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Top 100 Paint Companies In The World (2024)

Paint manufacturers rank among the top industries in the world. The top paint companies in the world often rake in billions of dollars in revenue and employ people by the thousands. As strange as it may sound, some of these companies are industry leaders in research and development of new chemicals.

The reason for this advancement in technology is that they are trying to outdo each other for product durability.

Paint companies become big because they gain a reputation for making quality products that stand the test of time. It is that foundation that helps build the brand identity that creates a great company.

Top 100 Paint Companies In The World

1. Sherwin-Williams Company

Sherwin-Williams Company is a multinational paints and chemicals company. It was established in 1873, and is still based in Cleveland, Ohio. Sherwin – Williams is the most recognizable brand when it comes to paints; the company’s slogan is “Covering The World.”

The company also makes industry specific coatings and floorcoverings. The company’s products are used for professional, industrial and commercial purposes.

Sherwin-Williams Company has sizable market-shares in the markets of North and South America, as well as Europe. The company has operations in over 120 countries. It has a market capitalization of 62.886 Billion USD, and 64,366 employees.


BASF SE was established on 6 April 1865. The full name of the company is Badische Anilin und Sodafabrik which translates to ‘Baden Aniline and Soda Factory.’ BASF SE was established as a dye maker. The founder Friedrich Engelhorn was an engineer who had done gas works which produced tar as a bye product.

He discovered that tar was an effective dye, and set up this factory to produce more dyes so as to gain a larger share of the market.

The company grew much larger than even he could have imagined; it is now a multinational company with subsidiaries and joint ventures in more than 80 countries. The company has over 111,047 employees, and has a market capitalization 72.387 Billion USD.

3. DOW Inc

DOW Inc is a paint and chemicals producer which was established in 1897 by Herbert Henry Dow; a chemist and entrepreneur. He initially only sold bleach; and became famous around the world for this product.

The company attracted envy; a group of British industrialists tried to drive him out of business by cutting their prices; he responded by diversifying his market, while also cutting prices.

DOW Inc has done some corporate reorganization with fellow industry giant DuPont; and has solidified its position as one of the world’s leading paint and chemical maker. The company has US$60.60 billion in assets, and over 37,800 employees.

4. Asian Paints

Asian Paints is an Indian paint making giant which was established in 1942, and which is headquartered in Mumbai, India. Asian Paints was established at a very fluid period in India’s politics, and profited from a temporary ban on foreign paint imports as the country tried to establish economic independence.

The company became very profitable very quickly; and established itself as the biggest in the country. By the 1990’s the company started expanding beyond India, and that is where trouble came in as the founding families started fighting among themselves.

The company now has ten manufacturing plants in India, as well as locations in, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Fiji, Samoa Islands, Vanuatu, Solomon Islands, Oman,   Bahrain, UAE, Egypt, and Ethiopia.

5. PPG Industries

PPG Industries stands for Pittsburg Paints and Glass; and the company was established in 1883, in Creighton, Pennsylvania, which is close to the actual Pittsburg. By revenue, this is the biggest paint company in the world, although it falls slightly behind when it comes to the number of countries it has operations in.

PPG Industries is publicly traded, and is a component of the S&P 500. The company has 52,000 people on its payroll, and its products are used throughout the world.

PPG Industries produces, paints, glass, sealants, coatings, and so many other products.

6. RPM International

RPM International is an American paint and chemical manufacturer; the company was established in 1947, and has its headquarters in Medina, Ohio, USA. The company makes paint, sealants, coatings, industrial coatings, and other such products.

The company is publicly traded; it is traded on the NYSE as RPM, and is a component of the S&P 400. The company’s shares are some of the most highly sought after because of a strong company culture, and a steady disbursement of dividends.

RMP International has over 15,500 employees, and 122 establishments in several locations of the world.

7. AKZO Nobel

AKZO Nobel is a Dutch multinational paint, coatings, and chemical manufacturer. It is one of the biggest Dutch companies. The company was established in 1969, and is headquartered in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

AKZO Nobel has operations in over 150 countries, and has total assets of more than €14.741 billion. The company has 35,200 employees, across all its locations, and produces the Dulux brand of paints which is famous around the world.

AKZO Nobel is one of the biggest paint makers in the world; by revenue it is among the top 3.

8. Berger Paints India

Berger Paints India is an Indian multinational paint maker; the company is one of the most notable on the continent, and in the world. Berger Paints India was established in 1923, and its headquarters is in Kolkata, West Bengal, India.

The company has an interesting history; it was started by an Englishman named Louis Berger, but the company was then moved to India where it grew and then was incorporated on its own. Now, this company has operations in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Russia, Nepal, and Poland. The company has 3600 employees.

9. SKSHU Paints

SKSHU Paints is a Chinese paints and coatings manufacturing company; it is located in Shanghai, China. The company produces dyes, as well as decorative paints, such as interior paints; architectural coatings, including floor paints, granite paints, and stone coatings.

The company has a market capitalization of $2.248 Billion US, and has a strong culture of research and development of new products; including waterproof paints and other such specialized products.

SKSHU Paints has several subsidiaries; and its products are widely used throughout Asia.

10. AXALTA Coating Systems

Axalta Coating Systems is an American paint making company; one that is more specialized in its product offerings. This company makes specialized coatings such as those used for light and commercial vehicles, as well as industrial coatings and such industrial products.

Axalta Coating Systems is a publicly traded company; it has a market capital of 5.663 Billion USD. The company also has a business presence in around 130 countries, and has around 13,000 employees.

The following is a more extensive report on the top 100 paint companies in the world.

Place Company Name Headquarters Company Rank Market Cap Number of Employees
1 SHERWIN-WILLIAMS COMPANY United States 225 62.886 Billion USD 64,366
2     BASF SE Germany 350 45.124 Billion USD 111,047
3     DOW Inc United States 466 US$60.60 billion (2022) 37,800
4 ASIAN PAINTS India 472 $35.487 Billion USD 7,160
5 PPG INDUSTRIES United States 567 29.783 Billion USD 52,000


897 18.340 Billion USD 33,000
7 RPM INTERNATIONAL United States 1,240 12.885 Billion USD 16,751
8 AKZO NOBEL Netherlands 1,348 11.704 Billion USD 35,200
9 BERGER PAINTS INDIA India 2,071 6.883 Billion USD 3,600
10 SKSHU Paints China 2,277 8.224 Billion USD
11 AXALTA COATING SYSTEMS Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA; Bermuda 2,453 5.663 Billion USD 12,650
12 KANSAI PAINT Japan 4,268 2.833 Billion USD 16,459
13 KANSAI NEROLAC PAINTS India 4,303 2.805 Billion USD 2,992
14 TOA PAINT Thailand 5,575 1.924 Billion USD
15 FERRO CORPORATION    USA 6,693 1.804 Billion USD 5,922
16 KCC CORPORATION South Korea 7,229 1.286 Billion USD 4,061
17 AKZO NOBEL INDIA  India 7,511 1.204 Billion USD 1,482
18 TAIKISHA Japan 9,377 0.832 Billion USD  5,042


14,596 0.359 Billion USD
20 CHUGOKU MARINE PAINTS Japan 14,607 0.358 Billion USD
21 NOROO PAINT & COATINGS South Korea 20,235


0.131 Billion USD
22 SHALIMAR PAINTS India 20,964 0.113 Billion USD
23 CHOKWANG PAINT South Korea 24,304 0.060 Billion USD
24 ROCK PAINT Japan 21,415 0.104 Billion USD

The following is a more extensive report of large paint makers across the world; this report is not necessary accurate in terms of ranking.

Position Name Country Number of Employees
1 Bristol Paints Australia 500
2 Nuplex Industries Limited Australia 1700
3 Wattyl Australia and New Zealand 1500
4 Indigo Paints India 650
5 Mysore Lac and Paints Limited India
6 Corporação Industrial do Norte Portugal
7 Crown Paints England
8 Farrow & Ball United Kingdom 550
9 Hammerite United Kingdom
10 Humbrol United Kingdom
11 ICI United Kingdom 29,130
12 bito AG Germany
13 Brighto Paints Pakistani 600
14 Canadian Industries Limited Canada
15 DYO Boya Fabrikaları Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş İzmir, Turkey 734
16 Hempel Group Lyngby, Denmark 6,700
17 Henkel AG & Co. KGaA Düsseldorf, Germany 51,950
18 Herbol Germany
19 Jotun Norwegian 10,300
20 KCC Corporation South Korea
21 KEIMFARBEN GMBH Diedorf, Germany 450
22 Lechler Italy 400
23 Nash Paints Zimbabwe 500
24 NL Industries Houston, Texas
25 Nova Color Artists Acrylic Paint California, USA
26 Ripolin France
27 Rangsazi Iran – Iran Paint Manufacturing Company Tehran, Iran 150
28 Shawcor Ltd Canadian 6000
29 Sika AG Switzerland 27,059
30 Tambour Israeli
31 Tikkurila Oyj Finland 572
32 Zircotec Oxford, England 50-100



The top paint companies in the world are some of the biggest employers in their respective countries. That means they contribute massively to their economies, and grow their commonwealth. It is not uncommon to see these companies expanding rapidly, and entering other countries and markets.

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