Top 50 Richest Musicians In The World (2023)

The wealthiest musicians in the world are international stars whose musical artistry has reverberated throughout the world. Armed with the recognition and finances earned from their music, these singers have gone on to build generational wealth sometimes tied to brands and ideas that are different from the music that made them famous.

Music has always been a talent associated with money and fame; not just do musicians make a lot of money; but they are also courted by the rich and powerful of every society.

The list changes drastically every year or two; some rise rapidly, while others can watch their wealth go up in flames.

Top 50 Richest Musicians In The World

1. Rihanna

Net worth: 1.4 Billion

Rihanna’s rise to wealth and stardom has been steady and sustained; but if anyone had predicted back in 2007 when her Umbrella single was running wild, that she would be the richest musician in the world, that person might have been called crazy.

The Barbadian beauty is not just a pretty face with a lovely voice; she has proven her brains, and her daring; she established the discontinued fashion brand Fenty; under LVMH.

However, her beauty brand by the same name has been very successful; Fenty Beauty has become a top cosmetics brand; and that success has catapulted her into billionaire status.

2. Jay Z

Net worth: 1.3 Billion

Jay Z’s success has been spectacular; he has made a ton of money selling records, and selling out the biggest arenas. He has also been the symbol of success from the ghetto; almost like the opposite of Tupac; the opposite of Thuglife.

Jay Z has since been rubbing shoulders with the higher ups of society; he has the direct line to a certain former president.

Jay Z’s business empire cuts across music, clothing and fashion, manufacturing and sports. He is arguably the most influential musician in the world.

3. Andrew Lloyd Webber

Net worth: 1.2 Billion

Andrew Lloyd Webber is a British composer and musician who has risen to the highest circles of British society; he has been given a Lordship. He is therefore officially addressed as the Baron Lloyd-Webber, or the Right Honourable Baron Lloyd-Webber.

Lord Webber is an authority in music; some of his compositions have been running for decades on both the West End and on Broadway.

Aside from his musical works, he owns a theatre group known as Really Useful Group, and it is one of the largest theatre operators in London. Licenses to perform his compositions are one of his major sources of income.

4. Paul McCartney

Net worth: $1 Billion

Paul McCartney is one of the brightest stars that have ever shone in music; it is no surprise at all that he is one of the richest musicians in the world. He rose to fame with The Beatles where he was the co-lead vocalist, bassist and co song writer.

He taught himself to play the piano, and his song writing is a natural talent. He was one of the founding members of the Beatles; he was there even before the band got its name.

After the Beatles he still went on to have a very successful career, and to make an incredible amount of money.

5. P Diddy

Net worth: 880 Million

He has been known as Puff Daddy, Puffy, Diddy, and P Diddy at various times during his career; P Diddy is an American singer, rapper, producer, and most of all- he is a record executive. It is in the business side of music that he is most capable- he knows how to manage talent.

He started as a talent manager at Uptown Records, and he had the vision to start his own label Bad boy Records. He was instrumental in the packaging of various talents such as Notorious BIG, Mary J Blige, Usher, and Mase. It is the intellectual; property rights to these artises earliest songs that makes him so rich.

Diddy also has many other ventures including Clothing and Fashion, Fragrances, Clothing, and Footwear.

6. Herp Albert

Net worth: $850 Million

Have you ever heard of Herp Albert and the Tijuana Brass? If no, then you are not really a music aficionado- that band reigned supreme during the 60’s.

Herp Albert has had an immensely successful career; during his time he has sold more than 72 Million records, and made a fortune from his sales.

He then co-founded A&M Records with Jerry Moss, and that means he does not have to share the earnings from his record sales with some distant persons. Now he has received the lion share from his 28 albums.

7. Madonna

Net Worth: $850 million

Madonna came up from a girl living in an empty apartment with nothing to her name to arguably the hottest female singing sensation of her generation. She is probably the biggest musician of the past 100 years- after Michael Jackson.

Madonna has sold over 300 million records in her career, and she has sold out some of the biggest arenas around the world.

An icon of music; she has made more than $840 million from her music; and she has also made good money from promotional work as a celebrity.

8. Celine Dion

Net Worth: $800 million

Celine Dion is just as talented as a singer, but she may fall behind quite significantly when it comes to dancing. Besides she is a lady raised in finery and so she does not have much cause to court controversy by behaving wildly at times.

She has sold more than 200 million records during her career; and she will be remembered till eternity for her vocals in the movie Titanic.

She has built a business empire which includes talent management, a Restaurants chain, Golf Club, Perfumes.

9. Dr. Dre

Net Worth: $800 million

Dr. Dre is one of America’s foremost rappers, producers, and record executives. He is one of the pioneers who created rap music as we know it now. He started out back in the 80’s with the group called World Class Wrecking Cru.

Years later many waters have passed under the bridge; but he has achieved resonating success; and built the careers of many superstars in the industry including Eminem, 50 Cent, and Kendrick Lamar.

Dr. Dre has sold over 16.5 million records, and one of his songs has been streamed 1 billion times on one particular site. But it was the headphones he designed that brought the money- the company was sold to Apple for $3.4 Billion.

10. Bono         

Net Worth: $550 Million

Bono’s real name is Paul David Hewson. All through the world; he is known as Bono; the lead singer in U2- the most popular rock band of the last few decades. Bono is the face of U2, and that automatically makes him the face of Rock Music.

Bono is also known as an activist and philanthropist; he regularly makes donations to good causes around the world, and he also uses his platform to tell the world about people who need help. In any case; he is worth around $500 million.

Position Name Net Worth
1 Rihanna $1.4 Billion
2 Jay Z $1.3 Billion
3 Andrew Lloyd Webber $1.2 Billion
4 Paul McCartney $1 Billion
5 P Diddy $880 Million
6 Herp Albert $850 Million
7 Madonna $850 Million
8 Celine Dion $800 Million
9 Dr Dre $800 Million
10 Bono $550 Million
11 Jimmy Buffett $500 Million
12 Emilio Estefan $500 Million
13 Elton John $500 Million
14 Bruce Springsteen $410 Million
15 Jon Bon Jovi $400 Million
16 Kanye West $400 Million
17 Beyonce $400 Million
18 Sting $360 Million
19 Taylor Swift $360 Million
20 Mick Jagger $350 Million
21 Ringo Starr $350 Million
22 Lars Ulrich $350 Million
23 Gene Simmons $340 Million
24 Keith Richards $330 Million
25 Katy Perry $320 Million
26 Mariah Carey $320 Million
27 Dave Grohl $320 Million
28 Lady Gaga $310 Million
29 Roger Waters $300 Million
30 Eric Clapton $300 Million
31 L. A. Reid $300 Million
32 Dave Matthews $285 Million
33 Justin Beiber $275 Million
34 Dhani Harrison $260 Million
35 Phil Collins $250 Million
36 Tim Rice $250 Million
37 Tina Turner $250 Million
38 Diana Ross $245 Million
39 Rod Stewart $235 Million
40 Justin Timberlake $230 Million
41 Eminem $230 Million
42 Billy Joel $225 Million
43 Ozzy Osbourne $220 Million
44 Brian May $210 Million
45 Don Henley $205 Million
46 Sean Lennon $200 Million
47 Master P $200 Million
48 Roger Taylor $200 Million
49 Tony Bennett $200 Million
50 Don Henley $200 Million




The richest musicians in the world have first made good money from their music; but others have gone on to use that money and fame to build something completely different from their entertainment careers.


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