family size rafts; which means families can go together as teams.

6. Wuhu Fantawild Park

Wuhu Fantawild is a park located in Wuhu, Anhui Province, which is in China. Wuhu Fantawild is themed to look like a wild, naturally occurring spectacle. There are several water slides including those that are wide enough for families to float in rafts.

This is a truly riveting spectacle; it has several zones such as the popular Dino-Peninsula which has stone cast dinosaurs of different types, Lost Empire which is designed to look like ancient city now uninhabited for centuries, and the Mystical Valley which is designed to make one shudder. There is also a kid’s zone, and Elf Valley which is full of small kid sized statuettes.

7. Hot Park

Is located in Brazil; in the Rio Quente Resort, which is located in Sao Paolo. The resort is quite extensive; in also has hotels, and a garden area with over 200 birds. Hot Park is truly hot; it is the site of a natural hot spring, which is famous throughout Brazil.

Hot Park is themed to look like a natural paradise; there are rocks, trees, and waterfalls that look like they are coming out of the rocks. Wooden fenced are used to partition areas; and the whole place looks like a natural wonder- which it is because of the naturally hot water.

There are many different slides to go through; and some of them are big enough to fit families in rafts as they slide along in hot water. This park gets around 1.4 million visitors every year.

8. Atlantis Aquaventure, Paradise Island, Bahamas

Atlantis Aquaventure is located in the Bahamas- a country that is an important tourism center in the world. It opened back in 1994, and has grown to become one of the most famous water parks in the world.

The theme of this water park is that of an ancient city- one that may not have been inhabited for centuries. A major attraction to this park is the Mayan Temple, while there is also another temple like structure behind it.

This ancient city also has plenty of greenery all around it; and the water slides wind through them, giving the park a special natural effect. The water slides come in different types; there are narrow ones that flow exceedingly fast, average ones that flow medium, and there is also a river.

After enjoying the rapids, tidal surges, and waterfalls, visitors can also enjoy the beach which is just behind the tree-line. There is no doubt that visitors to this park will love to come back again.

9. Volcano Bay, Universal Orlando, Florida, US

Volcano Bay is another exquisite location for families looking to splash around in the water. It was opened in 2017, and has over 30 attractions.

The theme of this water park is a Volcano on an island, but instead of pouring out hot lava and ash, this volcano pours out cool water. Yes, the whole park is centered around what appears to be a real volcano; and there are also many trees and huts spread around.

However, visitors do not come to this park for the trees and huts; they come for the water slides of which there are different types. There re body slides, raft rides, a multi-directional wave pool and a particularly interesting feature which is a hydro-magnetic waterslide coaster.

10. Aquatica, Orlando, Florida, US

Aquatica is another beautiful water park in Florida, USA. It was opened in 2008, but has seen several improvements over time. The theme is quite modern; there is little attempt to hide the fact that it was recently built. However, there are plenty of trees in the area.

Among the trees are several water slides of different widths, and speeds. Perhaps the most interesting thing about this water park is the fact that it has a competitive feel to it. A unique offering is what the owners call Riptide Race which is where visitors compete with one another in face to face, or side by side water slide races.

The following are some of the 50 best water parks in the world.

Rank Water Park Location
1 Chimelong Water Park China
2 Typhoon Lagoon USA
3 Blizzard Beach USA
4 Therme Erding Germany
5 Thermas dos Laranjais Olimpia, Brazil
6 Wuhu Fantawild Park China
7 Hot Park Sao Paolo, Brazil
8 Atlantis Aquaventure Paradise Island, Bahamas
9 Volcano Bay Orlando, Florida, USA
10 Zoomarine Italy
11 Etnaland Italy
12 Siam Park Spain
13 Zoomarine Algarve Portugal
14 Zolotaya Bukhta Russia
15 Aquafan Italy
16 Aqualandia Spain
17 Aquopolis Costa Dorada – La Pineda Salou Spain
18 Waterpark Lebyazhy Belarus
19 Slide & Splash Portugal
20 The Caneva Aquapark Italy
21 Aquapark Istralandia Croatia
22 Tatralandia Slovakia
23 Aquapark Nymphaea Romania
24 Terra Natura (Benidorm) Spain
25 Aqua Magic Moldova
26 Miramar Germany
27 Aquapark Nessebar Bulgaria
28 Tropical Islands Germany
29 Aquarama Spain
30 Amarante Water Park Portugal
31 Therme Bucharest Romania
32 Druskininkai Aquapark Lithuania
33 Parque Warner Beach Spain
34 H2O Russia
35 Aqua Magic Mamaia Romania
36 Moreon Russia
37 Aquatic Paradise Romania
38 Livu Akvaparks Latvia
39 Wodny Park Warszawianka Poland
40 Aquapark Wroclaw Poland
41 Aquapark Pliazh Ukraine
42 Badeparadies Schwartzwald Germany
43 Water park Jungle Ukraine
44 Isla Magica Spain
45 Aquapalace Prague Czechia
46 Aqualibi Belgium
47 Aquaboulevard de Paris France
48 Aqua Club Dolphin Turkey
49 Waterpark Park Bešenova Slovakia
50 Chocholowska Baths Poland



The best water parks in the world take considerable investments to build; one of them cost $1.2 billion to construct. They are mostly built by investment companies who take these investments from country to country depending on whether the think the markets will be profitable. If one of these is not in your country; then perhaps it could be in one of the countries close to you.

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