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Top 50 Peaceful Countries In The World

The most peaceful countries often have armies and other military arms; they are just less inclined to use them. Peace is a lot less expensive than war; and peaceful countries are often the hubs of the best of humanity, including arts, culture, and the development of technology.

Some of the most peaceful countries in the world learned the value of peace through long and protracted wars; while others have always been peaceful.

In order not to be caught in a sudden outbreak of violence avid tourists often research the most peaceful countries before they venture on any traveling.

Top 50 Peaceful Countries In The World

1. Iceland

Global Peace Index: 1.072

Iceland has been the most peaceful country in the world for more than a decade; the country is very quiet; calm and friendly.

It is so hard to imagine that descendants of the famously violent Vikings can hold such a position; but they have done exactly that with very little militarization, zero social stigma against outsiders, and a free and accepting society; Iceland is the ideal place to live.

2. New Zealand

Global Peace Index: 1.221

New Zealand is an island country in the Pacific Ocean; this gives it a few distinct advantages; the country is quite far away from the corrupting influences of hateful politics, and other things that tend to make people take up arms against one another.

New Zealand may soon change from the way it is right now; this small country of over 5 million people has been seeing an influx of immigrants as people from all over the world come in to enjoy the great things that this country has to offer in terms of economy and social structure.

These newcomers may come in with their established biases and suspicions; but for now this is still largely a very peaceful country.

3. Portugal

Global Peace Index: 1.274

Portugal is a country in Western Europe; one that is noted for its temperate climate; and for its beautiful beaches. Portugal has spent a lot of time and resources to build its society the way it is; a hub of tourism, and one of the world’s cultural superpowers.

Portugal has very little militarization; the country has spent its scare resources wisely; in providing good healthcare and education for its people.

Portugal is seeing a lot of immigration; but its visa by investment program is only bringing in high net worth persons; so there is little chance of that immigration causing problems in the near future.

4. Austria

Global Peace Index: 1.291

Austria is a country in Europe; one that is rarely mentioned on the news because it is peaceful, and prefers to stay out of the news. The last time Austria was involved in an armed conflict was 1934-1938; and that was during World War II.

Austria has spent the last few decades minding its own business and making life better for its citizens.

As a result the country has very little militarization; and comparatively high rates of safety and security among citizens.

5. Denmark

Global Peace Index: 1.316

Denmark is a Nordic country in northern Europe; it only has a population of about 5 million people; and a very secular society. Denmark is an island country; and that means it is almost cut off from the social influences of mainland Europe, and has developed a very free society.

Denmark has a relatively high standard of living; when compared with many other countries in Europe; the people in Denmark are a lot happier. That happiness is no doubt associated with the fact that there is little no danger to their lives; aside from a low chance of war, the country has a low rate of crime, and people are free to go about their lives regardless of who they are or who they love.

6. Canada

Global Peace Index: 1.327

Canada is a country in North America; its neighbors are the United States and Mexico. There is therefore no chance of an invasion happening in Canada; it has very good relations with its neighbors who are equally advanced societies.

On the internal side; Canada is remarkable because it is a very accommodating society. The society is liberal; and hardline politics is almost non-existent.

Nevertheless, Canada is a very powerful country with a very capable military. However, these capabilities have largely been used for the purpose of maintaining the balance of world peace.

7. Singapore

Global Peace Index: 1.347

Singapore is a small city state; no bigger than Barcelona in Spain. As a result it tends to stay away from international politics and their consequences. The country is located in south East Asia; so it is not really affected by the divisions between the east and west. Instead Singapore is one of the places where you can find a fine blend of the two cultures in one place.

Singapore is an advanced country; it has done well to create a free and fair society with very good law enforcement, a zero tolerance for corruption, and very efficient legal system.

Singapore is without a doubt one of the best places in the world to live; the only potential drawback being that the country is quite expensive to live.

8. Slovenia

Global Peace Index: 1.355

Slovenia is a country in central Europe with a population of about 2 million people. Slovenia’s neighbors include Italy, Austria, Hungary and Croatia. Slovenia is not a very popular country; in fact most people cannot find it on a map.

Nevertheless, the small population makes it easy to police; and to ensure that most people live in relative peace and comfort.

The country has beautiful mountain ranges and ski resorts, the people come in from all over Europe to holiday in the country. For the continued patronage of its tourism industry; Slovenia has to be peaceful, and the country has done exactly what it needs to do to be peaceful.

9. Japan

Global Peace Index: 1.369

Japan is one of the most peaceful countries in the Asia-Pacific region, this is a country of more than 124 million people; with a very rich history and culture.

The last time japan was involved in armed conflict was in World War II; in which it suffered a crushing defeat with armaments that have since been outlawed.

Japan has since chosen to walk the road of peace; it is no longer known to be involved in such conflicts; and its army has been renamed the self-defense force.

The country is beautiful, the people are friendly, and the society is welcoming to strangers.

10. Czech Republic

Global Peace Index: 1.375

Czech Republic is a country in central Europe; it has a long history- it was formerly known as Bohemia. Czech Republic has a population of about 10 million people; and it has quite an advanced society despite not being a very popular country.

The Czech Republic is one of the last countries you would expect to take up arms: the country has very little militarization; its budget focuses on the development of key sectors to keep its people employed and happy.

The following is a more extensive list of the most peaceful countries in the world.

Position Country Global Peace Index Location
1 Iceland 1.072 Europe
2 New Zealand 1.221 Oceania
3 Portugal 1.274 Europe
4 Austria 1.291 Europe
5 Denmark 1.316 Europe
6 Canada 1.327 Americas
7 Singapore 1.347 Asia
8 Slovenia 1.355 Europe
9 Japan 1.369 Asia
10 Czech Republic 1.375 Europe
11 Switzerland 1.383 Europe
12 Ireland 1.39 Europe
13 Australia 1.419 Oceania
14 Finland 1.488 Europe
15 Bhutan 1.506 Asia
16 Malaysia 1.529 Asia
17 Netherlands 1.53 Europe
18 Sweden 1.533 Europe
19 Belgium 1.533 Europe
20 Norway 1.536 Europe
21 Hungary 1.54 Europe
22 Germany 1.547 Europe
23 Slovakia 1.55 Europe
24 Mauritius 1.562 Africa
25 Romania 1.606 Europe
26 Bulgaria 1.607 Europe
27 Chile 1.634 Americas
28 Croatia 1.645 Europe
29 Poland 1.654 Europe
30 Botswana 1.676 Africa
31 Qatar 1.696 Asia
32 Spain 1.699 Europe
33 Costa Rica 1.706 Americas
34 Uruguay 1.711 Americas
35 Latvia 1.718 Europe
36 Taiwan 1.725 Asia
37 Estonia 1.727 Europe
38 Lithuania 1.728 Europe
39 Italy 1.754 Europe
40 Malawi 1.779 Africa
41 Indonesia 1.785 Asia
42 Mongolia 1.792 Asia
43 Kuwait 1.794 Asia
44 Ghana 1.796 Africa
45 Laos 1.801 Asia
46 United Kingdom 1.801 Europe
47 Panama 1.804 Americas
48 Zambia 1.805 Africa
49 Timor-Leste 1.805 Asia
50 Serbia 1.812 Europe



The most peaceful countries in the world are located in Europe, Asia, and Oceania. However, this does not mean that the Americas and Africa are left out of the rankings; it just means that more needs to be done in those areas to make them more peaceful.

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