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Top 10 Most Developed Countries in Africa (2023)

Africa is rich in natural resources and it has a lot of both cultural and ecological progress. Despite all these positives, however, it is still underdeveloped. According to a recent survey, it is the only continent that its countries are included among the list of nations that are least developed.

However, as they say, every cloud has a silver lining, there are a few African nations that have managed to overcome the odds of corruption, malnutrition, and economic crises as well as civil unrest and other issues. They’re more developed than the rest of the continent and are growing in comparison to other regions of the world. Seychelles is the most developed country in Africa regardless of its small size. 

Top 10 Most Developed Countries in Africa

1. Seychelles

Seychelles is recognized as the most developed country in Africa. The GDP per person is $332. The country is comprised of 115 islands that lie 1500 kilometers to the east of the Eastern African coastline. Seychelles’ economy used to be based on the cultivation of plantations however, presently, the biggest growth area of the Seychelles economy is tourism.

The Island country is considered to be one of the most sought-after destinations for couples on honeymoon. In addition, the country’s economy is also dependent on other sources like boat building, farming, poultry, drinks, and other sources.

2. Mauritius

Mauritius is the second-most developed country on the African continent and it is also a popular tourist destination in Africa. The island country hosts numerous visitors who visit the country to enjoy nature and beautiful scenery annually.

Initially, the country was reliant on agriculture to fuel its economy however the country has expanded its economic structure numerous times since the time it was founded. In recent times, Mauritius has undergone an astonishing growth in its sugar, textile, and financial sectors.

3. Algeria

Algeria is one of the most developed countries in Africa as a result of its growing infrastructure. In comparison to other nations on the continent, Algerians enjoy a quality standard of living and they have a positive impact on the nation’s economy.

The country is also renowned for having achieved the amazing feat of cutting down on poverty by more than 20% in just 20 years. However, development is still ongoing in Algeria. 

4. Tunisia

Tunisia has also become one of the most stable and growing economies in Africa. At a time, the country was struggling, however, in recent times, it has experienced a massive shift in its economy and has seen rapid development over the last few decades.

A significant portion of income in Tunisia is generated from tourism, agriculture, and the exportation of mechanical and electrical equipment. The standard of living for the inhabitants of Tunisia is superior to other African nations making it one of the most developed countries in Africa.

5. Botswana

The landlocked nation is located within Southern Africa and is considered to be the fifth most developed nation in Africa. Botswana has a small population of two million residents. The main sources of income for Botswana are mining and tourism.

Cattle-focused livestock farming is another important source of income that is helping to boost the economy of the country. Experts have predicted that Botswana will witness an extraordinary growth rate in the coming years. With this prediction, Botswana is undoubtedly one of the most developed countries in Africa.

6. Rwanda

All thanks to numerous government reforms as well as leadership changes, Rwanda has emerged as one of the most developed countries in Africa. Rwanda was the site of a huge genocide in 1994, after which its economy, infrastructure, and standard of living were profoundly affected.

With the help of a supportive government and several reforms, Rwanda was able to overcome every obstacle. The country now boasts an overall gross domestic product in the range of $9.14 billion. Rwanda is engaged in education, employment potential, and technological developments.

7. Egypt

Egypt has the highest GDP per capita at $1,501 which makes it the seventh most developed country in Africa. The Middle Eastern country is known for its stunning pyramids of Giza which is a popular destination for tourists throughout the year. Egypt is considered as one of the most developed countries in Africa.

In terms of its economy, Egypt largely relies on sectors like mining, telecommunications, agriculture, and many more. Currently, it is a middle-income nation however, economists have predicted the possibility of more expansion opportunities across all sectors in the future.

8. Morocco

Located in Africa, Morocco is famous for its stunning cultural diversity and culture. It is also one of the countries with the highest development across the globe. The GDP per person for Morocco is $3,435. The sources of Morocco’s income are derived from mining, service industries manufacturing, textiles, and other industries.

The country also depends heavily on the tourism industry, information technology, and telecoms. The prospects for Morocco’s development are promising.

9. Namibia

Namibia is located in the southern region of Africa and is considered to be one of the most developed countries in Africa. The expansion and growth of the economy of Namibia are closely linked with South Africa. This is because both countries share a common historical background.

Some of the sectors that have led to economic growth and development in Namibia include mining, technology, tourism, agriculture, and mining. The country is currently creating a reliable online banking system for its citizens. Namibia is one of the most developed countries in Africa.

10. South Africa

South Africa is regarded as one of the nations with the highest development in Africa. The development of the economy here is supported by a variety of aspects including mining, tertiary services, and industrial growth to mention just only a few.

Most importantly mining is considered to be an essential sector of South Africa’s economy. South African citizens enjoy the opportunity to work and study in better living conditions thus making it one of the most developed countries in Africa.



Countries with characteristics like a well-developed economy with a functioning and stable administration, a well-developed infrastructure, a robust educational system, a wide range of jobs, a wide range of social and health services, as well as a high degree of freedom for individuals are considered as the most developed countries in Africa. Countries that fall in the middle of these criteria can be classified as emerging nations.

The ones that fall significantly short are classified as least developed nations and are eligible to receive certain United Nations assistance programs. The most widely-used and dependable measurement of a country’s developmental standing is United Nations’ annual Human Development Index (HDI). This innovative metric measures various indicators including adults’ literacy rates and their life spans, income inequality, and mobile Phone Subscriptions.