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Top 50 Most Dangerous Cities In Alabama (2024)

Alabama is a state with a rich history and culture, but it also has a high crime rate. However, according to the FBI, Alabama surpasses the national average in both violent and property crime rates. With a violent crime rate of 5.1 per 1,000 residents and a property crime rate of 3,967 per 100,000 residents.

Some of the  top most dangerous cities in Alabama include Bessemer, Prichard, Anniston, Gadsden, Lanette, Florence, Talladega, Selma, Mobile, and Birmingham.

Top 50 Most Dangerous Cities in Alabama

1. Anniston
2. Fairfield
3. Bessemer
4. Birmingham
5. Prichard
6. Lanette
7. Selma
8. Gadsden
9. Tarrant
10. Troy
11. McIntosh
12. Douglas
13. Summerdale
14. Lanett
15. Forkland
16. Bayou La Batre
17. Tuskegee
18. Elberta
19. Monroeville
20. Loxley
21. Shorter
22. Talladega
23. Woodstock
24. Uniontown
25. Cedar Bluff
26. Guntersville
27. Midfield
28. Sumiton
29. Jasper
30. Mount Vernon
31. Tallassee
32. Brewton
33. Arab
34. Opelika
35. Hayneville
36. Adamsville
37. Huntsville
38. Dadeville
39. Chickasaw
40. Demopolis
41. Alexander City
42. Lincoln
43. Auburn
44. Florence
45. Huntsville
46. Jasper
47. Mobile
48. Montgomery
49. Tuscaloosa
50. Dothan


1.      Anniston

With a 1/10 chance of getting assaulted, Anniston tops our the list of Alabama’s most dangerous cities. The town has a population of 22,400 and is located in the northeastern part of the state.

However, despite the low population, Anniston has consistently earned a reputation as one of the worst cities to live in Alabama. The violent crime rate here is alarmingly high, standing at 2,992 per 100,000 people. That’s a staggering 68% higher than the national average, even with a visible police presence around town. Hence, it’s best to exercise caution and limit both daytime and nighttime activities in this city if possible.

2.      Fairfield

Next up is Fairfield, a smaller city with just under 11,000 residents. The crime rates in Fairfield are exceptionally concerning, sitting at 219% higher than the Alabama average and a whopping 308% greater than the national average. In fact, Fairfield ranks as the 34th worst place to live in the entire U.S.

The number of violent and property crimes has remained steady over the past few years, with 1,181 violent crimes and 880 property crimes reported in the most recent data. This makes Fairfield a notably violent place to visit. While daytime walks may be relatively safe, it’s crucial to avoid going out at night unless you have prepared rides in advance.

3.      Bessemer

Taking the third spot on this list is Bessemer, situated in the southwestern section of Birmingham, boasting a population of 26,800. Known for its significance in steelmaking, Bessemer unfortunately holds the title of the sixth worst place to live in Alabama, largely due to its high crime rate. While there has been a 25% decrease in crime over the past few years, the total crime rate still reaches around 4,500 incidents per 100,000 inhabitants, with 721 classified as violent crimes and 3,371 as property crimes.

4.      Birmingham

Birmingham, often referred to as The Magic City, owing to its impressive growth in the steel and iron manufacturing industries, is the largest city in Alabama, housing over 212,000 residents. The city, however, faces considerable crime challenges, particularly in the realm of murders, where it surpasses the per capita rate of many larger cities.

Downtown, Ensley, and Norwood are areas to avoid, given the prevalence of gang violence, despite active police patrolling. Suburban areas like English Village, Brook Highland, and Vestavia Hills offer safer options, with secure public transportation to and from downtown.

5.      Prichard

The fifth spot goes to Prichard, a city with a population of 22,300 and a low livability score mainly due to its overall crime rate, which is 2.1 times higher than the national average and 97.3% higher than other U.S. cities.

Although crime rates dropped by 32% after 2017, there were still 1,193 incidents of murders and violent crimes. Despite the decrease in criminal activity, Prichard earned the rank of the 12th worst place to live in the U.S. It’s best to engage in daytime activities and avoid going out at night, especially if you are a solo female traveler.

6.      Lanette

Nestled in east-central Alabama, Lanette may be a tiny town with just 6,200 residents, but it faces some significant crime challenges. The crime rate here is three times higher than the national average, and it wasn’t too long ago that the town was plagued by gang violence and wars. However, in the early 2010s, the local government took action to address the gang concerns, resulting in a decline in gang presence.

While the crime rate has decreased recently, there has been an unfortunate increase in violent crime compared to the past five years. On the bright side, property crime is on a downward trend. During the day, Lanette is relatively safe for walking around, but caution is advised at night when crowds of individuals gather in alleyways and on street corners. Considering the chances of becoming a crime victim in this small town are 1 in 11, it’s better to stay at home after dark.

7.      Selma

Steeped in south-central Alabama’s history, Selma has a troubling past with the drug trade, crime, and gang violence. The city, with a population of approximately 19,500 residents, continues to have a high crime rate, particularly when compared to its size. Violent crime incidences stand at 13.70 per 1,000 people, and property crime occurs at a rate of 105.05 per 1,000 individuals.

Though crime has recently seen a 5% decrease, Selma is still only 7% safer than other U.S. cities. In certain areas of the town, police presence is scarce, making it unadvisable to wander around at night. Caution is warranted.

8.      Gadsden

Gadsden’s history intertwines with the Civil War and its emergence as an industrial location known for steel, textiles, and manufacturing. The city, home to about 36,300 residents, faces a concerning crime situation with 1,000 violent crimes per 100,000 people, a staggering 179% higher than the U.S. average. Property crimes are also prevalent at a rate of 7,000 per 100,000 residents, despite a strong police presence.

Exploring Gadsden during the day is relatively safe, but caution should be exercised if venturing out at night, especially for solo female travelers. However, public transit offers a secure option for getting around town, regardless of the time.

9.      Tarrant

With just around 6,300 residents, Tarrant might be a tiny town, but it faces crime challenges. The crime rate here is 143% higher than the state average and a significant 210% higher than the national average, earning it a low livability score. With 511 violent crimes per 100,000 residents and 2,674 property crimes per 100,000 people, vigilance is necessary.

While touring the area during the day is generally safe, caution is advised at night. Tarrant has seen a few panhandlers and pickpockets attempting to scam locals and visitors. Despite these concerns, public transit is generally considered safe for getting around the town.

10. Troy

With just under 19,000 residents, Troy is a town with both charm and crime challenges. It experiences double the average violent crime rate in the U.S., with 445 violent crimes and 676 property crimes reported. While there has been a decrease in violent crimes recently, property crimes have seen an unfortunate increase, earning Troy the tenth spot on this list.

During the day, walking around and enjoying outdoor activities is generally safe. However, caution is advised for nighttime strolls and exercises. If staying in the area, several recommended hotels offer robust security measures. It’s essential not to flaunt large sums of cash or valuables while out and about to avoid attracting unwanted attention.

Others are

  1. McIntosh
  2. Douglas
  3. Summerdale
  4. Lanett
  5. Forkland
  6. Bayou La Batre
  7. Tuskegee
  8. Elberta
  9. Monroeville
  10. Loxley
  11. Shorter
  12. Talladega
  13. Woodstock
  14. Uniontown
  15. Cedar Bluff
  16. Guntersville
  17. Midfield
  18. Sumiton
  19. Jasper
  20. Mount Vernon
  21. Tallassee
  22. Brewton
  23. Arab
  24. Opelika
  25. Hayneville
  26. Adamsville
  27. Huntsville
  28. Dadeville
  29. Chickasaw
  30. Demopolis
  31. Alexander City
  32. Lincoln
  33. Auburn
  34. Florence
  35. Huntsville
  36. Jasper
  37. Mobile
  38. Montgomery
  39. Tuscaloosa
  40. Gotham


Wrap Up

The cities on this list of the most dangerous cities in Alabama are all considered to be risky, but it’s important to remember that crime can happen anywhere.

If you’re planning on visiting or moving to one of these cities, it’s important to be aware of the risks and take steps to protect yourself.

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