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Top 100 Richest Cities In The World (2023)

The top richest cities in the world is a very relevant consideration because it represents information about where the world’s richest citizens live, and where the best economic opportunities may exist, especially when it comes to finding good jobs, or finding investors for exciting start up projects.

Interestingly, many people live in these cities without even knowing the economic potential they are living with. Nevertheless, these wealthy cities often have much to offer in terms of social amenities and recreation. They are some of the best places to live.

Top 100 Richest Cities In The World

1. New York City

New York City is the most popular city in the United States, and with good reason. It is the city that never sleeps; and that makes money round the clock. It is not surprising that this should be the richest city in the world.

The biggest stock exchange in the world is domiciled here; and some of the most successful stock investment houses are also found here.

New York is one of the world’s biggest centers for finance, fashion, commerce, entertainment, and many more.

2. Tokyo

Tokyo is the capital of Japan; it is the financial and commercial center of the country. Tokyo is one of the richest cities in the world; it has the Tokyo stock Exchange; as well as several big technology companies.

Tokyo is a bustling city with many investments in retail commerce, hospitality, transportation, and leisure. This means the city has a great local economy to make money for the capitalists as well as for the people who make up the work force.

Tokyo is a very beautiful city; in fact its beauty is so legendary that it draws in visitors from all over the world.

3. San Francisco Bay Area

The San Francisco Bay Area is a larger metropolitan area comprising of the city of San Francisco, and the larger metropolitan area. This is a place with a great concentration of New Rich Americans; many of who have made their money by investing in the technology industry.

This area includes the tech hub known as Silicon Valley; which hosts most of America’s tech companies. These tech workers and CEOs like to live in posh houses with lawns and trees, and they like to spend big money on shopping sprees.

The San Francisco Bay Area comprises the offices, houses, banks, and resorts which make up a big portion of America’s tech economy.

4. London

London has always been one of the most attractive locations for rich people. Over the past few years it has proven to be arguably the most profitable location for real estate investment, which has drawn in even more rich people.

London as a city is rich in culture, but it now has a new multi cultural identity; it is now an international city where people from all over the world come in with their money and their skills to create a bigger, more viable landscape.

5. Singapore

Singapore is a city state in Southeast Asia. Singapore is one of the richest countries in the world, and Singapore City is one of the most affluent cities in the world- it has more high net worth individuals per square meter than anywhere else in the world.

This small city has many people making their money from real estate (including hospitality), technology, retail commerce, finance, and now cryptocurrencies.

Singapore owes much of its wealth to the multi-cultural outlook of the city; this is one place where people in the east can have a taste of life in the west.

6. Los Angeles

Los Angeles, California has long been where the rich go to escape the cold; they build opulent mansions, and live in peace and comfort. With its warm weather, beautiful people, and luxury, it is no surprise that this city continues to attract some of the richest people in the country.

Los Angeles is known for its pricey real estate market; it is one of the chief factors that draws in rich people to the city. There are also nice hotels, resorts, and golf courses in the city; lawn tennis is also quite popular here.

7. Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a small city state; it has been called the Pearl of the Orient. This is a Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China; but it has its own currency and government.

Hong Kong is another cultural melting pot; it is a place where east meets west, and people from both sides get to taste a different culture.

Hong Kong attracts rich people from all over Europe and America; as well as mainland China, some of who come in for business or pleasure.

8. Beijing

Beijing is the most important and also the most popular city in China. It is the country’s cultural capital, as well as the seat of government. Beijing has a lot of historical significance; it was the imperial seat during Ming and Qing dynasties.

Many of China’s billionaires and millionaires live in Beijing; and they contribute to the local economy, and the available luxuries in the city.

Retail commerce, technology, real estate, and finance are some of the key industries in this city.

9. Shanghai

Shanghai is next to Beijing in order of importance in China; in fact, it may hold more economic potential than Beijing. Shanghai has a thriving economy that includes retail commerce, finance, manufacturing, technology and so on.

New investors in China often land in Shanghai as they look to find economic opportunities in the country. shanghai has only the second highest number of high net worth individuals in China; and one of the highest in the world.

10. Sydney

Sydney is the capital of Australia; since Australia is one of the richest countries in the world, one would not expect Sydney to be a poor city. Sydney is one of the most attractive places to live and work at the moment; and that has much to do with the economy.

The economy in turn is boosted by the rich people who have invested in areas like mining, real estate and construction, retail commerce, technology, food processing, and many more important sectors.

The following is a more extensive compilation of the top 100 richest cities in the world.


Position City Country Number of Millionaires Number of Billionaires
1 New York City USA 340,000 58
2 Tokyo Japan 290,300 14
3 The Bay Area USA 285,000 63
4 London UK 258,000 36
5 Singapore Singapore 240,100 27
6 Los Angeles USA 205,400 42
7 Hong Kong Hong Kong (SAR China) 129,500 32
8 Beijing China 128,200 43
9 Shanghai China 127,200 40
10 Sydney Australia 126,900 15
11 Chicago USA 124,000 24
12 Toronto Canada 105,200 18
13 Frankfurt Germany 102,200 16
14 Zurich Switzerland 99,300 12
15 Houston USA 98,500 20
16 Seoul   South Korea South Korea 97,000 24
17 Melbourne Australia 96,000 10
18 Paris France 93,000 16
19 Geneva Switzerland 85,800 15
20 Dubai UAE 68,400 15
21 Mumbai India 59,400 29
22 Rome Italy 56,500 11
23 Seattle USA 50,500 10
24 Shenzhen China 45,700 20
25 Osaka Japan 44,900 72
26 Boston USA 41,700 8
27 Kyoto Japan 40,400 2
28 Miami USA 8,000 12
29 Vancouver Canada 37,300 6
30 Tel Aviv Israel 35,600 11
31 Moscow Russian Federation 35,200 28
32 Perth Australia 33,900 5
33 Brisbane Australia 31,900 4
34 Austin USA 30,500 9
35 Hangzhou China 30,400 12
36 Delhi India 30,200 16
37 Madrid Spain 29,000 6
38 Auckland New Zealand 24,500 2
39 Abu Dhabi UAE 24,200 4
40 Manchester UK 24,200 8
41 Nice France 23,900 6
42 Guangzhou China 23,500 8
43 Athens Greece 23,100 2
44 Doha Qatar 21,500 3
45 Lisbon Portugal 20,800 3
46 Dublin Ireland 18,400 5
47 Riyadh Saudi Arabia 18,100 8
48 Montreal Canada 17,900 2
49 Monaco Monaco 17,600 20
50 Las Vegas USA 16,800 6
51 Istanbul Türkiye 16,300 10
52 Warsaw Poland 15,100 3
53 Jerusalem Israel 15,100 5
54 San Diego USA 14,700 4
55 Calgary Canada 14,700 2
56 Johannesburg South Africa 14,600 2
57 Scottsdale USA 13,900 5
58 Barcelona Spain 13,300 3
59 Milan Italy 12,600 4
60 Bengaluru India 12,600 8
61 Edinburgh UK 12,400 5
62 Santa Barbara & Montecito USA 12,300 6
63 Kolkata India 12,100 7
64 Greenwich & Darien USA 11,900 8
65 Hyderabad India 11,100 5
66 West Palm Beach USA 9,400 6
67 Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam 7,700 3
68 Florence Italy 7,500 3
69 Cairo Egypt 7,400 5
70 Cape Town South Africa 7,200 1
71 St. Petersburg Russian Federation 6,900 7
72 Lagos Nigeria 5,400 3
73 Budapest Hungary 5,300 12
74 Nairobi Kenya 4,700 11
75 Netanya Israel 4,300 2
76 Herzliya Israel 3,900 2
77 Sharjah UAE 3,800 8
78 Durban South Africa 3,600 10
79 Cape Winelands South Africa 3,400 2
80 Garden Route South Africa 3,000
81 Casablanca Morocco 2,800 2
82 Pretoria South Africa 2,400
83 Accra Ghana 2,000
84 Luanda Angola 1,800
85 Dar Es Salaam Tanzania 1,400 1
86 Whale Coast South Africa 1,100
87 Windhoek Namibia 1,100
88 Marrakech Morocco 900 2
89 Addis Ababa Ethiopia 800
90 Kigali Rwanda 800
91 Maputo Mozambique 800
92 Mombasa Kenya 700
93 Tangier Morocco 700
94 Lusaka Zambia 600
95 Swakopmund Namibia 300
96 Walvis Bay Namibia 300



The richest cities in the world already have all the comforts that anyone could possibly want; which is why they continue to attract even more high net worth individuals who come in to support the local economies with their money; thus allowing the money trickle down to even the lowest in the land.

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