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General Arts Courses Offered In KNUST (2024)

Taking Arts courses as a dream courses gets you trending in the world, actually depending on the art course you opt-in for. Art, as we all know, is life, Art courses add up beauty to life, we can’t do without art almost in every sector or segment of life.

Knust is a school that has a whole new department purely specialized in General art courses which are focused on the development of skills considered relevant for the establishment of a prolific, assorted Labor Force for the Country and the world as a whole.

General Arts Courses Offered In KNUST

College of Art and Built Environment

The College of Art and Built Environment is a college also established in the institution to focus mainly and purely on General Art course in Knust.

General Art Courses in Knust

This segment entails the full list of the General Art courses in Knust, all from the Knust College of Art and Built Environment as they are as follows;

  • Architecture (BSc)
  • Development planning (BSc)
  • Construction Technology and management known as Building technology (BSc)
  • Quantity surveying and construction Economics (BSc)
  • Real Estate (BSc)
  • Land Economy (BSc)
  • Human Settlement planning (BSc)
  • Painting and Sculpture (BFA)
  • Communication Design (Graphic Design) BA
  • Integrated Rural Art and Industry (BA)
  • Publishing studies (Book Industry) (BA)
  • Industrial arts such as Metalwork, Textiles, Ceramics, and fashion design (BA)
  • Communication design (Parallel) BA
  • Publishing studies (Parallel) BA
  • Integrated Rural Art and Industry (Parallel) BA
  • Painting and Sculpture (Parallel) BFA

General Art Courses Offered At KNUST

Institute of Human settlements Research

This institute serves as a research center for the University as it aids better researches in a conducive environment; however, this institute has two centers’ for different purposes. The centers are as follows;

  • Centre for Settlements studies and
  • Centre for land studies

Students Associations of the General Art courses in Knust

  • (BTSS) Building Technology Students’ Society
  • (ASAG) Architectural students’ Association of Ghana
  • (GASP) Ghana Association of Student Planners
  • (LAMDSA) Land Management and Development students’ Association

Admission Requirements

Becoming an eligible candidate to obtaining any of the above degree requires your qualification towards the admission process into the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology. 

Obtaining admission into this great institution demands good grades in the core subjects of the course you are going to pick up as your satisfying course. Aside having good grades in the core subjects of the course you are opting for, good grades are also required in the compulsory subjects which are English Language, Core Science which is not including Social studies (Except Social studies), and Mathematics.

In a nutshell for the sake of understanding, you are required to have a minimum of credit passes in the listed subjects above as well as any three subject relations to your course line.

Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology Early History

After discussing about the General Art courses offered in the institution, let’s get to know how the College of Art and Built Environment came into existence starting from the day this institution originated till the day this college was founded or established.

The now known Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology came to existence as the result of the then Kumasi College of Technology as it was founded and began operation officially in the year 1952, precisely on the 22nd of January. Having its total number of teachers as at then to be 200 of which they were transferred all the way from Achimota to the college to establish the nucleus of the new college.

That same year in accordance with developments from this institution was the establishment of the college or school of engineering as well as the department of commerce, and it got its first set of admitted students that same year. The year 1952 elapsed with the establishment of the previously stated college and the next year 1953 kicked off with the establishment of the Department of Pharmacy in the first month of the year following the transfer of the Korle Bu Teaching Hospital, Accra former school of pharmacy to the college.

However, this department got through a two-year broad course in line with Pharmacy which thereby led to the Pharmacy Broad certificate award. This same year bore another fruit which is the college of Agriculture which was focused on the provision of ad hoc courses. A lot went by, new departments and colleges were born, and here comes the great school of Architecture, Town planning, and building as it was established in the year 1957, and the intake of its first set of students commenced a year after its establishment for professional courses.

The year 1966 came by with a change at hand as it changed the then college into the now known University.

Institute of Distance Learning

The year 2005 proved great for the institution as Knust notably adopted distance learning as a possible complement to the conformist face-to-face educational system of the institution. This decision was taken in order to pave way for people and interested University aspirants to chase academic programmes with the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (Knust), while still operating on a full-time system.

Following this decision was the change of the status of the faculty of distance learning to the Distance learning institute which automatically implies that students or candidates far away can get enrolled in the school2without the stress of coming over to the school.

Library and Digital resources

The Kwame Nkrumah University of science and technology’s Library is focused on proving information in electronics as well as printing formats to both students and staff in order to aid teaching, research, and learning in areas of science and technology for the development of the nation and the world at large. This institution’s library serves as a depository library for practically all materials published in Ghana as well as international institutions.


Conclusion On General Art Courses In Knust

Knust has a whole lot to offer its students and aspiring candidates as the above-listed course are just the tips of the iceberg. Now you know the General Art courses in Knust as well as a brief history of the school and other related information, and we hope it’s a great experience learning Arts right.