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Top 50 Oldest Countries In The World (2023)

The oldest countries in the world are those that have the oldest populations- the most senior of the senior citizens. Having a high number of older people is usually seen as evidence of having a responsible government; one that has put quality healthcare delivery systems into place.

The usually accepted age for this classification is 65 years; and that means countries with large numbers of citizens below this threshold cannot expect to be included in this elite group.

Some countries like japan even have citizens who are far older; but owing to the fact that they have inferior populations, they must settle for the positions they are given.

Top 50 Oldest Countries In The World

1. China

China is a very well established country; overall it has a population of around 1.4 billion people. Just imagine what it takes to care for so many people; to keep them safe, and to keep them well provisioned.

That is the scale of China; a country that does this so well; and takes care of its citizens such that they live to ripe old age.

China has excellent healthcare systems that are closely monitored by independent government agencies. There are also very tough public health guidelines that are monitored and enforced to the letter.

2. India

India is a country of a similar scale; although a little less in terms of international importance. Nevertheless, India has a very health elderly population; the country has one of the oldest populations in the world.

India owes this good fortune to a culture that gifted it very good food, and a very active lifestyle. Indians also have a very efficient healthcare system, one that provides basic healthcare services to all citizens.

Indians also have traditional practices of abstinence, meditation, and such things that promote mental and physical wellbeing.

3. United States

The United States has a total population of around 300 million people. Healthcare services are ridiculously expensive in this country; but they are apparently very efficient. The US is the world leader in medical science, and in the research of new and better ways of treating illnesses.

This excellence in the practice of medicine, and in the research of new methods is essentially what gives the US the edge over most other countries, and that edge is evident in the longevity of its citizens.

4. Japan

Japan is the country most commonly associated with old age; several times the oldest person in the world has been from japan.

This has been traced to several factors including the country’s relative isolation from other countries, its cuisine which has been identified as very nutritious, and the very active lifestyle of the people.

Japan has an excellent healthcare system; and the public health sector, as well as the public health protocols are strictly followed. The result is the good health and old age to which the citizens of the country commonly reach.

5. Russian Federation

Russia is the biggest country in the world by land area; it is also one of the healthiest countries in the world, where the people live very active lives, eat nutritious food, and practice mindfulness. Russia is like a cross between the east and the west; the country transverses Eastern Europe and western Asia.

Interestingly; blatant capitalism is not encouraged; the healthcare system falls under the purview of the government, and is closely monitored.

Russia has often been called a welfare state; and proudly so. Socialism is the core tenet upon which the country is built; and the government ensures that social security covers all citizens, including vulnerable people.

6. Brazil

Brazil is a country in South America; it is one that does not make the top 10 for a lot of things despite its size and population. However, Brazil is one of the oldest countries by age of citizens; it has a sizable number of its population aged over 65.

Brazil has long made poverty its enemy; the country ensures that its citizens have sufficient means to take care of themselves, and to take care of their health.

Public healthcare in Brazil is free; and the care offered is of very high quality.

7. Germany

Germany is one of the most admired countries in the world; it is located in Western Europe, and has a population of around 83.1 million.

Germany is very well organized; unemployment is low, poverty is low, and food security is high. With so much wealth in distribution it is no surprise that the Germans can afford all the pleasures and comforts to keep them happy and healthy.

Germany has excellence public hospitals; both private and public laboratories expend billions in research, and the use of technology also makes the healthcare system in the country one of the best in the world.

8. Indonesia

Indonesia is a country in Southeast Asia; one that has a population of about 280 million people. Like most Southeast Asian countries, Indonesia has very healthy food, and a culture that encourages the people to live healthy and active lives. Indonesia also has the advantage of being an island; data available to us shows that islands are generally healthier.

The public healthcare system in Indonesia is such that basic healthcare is available to all citizens no matter their station. There is no doubt that; this adds to the longevity enjoyed by the citizens of the country.

9. Italy

Italy is a country in Western Europe; in many ways it is one of the most advanced countries in the world. It is therefore no surprise that it should have one of the world’s oldest populations, because the people are very well able to take care of themselves.

Italian cuisine is famous around the world; the food is tasty and healthy. They also enjoy having a very good healthcare system; one that ensures that all citizens get excellent care.

10. France

France is another country in Western Europe; located very close to Italy. In fact they share a similar lifestyle, history, and culture. The French eat and drink in a similar manner as do the Italians; which is why it is no surprise that the country also enjoys longevity.

The French endure heavy taxation, but they enjoy very good public healthcare; treatment is free, and the hospitals are some of the best in the world. There is also a lot of money spent on research in this country.

The following is a more extensive list of the oldest countries in the world by age of the citizens.

Rank Country Number of Old Total Population
1 China 166.37 1398.03
2 India 84.9 1391.89
3 United States 52.76 329.15
4 Japan 35.58 126.18
5 Russian Federation 21.42 146.73
6 Brazil 17.79 209.33
7 Germany 17.78 83.1
8 Indonesia 15.16 268.42
9 Italy 13.76 60.34
10 France 13.16 64.83
11 United Kingdom 12.24 66.83
12 Pakistan 9.31 216.57
13 Mexico 9.17 126.58
14 Spain 8.99 47.07
15 Bangladesh 8.35 163.67
16 South Korea 7.83 51.85
17 Thailand 7.61 66.37
18 Turkey 7.27 82.61
19 Ukraine 6.94 42.04
20 Poland 6.72 38.4
21 Viet Nam 6.72 95.66
22 Canada 6.44 37.41
23 Philippines 5.51 108.12
24 Nigeria 5.43 200.96
25 Iran 5.12 83.91
26 Argentina 5.1 44.94
27 Colombia 4.63 44.94
28 Australia 4 25.31
29 Ethiopia 3.92 112.08
30 Egypt 3.86 99.06
31 Romania 3.52 19.36
32 South Africa 3.51 58.62
33 Taiwan 3.27 23.59
34 Netherlands 3.27 17.34
35 Myanmar 3.19 54.05
36 Algeria 2.67 43.41
37 Peru 2.66 31.78
38 Democratic Republic of the Congo 2.6 86.79
39 Morocco 2.53 35.59
40 North Korea 2.44 25.67
41 Greece 2.33 10.7
42 Chile 2.26 19.11
43 Portugal 2.24 10.27
44 Belgium 2.15 11.46
45 Malaysia 2.11 32.75
46 Sweden 2.05 10.29
47 Venezuela 1.95 28.52
48 Hungary 1.89 9.77
49 Sri Lanka 1.71 21.9



The oldest countries in the world commonly have very good public healthcare systems; but it seems that healthcare alone is not enough to ensure longevity. Countries that have cultures that encourage their citizens to live active lives therefore have an edge over others.

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