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Top 50 Travel Destinations In The World (2023)

The top travel destinations in the world have earned their place not because of any dubious marketing, but because people all over the world have found them irresistible to visit. There are many places worth visiting throughout the world, but these are the very best.

We refrain from making grand claims, but when talking about places that inspire awe, curiosity, and wonder, and which cause us to ponder about the past, and about civilizations gone by, these are the top of the list.

Top 50 Travel Destinations In The World

1. Rome, Italy

Rome is the capital of Italy; and the mistress of a civilization that spread to Europe, Asia, and Africa. Roman civilization has left behind several reminders of its presence; including aqueducts, amphitheaters, and temples scattered all over the world; especially in places like England, Tunisia, Lebanon, Turkey, France and Spain.

If you think any of these are impressive then wait till you get to see what Rome itself has to offer; The Pantheon, Roman Forum, and the Baths of Caracalla.

Although not related to the Roman Empire; you also have to see the Vatican; which is the seat of the Catholic Church.

Rome leaves you dreaming of a time long gone; a time when people dressed in tunics and drank fine wine as they discussed politics. A time when people fought each other to death in theatres for the entertainment of crowds.

2. Petra, Jordan

Petra is a wonder to behold; it is a city carved out of rock. To be fair; this is not the only ancient rock city in the world; there are several others in different locations, on almost every continent. However, there is no rock city as beautiful or as well planned as Petra.

For maximum effect; tell a loved one that you are going hiking in the rocks, and then let them stumble upon the Greek Style Façade of this ancient city. Then watch their face light up with disbelief and curiosity.

On a proper tour of Petra you can go inside, and see what this city looks like on the inside. There is a theatre, a temple, a monastery, and a burial cite full of tombs.

3. Egypt

Egypt is so ancient; it makes Rome look like a baby. This is the home of perhaps the oldest civilization in the world; one that predates Petra, Rome, and Greece.

The best known relics of ancient Egypt are the pyramids, but there are so many other things to see, such as the Nile, the Sphinx, the temples, and The Valley of the Kings, Karnak, and make sure to visit the museum.

Back to the pyramids; one is left wondering how on earth primitive people managed to build structures like those thousands of years ago- except they were not primitive at all; this was a very advanced society.

4. Bali, Indonesia

Bali is without doubt one of the top travel destinations in the world; it has an abundance in natural beauty; and a very agreeable weather which is one of the key reasons it is so attractive to visitors.

Things to see in Bali include pristine beaches, volcanoes, and the old (almost ancient) temples scattered around the city.

These is much more; you can check out the wide variety of animal life on display; including Komodo dragons, elephants, orangutans and tigers.

5. New Orleans

New Orleans is a city in Louisiana, United States. However, it is one that most Americans would hardly recognize; this city is a melting pot of French, African and American cultures. These various influences are put on daily display in the form of their art, music, dress, and food.

New Orleans has so many festivals of this “strange” mixture of cultures; Mardi Gras is a festival that everybody should endeavor to attend- even if just once in his lifetime. There are so many different dishes to try, and it is just impossible not to appreciate this great city.

6. Kerry, Ireland

Everybody has visited Kerry, Ireland- most just don’t know it. If you are a fan of ancient, epic movies where sword fights are done on open fields; or where the characters have to fight against the elements in green hills and mountains, chances are the movie was shot here.

Well, that does not rule out the need to visit these hills and mountains in person; it is not possible to appreciate the sheer scale and grandeur of this place form a television screen.

It is green, massive, and imposing. Kerry has everything; mountains, lakes and coasts.

7. Marrakesh, Morocco

Marrakesh, Morocco is one of the most popular tourist spots; the Medina is a UNESCO World Heritage Centre. However, there is more to Marrakesh than just the Medina; this is a gateway to the past; one that is so well preserved that there is hardly anything like it in the world.

When we say so well preserved; we do not just mean the buildings, we mean the culture. The culture is still alive; you see people going about within the city dressing as people dressed 1000 years ago, playing the same music, and eating the same food.

This city has much to offer; mosques, palaces and lush gardens. Enough to keep you wandering about with childish imagination.

8. Paris, France

Paris does not strike you as particularly ancient; it strikes you as a city that is designed to be impressive, modern, and detailed. Paris is called the city of lovers; there is romance in the air from the moment you climb down off the plane.

Another thing that one cannot help but notice is the fact that life goes at a slower pace in Paris; people take the time to appreciate the things around them.

Paris has so many landmarks: the Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe, Notre Dame cathedral, and so on. Don’t forget to visit the restaurants and get a taste of the city- no visit is complete without this.

9. Havana, Cuba

Havana is a complex matter; it is hard to describe this city without going into politics because it was the politics that made it what it is. However, the simple way to describe Havana is with the words old and simple.

Havana looks old, the buildings, the cars- everything. It is like going back to the 1960’s – something that one simply must try, especially if he wonders what life was like back in those days.

The hotels are great, the restaurants are delicious, and the nightlife is wild. Don’t forget to take a souvenir back with you.

10. Tokyo

Tokyo is the financial and cultural capital of japan; but it does not look old and simple; it looks futuristic and complex. But that is a good thing; the bright neon lights and tall towers at least gives us some hints about what life will look like in 500 years.

You should try the food; try the culture; check out the nightlife, and visit a dojo.

The following is a more extensive list of the top 50 travel destinations in the world.

Rank Destination Location
1 Rome, Italy Europe
2 Petra, Jordan Asia
3 Egypt Africa
4 Bali, Indonesia Asia
5 New Orleans Americas
6 Kerry, Ireland Europe
7 Marrakesh, Morocco Africa
8 Paris, France Europe
9 Havana, Cuba Americas
10 Tokyo Asia
11 Sydney Australia
12 The Maldives Indian Ocean
13 Cape Town, South Africa Africa
14 Dubai, U.A.E Asia
15 Bora Bora, French Polynesia  
16 Machu Picchu, Peru Americas
17 New York Americas
18 Dubrovnik, Croatia Europe
19 Edinburgh, Scotland Europe
20 Paro Valley, Bhutan Asia
21 Moscow, Russia Europe
22 Jaipur, India  
23 Waikato, New Zealand Oceania
24 Antarctica  
25 Vancouver, Canada Americas
26 Los Angeles Americas
27 Kruger National Park, South Africa Africa
28 Santorini, Greece Europe
29 Singapore Asia
30 London, England Europe
31 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Americas
32 Hong Kong Asia
33 Barbados  
34 Amsterdam Europe
35 Santiago, Chile Americas
36 Copenhagen, Denmark Europe
37 Seoul, Korea Asia
38 Laucala Island Resort, Fiji  
39 Providencia, Colombia Americas
40 Virunga National Park, Democratic Republic of Congo Africa
41 Lisbon, Portugal Europe
42 Hanoi, Vietnam Asia
43 Hawaii Americas
44 Ibiza, Spain Europe
45 Beijing, China Asia
46 Budapest, Hungary Europe
47 Buenos Aires, Argentina Americas
48 Las Vegas Americas
49 Cinque Terre, Italy Europe
50 Matterhorn, Switzerland Europe



Having seen the list of the top 50 travel destinations in the world, no doubt a feeling of confusion sets in about where to go first. We apologize for this confusion; the purpose of the article was only to show the options on the table. Wherever you choose to go; there is no doubt that you will find an experience to remember for life.

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