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Top 20 Most Developed Countries In Africa (2023)

The most developed countries in Africa should not be determined only by the number of big buildings inside them but by the ability of the people to live in relative peace and security. People in developed countries should be able to live their best lives, and actualize their dreams.

For that to happen they need to have good healthcare, and also good education. Good healthcare will help them have good life expectancy, and will also help them have enough time and energy to channel towards productive ventures. Good education does much to help people be productive; and when the people are productive they build a country towards greatness.

Most Developed Countries In Africa

1. Mauritius

Mauritius is an island country in the Indian Ocean; it is roughly 2000km off the coast of East Africa. As far as human development is concerned, Mauritius is the pride of Africa. This small country with a population of around 1.2 million people has been the surprise package of the continent; it has transformed from a small agrarian economy to a highly developed country with a steady and balanced economy.

Mauritius is a small country measuring 2040km square, and is quite isolated. Perhaps this has been a good thing; the country has a minimal military structure, and has spent its money on developing key infrastructure, providing good education and healthcare for its citizens.

Mauritius pays for its infrastructure development through revenue generated from key sectors like mining, agriculture, fishing and manufacturing of clothing materials. Mauritius rapid development has been cited by various authorities as a case study for countries looking for how to grow their economies.

2. Seychelles

Seychelles is another island country off the coast of east Africa with a very impressive rate of development. An interesting fact to note is that this is Africa’s smallest country with a population of just 99,768 people.

Seychelles is made up of about 115 small islands, and yet only measures around 459km2. What that country lacks in size, it makes up in organization. Seychelles is a developed country in every possible meaning of the word, with a united and civil society all working together to make their country great.

The mainstay of the country is agriculture which is practiced on a large scale with machines and technology to produce sweet potatoes, vanilla, coconuts and cinnamon. The country’s fishing industry is also very important; frozen fish and canned fish exports also contribute to the economy.

3. Algeria

Algeria is a country in North Africa; one that has many superlatives with which to describe it. First, this is Africa’s biggest country by land area, and then this is one of Africa’s most liberal countries in terms of ethnic, cultural and religious diversity.

Algeria’s liberality has made it very popular; its capital city Algiers is often called the Paris of Africa. This is because it is a popular retirement city for wealthy or working class French citizens as they come to enjoy the mild weather, and the cultural richness of the country.

This popularity as a retirement city or country has made Algeria one of the most developed countries in Africa. Technology has contributed to this development, and the services industry has also become one of the biggest contributors to the country’s GDP.

Algeria is one of the countries with great potential for industry; and this has made it a favorite ground for investors who want to take advantage of

4. Egypt

Egypt is arguably the most popular country in Africa; and its popularity stems from the fact that it is an ancient country with some of the oldest relics of past civilizations known to man. Egypt is therefore one of the most visited countries in the world; meaning that its tourism sector is very important.

With such a good tourism sector which means people come in from every corner of the world, it is only natural that Egypt be exposed to what is good in terms of making life pleasant for its visitors and also for its citizens.

The education and healthcare sectors are quite good, and even though there is still much to be done to diversify the economy, Egypt is one of the most advanced countries in the world.

5. Tunisia

Tunisia is a country in North Africa. Tunisia shares more in common with the countries of the Arabian Peninsula that with many of its fellow African countries; the country is not so culturally diversified; but it is quite liberal, and quite well managed.

Tunisia has one of the highest levels of human development in Africa; the country has a very good healthcare sector, and then it is heavily subsidized by the government. Tunisia also embraces the use of technology to make life easier; technology has been put to use to improve agriculture, and to make previously dry land arable.

Tunisia also has a very good economy which is reflected by its exchange rate. The Tunisian dinar is presently the most valuable currency on the continent. The country has very little external debt; and brain drain is also minimal.

6. Libya

Libya is another country in North Africa which is one of the countries that have long been associated with wealth and prosperity. Despite the scale of destruction which the country has endured within the last 10 years, Libya has shown uncommon resilience by continuing to be one of the most developed countries in Africa.

Libya’s economy is heavily dependent on crude oil exports; it is one of the world’s biggest exporters of oil on the continent.

Libya has used the proceeds of the sale of oil to become one of the most developed countries in Africa; most of the key sectors are under government control- healthcare, education, security and so on. Most of the services are provided to citizens without charge; meaning that Libyans generally enjoy a good quality of life.

7. South Africa

South Africa is a country on the southern tip of the continent; it is a country of 60 million people living in a land area of 1,221,037 km2. South Africa is famously diverse in terms of ethnicity; the country has white, black, colored and Asian people all living together and working together to make their country great.

And they have largely succeeded; South Africa is a great country in deed. This is the most technologically advanced country in Africa; the education sector is the best in Africa, the finance sector is the best in Africa, and the economy is one of the most balanced in the continent.

South Africa’s economy is driven by mining, agriculture, technology, manufacturing, and the services sector. South Africa’s economy is quite rich, but even those within the society who are poor are quite well taken care of by the social safety nets put in place by the government.

8. Gabon

Gabon is a country in central Africa; actually on the west coast of central Africa. This is a country of only 2,353,692 people, so it is quite a small country. Nevertheless, Gabon shines as an example to the countries of the region as an example of what a country can do in terms of development, and in terms of providing the needs of its people.

Gabon’s economy is strongly linked to France and other European countries with who it engages in trade. Gabon’s chief export is oil; while other exports include agricultural products, gold, chemicals, and timber.

Gabon has very good social safety nets, and the people are not burdened by heavy tax. The country is attractive to investors, and the country is also very peaceful.

9. Botswana

Botswana has long baffled analysts because of its stable and prosperous economy; this is a country of 2.3 million people, living in a land area of 581,730 km2. Even that land area is mostly desert land; which makes Botswana’s case all the more wonderful.

Botswana is characterized by very good GDP per capita; the people of Botswana are some of the highest earners in Africa.

The economy is boosted by mining of gemstones and precious metals, and then the services sector, and then the creative industries. The country is quite attractive to investors; presently investors in the energy sector have flooded the country, having identified its potential for growth.

10. Morocco

Morocco is a country in North Africa; it is on the western side of the region, and has coasts on both the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. Morocco is a large country of about 37 million people living in a land area that measures 446,300 km2. This country is ruled by a king.

The king of morocco has proven to be quite a capable monarch; he has led the country quite well, and brought economic and infrastructure development.

Morocco generates revenue from the tourism sector, agriculture, fishing, food processing, infrastructure, and narcotics.

The following is a more extensive list of the most developed countries in Africa.

Rank country Human Development Index Points Region
1 Mauritius 0.802 East Africa
2 Seychelles 0.785 East Africa
3 Algeria 0.745 North Africa
4 Egypt 0.731 North Africa
5 Libya 0.718 North Africa
6 South Africa 0.713 Southern Africa
7 Gabon 0.706 Central Africa
8 Botswana 0.693 Southern Africa
9 Morocco 0.683 North Africa
10 Cape Verde 0.662 West Africa
11 Ghana 0.632 West Africa
12 São Tomé and Príncipe 0.618 Central Africa
13 Namibia 0.615 Southern Africa
14 Eswatini 0.597 Southern Africa
15 Equatorial Guinea 0.596 Central Africa
16 Zimbabwe 0.593 Southern Africa
17 Angola 0.586 Southern Africa
18 Cameroon 0.576 Central Africa
19 Kenya 0.575 East Africa
20 Republic of Congo 0.571 Central Africa



The most developed countries in Africa are the few countries on the continent to have consistently good leadership. Consistency in government policy has been largely elusive in Africa; and has been one of the major reasons why poverty retains it’s strangle hold on the continent. Another major problem to be overcome is corruption.

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