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Top 10 Best Technical Universities In Ghana 2023

There are lots of things you should know about technical universities, if you want to attend a technical university then you will need to know about the best which are available in Ghana. A technical university is a type of University that specializes in technology, engineering, applied sciences, and natural sciences.

Technical Universities are not that common and they became popular with the expansion of engineering and other courses related to sciences. This article will be giving you full information about the list of good technical universities in Ghana and every other information which you need to know.

Top 10 Best Technical Universities In Ghana 2020

  • 1. Kwame Nkrumah University Of Science & Technology

This University is rated as the oldest best technical university in Ghana popularly known as the KNUST, this University is known as the largest university in the Kumasi metropolis and in the Ashanti region. This University was established in the year 1952 which was about 68 years ago and ever since then they have been ranked to be among the best universities in Africa and even the best in Ghana. KNUST was formerly affiliated to the University of London and it was granted full university status in the year 1961. The university is known to run a collegiate system and ever since then they have been established into six colleges, KNUST boasts of a student capacity of 42.590 and this was of the year 2016, students from several parts of Africa apply for the University and their fees are quite affordable, which was the major aim of creating the university so that the public can be able to attend.

  • 2. Accra Institute OF Technology 

This University is known as a research-based University and it comprises of six schools and three institutes. This University was established in the year 2009 and they have been able to get about 2100 students for the time being or even more, it focuses more on technological courses and programs that will help the students lots of research and other things. It’s a private University, so you do not have to expect the fees to be cheap as that of the public University that is why you have fewer students attending the University.

  • 3. Regent University College Of Science & Technology 

Most times we see private Universities topping the charts instead of public universities and we find it surprising, now let me tell you one thing about these private universities, the private universities tend to have more equipment and facilities than the public universities and they tend to last more because of the small number of students which use them. Most times the teachings in private Universities are much better than the public Universities and they are known to be better lecturers. The Regent University College of Science & Technology is better than most Universities in terms of facilities and others and it was established in the year 2003 and since then they have been massive development in the University, this University has been ranked as the 3rd best in Ghana and this has made more students both far and near recognize them.

Best Technical Universities In Ghana

  • 4. Ashesi University 

This University is considered to be among the best, it’s a private university which was established in the year 2002 and they have gotten lots of students attending the University. Ashesi University offers a four years bachelor degree programme in several faculties and departments and they have been able to shape education in a different way in Africa. Their facilities in the university are considered to be top-notch and since it’s a private University fewer students are to attend because of the high amount of fees that are involved.

  • 5. Ghana Technology University College 

This is a private university that was founded in the year 2005 and owned by the Ghana Telecommunications Company. This University is rated and considered to be among the top 10 best Universities and also topping the charts for the top 10 best technical universities in Ghana. This university maintains a good relationship with Kwame Nkrumah University, the United Kingdom and lots of other notable universities around the world and they have been built to standard. This University offers bachelor’s degree programs in telecommunications engineering, information technology and lots of other technical courses.

  • 6. Accra Technical University 

This University was formerly known as Accra Polytechnic, it was established in 1949 as a technical school at first and then later a polytechnic before it became a technical university. This University upgraded its programme and facilities to be able to provide middle-level manpower to be able to feed the growing Ghanaian industries and they began to offer technical programmes in lots of engineering courses and awarded degrees to students.

  • 7. Takoradi Technical University 

This is a technical university that is located in the western region of Ghana, it was established in 1954 and they have been able to capture the hearts of so many students with their way of teaching and learning programs, with all the laws which were being passed, the university was able to award degrees to lots of students.

  • 8. Koforidua Technical University 

This University was established in the year 1997 and since the year 1999, it has been producing lots of graduates that will help or establish something good in Ghana. This University is known to offer degree programs for Automotive Engineering and this is the only course that is being offered for now as other courses will be added soon by the ministry of education.

  • 9. Radford University College 

This a private University in Ghana that has lots of courses to offer, this university has been designed in such a way to have modern facilities and structures and you will know by the way it was designed, lots of students have graduated and they have been able to establish themselves in several places all over Africa.

  • 10. Regional Maritime University of Ghana

This University got its full university status in the year 2007 and since then they have been awarding lots of students with degrees. This University is a privately owned university and it has working relations with other Universities around the world.


You should know that the technical universities which are available now are being transformed and many have upgraded in their facilities. Many of these Universities are known to teach lots of technical courses and science courses not just teaching them but as well helping students with practical materials and making sure they excel in their chosen fields when they go out.

In conclusion, we have given you full details about the List of Best Technical Universities in Ghana and these Universities which are listed are either private or public and they have been rated to be among the top in Ghana. We hope this article has given you what you want and answered some of your questions.


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