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Top 10 Best Law Universities In Nigeria 2023

Over time there has been debate among barristers even friends of the profession on the best law universities in Nigeria to study from.

In Nigeria today, we have different universities that concentrate their effort towards providing standard learning to law students, we will be writing about the top ten of these universities.

Top 10 Best Law Universities In Nigeria 

best Law universities in Nigeria
UniLorin Senate Building

Top on this list is one of the prestigious federal universities that is located in Kwara state. this university has an academic relevance and strife to produce the best of students in the nation. Outside producing best students in different fields, the field of law is another and one of the fields they have strife to produce one of the best students in law.

Best Universities In Nigeria For Law
Unilag Senate Building – 10 Best Law Universities In Nigeria

Writing about the best university in the federation, UNILAG as fondly called is one of the leading universities in Nigeria. It is located in Lagos and has performed brilliantly and compete favorably with sister university in the nation and outside the country. Her law university also has been demonstrated to be one of the best law grounds for training individuals.

Best Universities in Nigeria For Law
University Of Ibadan

This is another indigenous university, it is the first university in the nation. It is established in the year 1948 in Ibadan. it has from time memorial produce best students in various faculties, and schools, but her faculty of law has been extraordinary.

University Of Nigeria NSUKKA Admin Building
UNN Admin Building

This university is one of the varsities that was first established in the nation.  It has churned out of the best students who are contributing immensely to the development of the nation. But her school of law has proven to be one of the best in the country.

Best Law Universities In Nigeria
OAU Among The Best Law Universities In Nigeria

Writing about the university in Nigeria, is hardly an escape, this university is one of the founding universities that has changed the face of the nation via the innovation of her graduates. This university faculty of law is one of the best places to study law.


This is one of the best 21stcentury universities in the nation. This university’s graduates have performed excellently in every facet of life. Her faculty of law has graduated the best law students even in the whole federation. Recently her graduate again graduated with first class in economic law at Oxford university which is an open and giant stride in the record of the nation and the performance of her students outside the shore of the country.

Best University In Nigeria

This university is located in the ancient city of Benin in Edo state. this is another university that acculturates discipline and excellence in their goals of education. It will interest you this university is one of the most sought-after universities in the nation today. Her faculty of law has produced the best graduates who are doing well today in the field of law in all spheres of life.


Lagos Centre of excellence owns a state university whose graduates are well breed set of individuals, pointing to the fact that the faculty of law in this university has remained one of the best law faculty in the federal republic of Nigeria the fact and truth about this can be seen in the life of Professor Yemi Osibajo who is a graduate of this school. No doubt it remains one of the universities everyone opt-in for in course of their jamb registration and eighth on our list of the best law universities in Nigeria.

Best Law Universities In Nigeria
Ahmadu Bello University

In the whole of the northern area of Nigeria, Kaduna which serves as site of Ahmadu Bello University which is a federal university seems to hold the best institution of learning. Graduates of this university prove to be the best in their different professions but more searchlight has been pointed to the faculty of law in this university which has produced the best law students in Nigeria.

Best University In Nigeria For Law
Babcock University – Top 10 Best Universities In Nigeria For Law

This university is located in Ogun state. it is the only private university on this list which hard work of academicians of this varsity put in place to produce graduates who compete favorably with graduates of another varsity. No doubt, the faculty of law in this university is one of the best in the nation, the school has produced several graduates in the school of law who have changed the face of the legal system in the nation and also compete with graduates outside the wall of the country. 

About Law As a Profession 

Writing as a lame man, the law is a set of written instructions and orders to prevent, guide, and sanction a set of people who collectively agree and make the rules for themselves.

But in this context, the law as a professional is more than just a set of rules and instructions, it is the study of standards, ethics, procedures, and facts on the interpretation of the law, execution of sanctions, and making a final verdict or judgment on the premises presented before the court of law. Lawyers are students of law, they are set of the individual under the tutelage of an instructor in the university and school of law. After a lawyer is called to the bar, it is automatically conferred with the title a “Barrister”.

Brief History Of law

Law as a professional in Nigeria dated back even the advent and colonization of the country. But in 1861 precisely, English law which is the type of legal system evolved in the country. This comes to exist as a result of the imposition of the English type of court and English law in the then Lagos colony.

There was an ordinance in the year 1863 which was the first ordinance that gives room for a supreme court and a chief judge this ordinance is called ordinance 3 of the 21863. Post-independent development of the legal system found its root after Nigeria got independence in the year 1960 and become a republic in the year 1963 where her leaders see the law as one of the engines of development, discipline and social change in the society.

The African leaders set up a legal counsel to see to the education of African youths to give adequate education on law and setting up a teaching center for learners to be impacted.

Types Of Law Study In Nigeria 

Writing on types of law, in a broader term, the law has different branches and offshoots, but we will be limiting our scope to types of law in the Nigerian system. In Nigeria, they are basically 4 types of law that are branched into different categories and fields of study for a law student.

We have the English law, which was a law that relates to the colonization of Nigeria and everything related to the colonial nation. also, we have a common law which is another branch of law that arose in the pre-colonial era and emanated to the post-colonial era of the country.

Customary law is the law that has to do with everything related to the traditional rules, ethnic procedure, and laws that deal with the custom of the various area in the country. And lastly, we have the Sharia law which deals with Islamic practices and it is mostly practiced in the northern part of the country.

Classification Of Law 

Law as a professional is too broad to be studied by just one student interested in studying law. The scope is very wide, reason it is further limited to different scopes, and under this, we have the following.


This is a centralized type of law that has its scope in a matter that regards the state, citizens, and relationships with other states. It mediates between the higher authority and the subject, the government and her citizen, it is later subcategorized into the constitution law, criminal law, and administrative law. While private law deals with the relationship between private citizens.


This is the type of law that concerns itself with the right of a citizen in a particular society. The sanction and freedom of citizens. Criminal law deals with the type of law that limits and curtails crime in society.


This concerns mitigating a particular part of the law, like probing into the criminal law and others. procedural law entails the steps and procedures for a court of law to follow to enforce a law to substantively enforce a law

Many more of these categories of law existed.

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We have listed the top ten of the best Universities in Nigeria for Law who have the best law faculties. Also, we are able to point our searchlight to the types of law in Nigeria and all related matters to the law as a profession in the nation.

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