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Top 50 Worst Universities In The World (2024)

The worst universities in the world are those that never get a mention among the best in the world; but rather constantly get nothing but disapproving comments from angry students and parents.

There are several factors that can affect the perception of a university- whether it becomes one of the world’s worst places of learning. Such factors include the quality of education on offer, the general environment of learning, handling of student affairs, and so on.

While some universities have several notable achievers affiliated with them, the less endowed ones are grounds where thugs and gangsters are produced. Here are some of them.

Worst Universities In The World

1. SRM University

SRM University which is located in India is certainly one of the worst universities in the world, especially in the eyes of the over 100 students who were cheated out of their money in expectation of getting admission into a medical college.

This university was founded in 1985, and continues to operate today, but it has gained a terrible reputation despite the millions of rupees spent on advertising and media white-washing. The University’ Chancellor was arrested in august 2016 in connection with the admission scandal cited above.

Students report that the school environment is not challenging, and that it makes them often unable to express themselves in English language. On the average, students will find this a very bad choice of institution to get a good education leading to a good career.

2. University Of Phoenix

The University Of Phoenix is often mentioned among the worst places a person could go for an education. These mentions often come from discerning persons such as educators, career counselors, and so on.

The university was established in 1976, and is listed as a private university which is operated for profit. Even that description rings alarm bells; it tells the story of an organization which is set up to make money; and which dishes out certificates for cash.

That suspicion becomes truer when a more careful observation is made. When was the last time this institution was in the news for having done some important research work? Never! This university has no notable faculty; in fact most of the lecturers there teach part time.

The institution has never produced any notable academic, nor has it ever been involved in any discovery leading to an important award.

Nevertheless, if a person has connections in government and needs an easy degree which could facilitate a job; then this could be a good choice. Many others have already done so.

3. DeVry University

DeVry University is a private, for Profit University which is located in Naperville, Illinois, USA. The university was established as far back as 1931, which means it is at least an institution that is designed to stand the test of time.

Despite all that; the university has not been anything but a mediocre university; it only gets a mention among the less than average institutions in America; which by the way is a capitalist country, where everything is a business.

DeVry University offers degrees in Accounting, Business, Healthcare, Technology, Liberal Arts, and Media Arts & Technology. Some of these degrees are awarded after classes onsite or online. In fact, many of this institution’s students only study online.

DeVry University has received a lot of scrutiny; it has been the subject of several investigations and lawsuits over a lot of deceptive practices. Some of law suits have led to the company paying millions of dollars, showing that despite the company deny the allegations, something is very wrong.

4. Shanghai University Of Traditional Chinese Medicine  

Shanghai University Of Traditional Chinese Medicine is a public institution which was established in 1956. As the name implies; this is a university which has at its core; the promotion of Chinese traditional medicine.

However, this institution also offers other courses of study such as Arts and Humanities, Engineering, Business and Social Sciences, Science & Technology, Language and Cultural, as well as Medicine and Health.

The institute is doing a fine job of promoting Chinese medicine, but when it comes to the other courses, there is a whole lot to be desired. This is why it finds itself on this terrible list; as per the available data pulled from several trustworthy sources.

5. The South Asian Institute Of Technology And Medicine (SAITM)

The South Asian Institute of Technology and Medicine (SAITM) is a privately owned, for profit educational institution of higher learning in Sri Lanka; which was established in 2008.

This university has come under fire recently; there have been questions and allegations about its legality and standards. The Sri Lankan authorities have refused to honor the medical degrees issued by this institution; and as such the graduates cannot work as doctors.

Furthermore, there have been questions regarding its authority to issue such degrees in the first place. There was a raid carried out on its premises by law enforcement; resulting in the recovery of several dead bodies which were used for practical teaching of medicine and anatomy.

However, this university is only added because of the difficulty of graduates in finding work; meaning that the degrees are at least for the time being; worthless pieces of paper.

6. Universidade Federal De Alagoas  

Universidade Federal De Alagoas is a university in Brazil; it is a public university which was established in 1961. It is described as the main university of north eastern Brazil. This university has around 28,000 students.

Unfortunately many of the students complain that the institution does not live up to expectations; it is a place of much potential, but few chances of reaching that potential.

There is no data supporting the idea that there is any serious research going on that university; even the number of students reflects the fact that the institution is on the decline; it should have three times that number of students.

7. Bihar University

Bihar University, which is also known as Babasaheb Bhimrao Ambedkar Bihar University was established in 1960. It is a public university in the Indian state of Bihar which is quite large. The university is made up of 38 constituent colleges and 40 affiliated colleges.

Perhaps due to the size of the institution it has been very difficult to effectively monitor the university; thus ensuring that standards remain high.

Bihar University gets plenty of complaints from students and former students. It appears that students who wish to have good careers after they finish their courses should stay away from this university.

The governor of Bihar, in 2021, admitted to the state having a poor standard of education, and to performing poorly in the national rankings.

8. Huaqiao University  

Huaqiao University is a public university which was established in 1960. Such a university should have a much larger student body than the 28,000 students in has; which could be translated as the first sign that there is something wrong somewhere.

There are disturbing reports about the quality of education offered in this institution; it appears that this one of the poorer institutions in china, which has an otherwise high standard for education.

The institution offers courses in Economics, Science, Engineering, Management, Law, Liberal Arts, Philosophy and History. Despites offering so many courses, the institution does not excel in any of them.

9. Jichi Medical University

Jichi Medical University is a private university in Japan, which was established in 1972. This university is located in Kyoto, Japan, and is not a particularly impressive one. Nevertheless, this university offers quite a lot of courses including Medicine, Nursing.

Jichi Medical University has a lot of potential in the development of rural education. This is because the university has made it its core focus over the last few years.

Jichi Medical University has not been known to do any exceptional research work, except for when Dr. Hiroyuki Matsuoka, a medical researcher at the university, was commissioned by The Gates Foundation to do some research on flying syringes.

10. Kyoto Institute Of Technology

Kyoto Institute Of Technology was established in 1949. It is a big institution which offers many courses like Applied Biology, Biomolecular Engineering, Macromolecular Science, Chemistry and Materials, Technology, Electronics, Information Science, Design Engineering and Management, Technology, and Integrated Science.

Kyoto Institution of Technology has not ranked among the best in the world despite being so well established for many years. It appears that the school does not have the means to compete with the best, but only performs as a mediocre institution.

Kyoto Institution of Technology has a lot of potential; being that it is an old and well established institution. Perhaps with time it may reach that potential; and improve on the quality of education it offers.

Rank University Country Location
1 SRM University India Western Asia
2 University Of Phoenix United States North America
3 DeVry University Illinois, united states North America
4 Shanghai University Of Traditional Chinese Medicine Shanghai, China
5 The South Asian Institute Of Technology And Medicine (SAITM) Sri Lanka South Asia
6 Universidade Federal De Alagoas Brazil South America
7 Bihar University India Western Asia
8 Jichi Medical University Japan Asia
9 East Tennessee State University Tennessee, united states North America
10 Henan Polytechnic University Jiaozuo, China South Asia
11 Beijing University Of Chinese Medicine Beijing, China South Asia
12 Grigore T Popa University of Medicine & Pharmacy Iasi, Romania Europe
13 Umm Al-Qura University   Arabic Language Makkah, Saudi Arabia Western Asia
14 Zhejiang University of Technology Zhejiang, China South Asia
15 University of Zanjan Zanjan, Iran Western Asia
16 University of Zagreb Zagreb, Croatia Europe
17 Zagazig University Zagazig, Egypt North Africa
18 Yuan Ze University Taoyuan City, Taiwan Asia
19 Yokohama National Universal Kanagawa, Japan Asia
20 Yıldız Technical University Istanbul, Turkey Europe
21 Yeditepe University Istanbul, Turkey Europe
22 Yazd University Safavieh, Iran Asia
23 Yarmouk University Irbid, Jordan Western Asia
24 Yeungnam University South Korea Asia
25 Yamaguchi University China South Asia
26 Wuhan University of Technology China South Asia
27 Wroclaw University of Science and Technology Poland Europe
28 Vytautas Magnus University Lithuania Europe
29 Viet Nam National University Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam South Asia
30 Verona University Italy Europe
31 Utah State University Utah, United States North America
32 American College of Thessaloniki Thessaloniki, Greece Europe
33 American University in Cairo Cairo, Egypt
34 American University of Paris Paris, France Europe
35 Brock University Ontario, Canada North America
36 Chamberlain University Chicago, Illinois North America
37 Florida A&M University Tallahassee, Florida, United States North America
38 Inter-American University of Puerto Rico Puerto Rico North America
39 McGill University Canada North America
40 Monterrey Institute of Technology and Higher Education Monterrey, Mexico North America
41 Pennsylvania State University Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, United States North America
42 Ryerson University Toronto, Canada North America
43 Tilburg University Tilburg, Netherlands Europe
44 University of Calgary Calgary, Canada North America
45 University of Ottawa Ottawa, Canada North America
46 University of Toronto Toronto, Canada North America
47 Washington State University–Tri-Cities Washington, united states North America
48 Washington State University — Vancouver Vancouver, Canada North America
49 Western University Canada North America
50 West Virginia University Institute of Technology United States North America



When looking at this presentation of the worst universities in the world, it is important to note that there are still some universities that do not even qualify for a mention on this list. Those must be the worst of the worst; and it is those ones that students must avoid at all costs.

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