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UCC Cut Off Point 2022/2023, Course list and Admission Requirements

The University of Cape Coast which is popularly called the UCC is known as one of the best and most prestigious universities in Ghana and they have been rated so many times as among the best.

As an aspirant seeking admission into the University there are so many things that you need to know. You will need to meet the cut-off point before you can be considered for admission. There are lots of courses which you can offer in the UCC but you will also need their cut-off point that is why this article has been put out for you.

UCC Cut Off Point 2022/2023 And Course list

  • Computer Science- 28
  • Early Childhood Education- 25
  • Science – 23
  • Mathematics- 19
  • Social Studies- 19
  • Arts- 33
  • Basic Education- 24
  • Agro-processing- 34
  • Home economics (Food and Nutrition) – 30
  • Home Economics (Clothing & Textile) – 30
  • Physical Education- 34
  • Social Science- 14
  • Accounting- 13
  • Management- 16
  • Agric Business- 29
  • Agricultural Extension & Communication Development- 30
  • Agriculture- 33
  • Mathematics & Business- 28
  • Mathematics & Statistics- 28
  • Mathematics & Economics-19
  • Statistics- 27
  • Actuarial Science-14
  • Forensic Science- 25
  • Information Technology- 19
  • Computer Science-21
  • Optometry-11
  • Laboratory Technology- 20
  • Medical Laboratory Technology-15
  • Chemistry- 27
  • Industrial Chemistry- 23
  • Water & Sanitation- 28
  • Physics- 27
  • Engineering Physics- 27
  • Meteorology & Atmospheric Physics- 27
  • Mathematics- 29
  • Environmental Science- 29
  • Molecular Biology & Biotechnology- 29
  • Entomology & Wildlife- 28
  • Biomedical Science- 19
  • Communication Studies- 19
  • Theatre Studies- 28
  • Music- 28
  • African Studies- 30
  • Linguistics- 26
  • Film Studies- 33
  • Fisheries and Aquatic Science- 33
  • Biochemistry- 15
  • Nursing- 11
  •  Geography & Regional Planning- 19

University Of Cape Coast Admission Requirements

Before thinking of applying for a university there are lots of things which you need to consider. You should know that universities have been established in such a way to give you sound education and the University of Cape Coast is one University that is rated among the best in Ghana.

UCC Cut Off Point
University Of Cape Coast Logo

There are lots of rules which are being set by the UCC body or organization to maintain a stable relationship with the University and the students.

The cut-off marks are designed in such a way that is classified for being under Male and Female, in some courses males are expected to score higher than females while in some females are expected to score higher than males. Another requirement which you will need to have is your WAEC result, this result is very necessary as it shows if you are fit in to attend the University or not.

You should know that WAEC means West African Examination Council and this is examination is being set up by the West African bodies for all students to write after their six years in secondary school, this examination is being set up to test their mentality and capability to prepare them for higher education, during the course of attending any University or applying for any University you will be asked to submit this as it will help you have an edge over others who failed or do not have the result.

The subjects which are being written in this examination are the ones which you are being taught in your secondary school, you do not have to be scared as it is not difficult the way you think it will be, examination scripts are being spread out over various regions and being marked and you can check yours online if you pass or not, this can be done easily via the help of their website and a scratch card which is being purchased online. We will be giving you full information about the courses and the cut off point at the University Of Cape Coast.

In conclusion, we have given you the full list of courses for the University of Cape Coast and their cut off point, we have also talked about the admission requirements which is needed to get into the University. You should know that everything which has been talked about in this article is the full details which you need and we have given you.  The UCC is rated to be among the best universities, so you are being advised to go for it, this university can give you the required education which you need, they have one of the best facilities and the finest lecturers.


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