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Top 50 Most Dangerous Countries In The World (2024)

The most dangerous countries in the world do not wish to have such labels attached to their names; it is just troubles that have been neglected for too long, and have now resulted in a culture of violence.

Sometimes cities are labeled dangerous because of war, which in turn springs from deeper political problems. More commonly, it is the unchecked activities of criminal organizations, which when well established often try to overrule the government.

Unfortunately, the loss of lives is inevitable in these circumstances. Innocent people suffer because they have nowhere else to go.

Top 50 Most Dangerous Countries In The World

1. Afghanistan

Afghanistan is the most dangerous country in the world – this much is a generally accepted fact. The country is highly combustible because there is a long standing conflict, and the whole place is highly unstable.  Afghanistan has no economy to speak of, and it has the lowest human development index in the world.

There is no infrastructure on ground, and the society is not very organized. As a result, the people are vulnerable, and the country has no way to protect the people against the violence.

No sane person would dare go to Afghanistan for any kind of visit at this time; it is impossible to assure safety, and as such no government would advise its citizens to embark on a journey to the country.

2. Yemen

Yemen used to be a nice and quiet country, but now it is yet another War-torn Middle East country. Since 2015, Yemen has been embroiled in a civil war which has killed thousands of people, and displaced millions.

Multiple armed groups are engaged in the conflict; including Al-Qaeda and ISIS. As one would expect, the country is now a complete mess; there is virtually no security on hand to protect the people, and there is also no education or public health care system on ground. Even non-government organizations have a hard time getting into the country with much needed supplies.

Any visit to the country is ill-advised; there is no way to guarantee the safety of persons or property, and no way to trace anyone who happens to turn up missing.

3. Syria

Syria is in a similar situation with the two countries listed above; it has been near desolated by a civil war. In this case it has been ongoing since 2011.  The death toll is staggering; over 250,000 people have been killed, and another 7.6 million have become refugees.

The worst part is that there seems to be no way out of the impasse; the war has been called a proxy war between the east and western powers.

For no fault of theirs the people have watched their country burn to cinders, and all the infrastructure destroyed. People cannot get the basic things that they need, and there is nothing positive about the outlook of the country.

4. Russia

Russia is a very powerful and organized country, but it is quite different from the regular countries that one may be familiar with. For example; Russia has never really been a free and open society, but that has never stopped it from being very powerful.

Presently, available data shows that the country is quite unsafe to be; murders are on the rise, and the political climate is quite unstable. Furthermore, the increase in economic tensions have caused many businesses to close, any many young people to take up a life of crime.

There are 9.5 murders per 100,000 people in the country, and also a high rate of robberies, car theft, kidnappings, and all other forms of crime.  The Infrastructure remains quite good, but there is still a lot of poverty in the streets, and a growing distrust of the political class.

5. South Sudan

South Sudan is one of the world’s youngest countries; it achieved independence from Sudan in 2011. That independence did not come easily; it came at the cost of a costly war, infrastructure damage, and loss of lives.

Around 400,000 people died in that conflict; and another 2 million people became refugees in that conflict; but the problem is that even after the independence things have just not been the same. There are still many armed groups out there, and that means that there is an extra load on the security forces.

South Sudan has zero infrastructure; and it has limited resources to build them for scratch. The country also has a lot of poverty; people cannot get the things they need. That is another factor that increases the spate of insecurity; making this one of the most dangerous countries in the world.

6. Democratic Republic Of Congo

Congo DR is quite a tough country in central Africa. The problem is that despite having such great potential there is no unity in the country. There is a lot of political tension, and the country is just highly combustible.

Poverty is another serious problem bedeviling this country; many people depend on food aid from the United Nations; and even still there is a lot of food insecurity.

Terrorist groups have taken advantage of the situation; they have established a strong foothold in the country; and now there is little political will to rid the country of this menace. This means DR Congo is quite a difficult place to live; there is no clear roadmap towards sanity.

7. Iraq

Iraq is another country that was recently leveled by a civil war. The US and its allies invaded the country back in 2003; and within a short time established control of the country. However, the armed groups resorted to guerilla warfare; which tends to have a body count.

The country was pummeled beyond recognition; the war ruined or destroyed millions of lives, and the amount of infrastructural damage is even more woeful. Iraq of today is a lawless country controlled by militant groups.

People have no access to their basic needs, and they have nobody to protect them. There are constant reports of deaths and disappearances; it seems that people who do not support these militant groups are especially targeted.

It would be crazy to attempt a visit to Iraq at the moment; there is no way to guarantee one’s safety. Furthermore, there is no clear authority to liaise with in the event that someone goes missing; there is no one to help facilitate ones release.

8. Somalia

Somalia never recovered from a civil war which has somewhat abated. This country in the horn of Africa has suffered a great deal, and is now engulfed in poverty. The country is practically lawless; anybody with enough guns can be a regional power.

With so many guns and people trained to use them; and yet no meaningful ways of making ends meet, it is not difficult to see why there is such a high rate of crime in the country. Young men are willing recruited to armed groups because this is the only way they can eat good food and wear good clothes.

They have taken to sea piracy as a way of life; and even on land it is not much better; they go around shooting at people and stealing from them. The situation is quite bleak; something must be done to boost the economy and provide jobs; not just to hand out food and clothes.

Even though such steps are being taken, it will take some time before the fruits can be seen.

9. Central African Republic

Central African Republic is another country in central Africa that has suffered a lot late due to a very tense political situation. The political situation has led to violence and instability which has been ongoing for years. The violence and insecurity has made the country a huge mess; many people have been killed, and many more have been forced to flee their homes.

Those that remain are constantly in fear for their daily lives; and then this situation has led to widespread poverty. When the local residents themselves are thinking about going to live in other places for reasons of safety; it would be crazy for anyone to think about going to CAR for a visit or to live.

It is just too dangerous; there is no way to ensure security, and nobody to help facilitate a rescue if anyone should get kidnapped. The long term future of the country is in doubt; the key causes of insecurity have not been addressed.

10. Sudan

Sudan has once again taken the headlines as it went up in flames following a dispute among military leaders. The country had not even recovered from the recovered from the older conflict; a civil war which has been ongoing since 1983. So far, more than 2 million lives have already been cut short; most notably in the Darfur region where a genocide took place.

Sudan has a gross shortage of infrastructure, and the country is just not well organized. As one would expect; this is a very grim place to live; most of the people would leave if they had the chance, or if they had somewhere to go in order to start their lives all over again.

The humanitarian situation is bad; even aid workers fear for their safety. This is a no go area for any sane person presently.

The following is a more complete list of the 50 most dangerous countries in the world.

Rank Country Murder Rate Crime Index
1 Afghanistan 3.55 4.13
2 Yemen 3.39 3.77
3 Syria 3.36 3.74
4 Russia 3.28 2.91
5 South Sudan 3.18
6 Democratic Republic of the Congo 3.17 3.75
7 Iraq 3.16 3.65
8 Somalia 3.13 3.62
9 Central African Republic 3.02 3.58
10 Sudan 3.01 3.3
11 Ukraine 2.97 3.23
12 North Korea 2.94 3.11
13 Libya 2.93 3.09
14 Mali 2.91 3.59
15 Ethiopia 2.81 2.92
16 Venezuela 2.8 4.01
17 Burkina Faso 2.79 2.99
18 Pakistan 2.79 2.65
19 Turkey 2.79 3.22
20 Colombia 2.73 3.6
21 Nigeria 2.73 3.11
22 Cameroon 2.71 3.01
23 Iran 2.69 2.84
24 Niger 2.66 2.96
25 Myanmar 2.63 3.12
26 Lebanon 2.62 2.75
27 Mexico 2.61 3.16
28 Chad 2.59 2.9
29 India 2.58 2.37
30 Israel 2.58 2.24
31 Palestine 2.55 2.95
32 Eritrea 2.49 3.36
33 Brazil 2.47 3.28
34 Burundi 2.47 3.02
35 Azerbaijan 2.44 2.53
36 United States of America 2.44 2.23
37 Zimbabwe 2.35 2.99
38 Egypt 2.34 2.5
39 Philippines 2.34 2.86
40 Guinea 2.33 2.59
41 Nicaragua 2.33 2.97
42 Mozambique 2.32 2.8
43 Uganda 2.31 2.76
44 Kenya 2.3 2.6
45 Saudi Arabia 2.29 2.25
46 South Africa 2.28 3.23
47 Honduras 2.27 3.06
48 Belarus 2.26 2.53
49 Haiti 2.25 2.74
50 El Salvador 2.23 3.06



The most dangerous countries in the world are spread throughout the world; although there are quite a lot of entries coming into this list from Africa and the Middle East. Furthermore, some of the countries listed above have large populations of people living quite comfortably in them; they have adapted to the danger, and know how to live in these places by taking adequate safety measures.

The countries in the lower part of the list can be visited; but it would require some learning; a guide to teach one where to step and where not to step. It is also a good idea to have some travel insurance to ensure that one is taken care of in case of emergencies.

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