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Top 50 Best School Systems In The World (2024)

All education systems are not equal; the best school systems in the world are designed to arm young people with the knowledge and skills to contribute towards building the human society, rather than just pass exams.

Knowing this, parents and guardians make significant sacrifices, especially in the area of finances, to ensure that their children go to the schools where they can be groomed to be the best versions of themselves.

Identifying such places may require a lot of research; with so many school systems, it may be difficult to select the best for your child.

Top 50 Best School Systems In The World

1. Germany

Germany has long been identified as one of best managed countries in the world; a country that is inadvertently the best in the world almost everything. It should not be a surprise therefore, that it is also the best in terms of education; after all education is the foundation upon which solid societies are built.

Germany has a literacy rate of 99%, and no matter what demographic you look into, the country still performs very well. The excellence in the German school system is not just about being able to read and write; it is evident in the country’s economy which is buoyed by the manufacturing sector, and by the ingenuity of the German people in the fields of design, engineering, marketing, and so on.

Germany is therefore the perfect destination for a young person with such talents as listed above; schooling in that country will enable him to reach his potential in a competitive environment whereby excellence in these fields is expected from young children.

2. Finland

Finland is another country that is managed with a vision; one that is to become a beacon of hope to humanity. Finland is located in northern Europe; it is a country with a small population of 5.5 million people. That population is quite an educated one; the literacy rate is 100%.

Finland has a school achievement rate of 25% for young children, and the public school system- just like every other system in the country is very well organized. In Finland there is an 11-year compulsory basic comprehensive school.

66.2% of enrollees graduate from secondary school, and about 44% go on to complete a post-secondary diploma. Finland is a country that places a high priority on education as a tool to enhance the development of the country.

3. Iceland

Iceland is another northern European country with something to write home about as regards the quality of education on offer. Iceland has a literacy rate of 99%, and a population of just over 5 million people.

Iceland’s schoolchildren have a school achievement of 21% which makes it one of the best school systems in the world.

Iceland is a country that is engineered to work for all the people; and this is reflected in the fact that every child is given an equal opportunity to get quality education so as be equipped to contribute to society.

4. New Zealand

New Zealand is a country in Oceania; one that is beautiful and well organized. New Zealand has a literacy rate of 99%, and a population of 5.2 million people.

The country has a school achievement rate of 17.39% which is quite impressive; and although the school system varies widely depending on the particular area one visits; it usually follows the three tiered system of primary and intermediate level, secondary level, and then tertiary level.

The school system in New Zealand is known to be quite flexible; the goal is to allow students develop at their own pace, and to explore their various talents. Physical activities make up a good part of the education of New Zealand.

5. Norway

Norway is yet another northern European country with an excellent education system. As is evident; a well-balanced education system is a reflection of a society that is built to be efficient and workable. Norway realizes the potential of education as a tool to make the country greater.

Norway has a literacy rate of 100%- only one of the few countries to do so. The country also 0.93 on the education index; which makes it one of the countries that are well established in terms of education.

Education is mandatory for children between the ages of 6 to 16; and the schooling system is broken into two main categories; primary and lower secondary; and then higher secondary and tertiary. Norway is already well known to be a major destination for people seeking better quality of education.

6. United Kingdom

The UK is a giant in terms of economy, development, social structure and of course education. The United Kingdom has a literacy rate of 99%, which means its population of 66 million is rather well read.

The UK also scores 0.93 on the education Index; it is a country in which it is rather strange to find a person who has not received an education. Furthermore, the British education system is divided into four main parts; primary, secondary, further education and tertiary education.

The UK has several education systems; according to the different nations that make up the country.

7. Australia

Australia is a very developed country in Oceania; it has very strong ties with Britain. This country has an attractive economy, social structure and education system; it is all that one could want in a country.

Australia has a literacy rate of about 44% but there is more to that data than meets the eye. Australia has very good schools; education is compulsory between the ages of 6 and 16; and is divided into several sectors including early childhood and primary education, and then secondary, and then tertiary education.

The education is effective; Australia scores 0.92 on the education index; and has the evidence of its education in its economy.

8. Denmark

Denmark is a northern European country; it is known to be a wealthy, developed country with citizens that live very good and comfortable lives. Denmark has a very good social structure; and education is one of basic luxuries enjoyed in that country.

Denmark has a literacy rate of 99%, and scores 0.92 on the education index. The country is places a high priority on education, it is compulsory for children below 15 or 16. Even though public schooling is not compulsory; whatever education given to children must match the curriculum.

9. Ireland

Ireland is the sister country to the United Kingdom; it shares a similar culture and level of development with that country. Ireland has a literacy rate of 99% and a population of 5 million people. The country also has score of 0.92 on the education index.

Ireland also has compulsory education regimen in place which ensures that children between the ages of 6 to 16. Ireland is a favorite destination for people seeking to study abroad; the country’s education is good- as shown by its economic growth.

10. Singapore

Singapore is a country in Asia; it is unusual for its wealth, and for its level of development. Singapore is a small country; it is described as a city state; and has a population of 5.4 million, and with a literacy rate of 96.77%, it is clear that the country is quite well educated.

Education in Singapore is compulsory; all children must attend national primary school unless such an exception is granted. The education is quite strictly followed across all levels; and this is perhaps why Singapore does great in terms of education.

The following is a more extensive list of the 50 best school systems in the world.

Rank country Location
1 Germany Europe
2 Finland Europe
3 Iceland Europe
4 New Zealand Oceania
5 Norway Europe
6 United kingdom Europe
7 Australia Oceania
8 Denmark Europe
9 Ireland Europe
10 Singapore Asia
11 Sweden Europe
12 Netherlands Europe
13 Slovenia Europe
14 Belgium Europe
15 Lithuania Europe
16 Switzerland Europe
17 Canada Americas
18 Estonia Europe
19 Hong Kong Asia
20 Israel Asia
21 Latvia Europe
22 Austria Europe
23 Poland Europe
24 Argentina Americas
25 Georgia Europe
26 Palau Oceania
27 Greece Europe
28 Japan Asia
29 Belarus Europe
30 Kazakhstan Asia
31 Cyprus Europe
32 Liechtenstein Europe
33 Malta Europe
34 Slovakia Europe
35 Spain Europe
36 France Europe
37 Hungary Europe
38 Chile Americas
39 Croatia Europe
40 Luxembourg Europe
41 Montenegro Europe
42 Ukraine Europe
43 United Arab Emirates Asia
44 Cuba Americas
45 Italy Europe
46 Saudi Arabia Asia
47 Barbados Caribbean
48 Bulgaria Europe
49 Serbia Europe
50 Tonga Oceania



The best school systems in the world belong to the most well managed countries; it takes a forwarding thinking administration to make a schools system functional. It also takes a wealthy country to run a good school system; it takes a lot of money to run a functional educational system.

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