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South-South States In Nigeria, Their Governors, Capitals And Slogans

The South-South States in Nigeria are additionally referred to as the Niger Delta region. Most of the oil wells are placed in this region. 

Nigeria was divided into six geographical zones or regions under the control of Abraham Badamosi Babangida, every zone is formed from states in the Federal Republic of Nigeria with identical cultures, ethnic similarities, and a few common histories. The zones were created so as for the nation to be ready to portion resources effectively. The six regions consist of:

North West, North East, North Central, South West, South East, South South

South-South States In Nigeria, Their Governors, Capitals, And Slogans

The South-South states in Nigeria geopolitics zone is formed from six states. These six states can be referred to as the most part of Niger Delta states, the agendas these states have in common is that they acquire the keys to the Federal Republic of Nigeria economy – oil. These states are the key oil manufacturing states in Federal Republic of Nigeria. These six states are:

  • Akwa Ibom
  • Bayelsa
  • Cross stream
  • Delta
  • Edo
  • Rivers

Details On The South-South States In Nigeria

  • Akwa Ibom State

    • Governor: Emmanuel Udom
    • Capital: Uyo
    • Slogan: Promise Land

Emmanuel Udom is the current governor of Akwa Ibom state, the state’s slogan is the ‘Promise Land.’ The state is found on the coastal part of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. It’s an area of 7,081 km2. The population comprises over 8 million individuals. Akwa Ibom is finite by Cross River State, Abia State, Rivers State and therefore the Atlantic. The capital town of Akwa Ibom is Uyo. There are four major languages spoken within the state specifically Annang, Ekket, Ibibio, and Oron.

Several African religions are practiced within the state however, most individuals practice Christianity. The richness of their cultural and historical heritage is summarized in their beliefs, mythology, folklore, food, songs, and dance. The individuals of Akwa Ibom are majorly civil servants, farmers, fishermen, traders. and blacksmiths.

Among the oil manufacturing states, Akwa Ibom is presently beloved. The state is endued with not solely crude however alternative resources like coal, fossil fuel, limestone, clay, nitrate, glass sand, and salt. Also, it’s a land of commercial enterprise where you can visit places like:

* The Oron depository

* Ibeno Sand Beach

* The consolidation House wherever the consolidation of the Northern and Southern territory to make the one Federal Republic of Nigeria in 1914 happened

* Lord Lugard Residence

* The Slave Masters Lodge

* Mbo Forest Reserve

* Mary Slessor House and topographic point and lots of others


  • Bayelsa State

    • Governor: Duoye Diri
    • Capital: Yenagoa
    • Slogan: The Glory Of All Lands

Duoye Diri is the presiding governor of Bayelsa State, this state is proclaimed ‘the Glory of all lands’. Bayelsa was created out of Rivers state in 1996 by General Sani Abacha, the then Head of States. it’s placed within the southern structure of Niger Delta region. Bayelsa is finite on the north by Delta State, on the east by Rivers State, and on west and south by the Atlantic. The capital town of Bayelsa is Yenagoa. There are several ethnic sets found in Bayelsa however the foremost predominant are the Ijaws, these ethnic sets have their own non-standard speech, the key religions practiced in Bayelsa are ancient worship and Christianity. 

Bayelsa State has one in all the largest oil and gas depots in the Federal Republic of Nigeria, it’s conjointly one in all the key oil manufacturing states in the Federal Republic of Nigeria, conducive quite  30% of Nigeria’s oil output. Most elements of the state are lined with water, three-quarters of the state is found beneath the water level. The individuals are famous for farming, fishing, trading, weaving, and carving. Also, there are massive reserves of sand, gravel, and clay found in Bayelsa.

Bayelsa State incorporates historical heritage with fascinating places like:

* The Akassa Slave Transit Camp and Tunnel, Slaves were camped here before moving them to America and therefore the Caribbean via the Atlantic.

* Mungo Park Residence – a divisional headquarters of the colonial masters.

* Federal Republic of Nigeria initial oiler Oloibiri discovered in 1956.

* Other places embody the Ox-Bow Lake, Akassa life Forest, Okpoama Beach, flowering tree Creeks, and lots of others.

South South States In Nigeria
South South States In Nigeria
  • Cross River State

    • Governor: Prof Ben Ayade
    • Capital: Calabar
    • Slogan: The People’s Paradise

Cross River State’s locution is ‘the People’s paradise’. Prof Ben Ayade is the preceding governor of the state.

It’s one in all the oldest states in the Federal Republic of Nigeria. It had been created in 1976. The capital town is Calabar. This state is finite on the west by Benue State, on the south by Abia State, and on the east by the Atlantic. There are two major native dialects within the state, Efik, and Ejagham, there’s a minority of Igbos within the western part. Cross River is split into 18 territorial Areas.

The state has an abundance of natural resources in oil and gas, limestone, barite, quartzite, kaolin, clay, and salt. Most of the attractive landscapes in the Federal Republic of Nigeria are placed in Cross River. Fascinating places you’ll visit in the state include:

* Obudu Mountain Resort

* Afi Mountain life Sanctuary

* Agbokim Waterfalls

* Calabar Drill Monkey Ranch

* Kwa Falls

* Calabar monument

* Ikom Monoliths

* Calabar Museum: you’ll notice most of the initial documents associated with the slave traffic and oil production in the Federal Republic of Nigeria during this depository.

* Mary Slessor Building.


  • Delta State

    • Governor: Ifeanyi Okowa
    • Capital: Asaba
    • Slogan: Big Heart Of The Nation

Governor Ifeanyi Okowa is the current governor of Delta State, the state has its slogan as the ‘Big Heart of the Nation’. The state was created in 1991 from the previous defunct Bendel State. The name of the state came from the delta of River Niger. It’s one in all the key oil manufacturing states in the Federal Republic of Nigeria. The capital town of Delta is Asaba. Delta state has twenty-five territorial areas. This state is a multi-ethnic state comprising of the Urhobos, Isoko, Itsekiri, Ijaw, Ukwuani, etc.

Delta State has associate degree abundance of solid natural resources in crude, silica, lignite, industrial clay, tar sand, kaolin, limestone, and decorating rocks. Delta State homes a number of the unbelievable cultural and historical centers, a number of them include:

* Chief Nana’s Palace Living History depository, Koko

* Araya Bible web site

* stream Ethiope

* Mungo Park House

* Niger Bridge

* Falcorp flowering tree Park

* alternative places of interest in Delta embody Leisure Paradise commons, Escarvo Beach, Gordon stream Resort, Olona Ranch, Asaba Beach, Bomadi Beach, etc.


  • Edo State

    • Governor: Godwin Nogheghase Obaseki
    • Capital: Benin City
    • Slogan: The Heartbeat Of The Federal Republic Of Nigeria

Edo State has its Governor as Godwin Nogheghase Obaseki, it is called ‘the Heartbeat’ of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, it is one in all 2 states created from previous Bendel State in 1991. the opposite one is Delta State. The capital of Edo is Benin town. It had been one in all the key destinations of the Europeans after they came to explore Africa. The state includes of 4 major ethnic teams, they’re Afemai, Binis, Esan, and Owan. The state is inhabited with persons from all round Federal Republic of Nigeria thanks to its cosmopolitan tendencies. Edo State is split into 18 territorial Areas.

This State makes up a cultural and historic heritage. There are quite 100 major festivals in Edo State between September and March once a year. The state is boasts of natural resources like crude, fossil fuel, clay, marble, limestone, and chalk. Places of interest to go to in Edo State include:

* Ogba facility

* Benin Brass Work

* Oba’s Palace

* Benin town Wall and trench

* Benin town depository

* Igun Bronze Casters and Crafts Centre

* Okomu parkland

* Somorika Hill

* Lampese

* Idoma Hill


  • Rivers State

    • Governor: Ezenwo Nyesom Wike
    • Capital: Port Harcourt
    • Slogan: Treasure Base Of The Nation

River State takes its slogan as ‘Treasure Base of the Nation’. The governor of the state is Ezenwo Nyesom Wike.

River State is one in all the oldest states and was created in 1967. The capital of River State is in Port Harcourt. There are quite 20 languages spoken in River State however, Ijaw and Ikwerre are the two major languages. It’s a land of numerous quality. This State splits into 18 local government Area.

Rivers State is one in all the key oil manufacturing states in the Federal Republic of Federal Nigeria it constitutes forty % of the crude created in Nigeria.

Places of interest in River State include:

* Port Harcourt tourer Beach

* Isaac Boro Garden Park

* facility

* Cultural Centre

* Statute of King Jaja of Opobo

* Bonnie Island

* Biseni Forest

The South-South States in Nigeria has a number of the eye-catching landscapes in the Federal Republic of Nigeria, lots of stunning places to visit for your next vacation trip are situated in these states.


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