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List of High Demand Jobs in Canada (2023)

If you are planning to relocate to Canada, you might have to get a job especially when you enter the country. When it comes down to it, a  job is ideal for paying bills and meeting your wants.

As you are coming into the country for a better life, you should be aiming for a well-paying job. But as there are loads of careers, you might not know the right option to choose.

With this article, we have listed some of the most demanded jobs in Canada. Now here are some of the jobs that are in high demand in many parts of Canada. When you take up these professions, you can expect higher pay and lesser periods of unemployment.

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List of High Demand Jobs in Canada

Here are some of the high-demand jobs in Canada. However, this list is not based on any ranking.

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1. Welder

Over the years, welding has become one of the most sought jobs in Canada. This trend can be traced to the growth of industries that require this skill. As a welder in Canada, you can increase your chances of employment by knowing how to read blueprints and having several fitting qualifications.

2. Registered Nurse

As a registered nurse, you can become gainfully employed in Canada. After all, the country’s large aging population requires experienced caregivers for their medical needs. Depending on the location, a registered nurse can expect a hefty hourly pay.

3. Pharmacist

If you start a career in pharmacy, you can get a high-paying job within a short period. Because of the ever-increasing need for their services, this profession has become one of the high-paying careers in Canada. Before joining this career path, you will need a bachelor’s degree and registration with the concerned professional bodies.

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4. Veterinary Assistant

There are many reasons why this career path has become one of the most high-demand jobs in Canada. First, many Canadians love to take care of their pets. Also, the field does not have enough practitioners thereby making it popular in many Canadian communities.

5. Truck Drivers

As there is a dearth of truck riders on Canadian roads, many industries require the services of these professionals. With this in mind, there is an increased demand for drivers as they are responsible for the movement of various materials and goods.

6. Software Developers/ Designers

If you have tech skills, you can expect numerous requests for your services. According to experts, the growth in mobile technology and other industries in the tech sector will offer many jobs to skilled individuals. On top of that, these jobs promise great hourly wages.

7. Steam Fitter or Pipe Fitter

After many years of staying active, factories might undergo different renovation projects that require new pipe systems. For this task, these locations require well-trained steamfitters. Asides from knowing how to fix the pipes, the ideal fitter should have the right trade certification.

8. Industrial Engineers

With the right skills in industrial engineering, you can expect a high-paying job in Canada. When it comes down to it, this line of work has many unfilled positions due to a shortage of experienced hands. If you love to start a career in industrial engineering, you are required to have undergone vocational training. On top of that, you might have to get a trade certification for your line of work.

9. Aerospace Engineer

Recently, many industries want to have well-trained aerospace engineers on their teams. This trend can be traced to increased demand for the use of updated aircraft. If you have plans to take this career path,  you should aim for a degree in aerospace engineering with the right licensing.