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KNUST Cut Off Points 2023

The KNUST cut off points 2023 are meant to serve as a guide for candidates that wish to apply for admission in the Kwame Nkrumah University of science and technology as it would reveal to candidates if they are within the admission range cut off point or not.

However, cut off points are not generally meant for all courses as there are various cut off points for each course and departments present in the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and technology, and amazingly we have got all in stock for you as we will unveil the Knust Admission Cut off points.

KNUST Cut Off Points

  • LLB 09
  • Sociology (BA) 15
  • History (BA) 19
  • Political studies (BA) 16
  • Social work (BA) 16
  • Geography and Rural Development 16
  • English (BA) 18
  • Religious Studies (BA) 20
  • Akan (BA) 23
  • French (BA) 16
  • Culture and Tourism (BA) 17
  • Economics (BA) 17
  • Industrial Art (BA) 20
  • Communication Design (Graphic design) (BA) 19
  • Publishing studies (BA) 14
  • Integrated Rural Art and Industry (BA) 21
  • Painting and sculpture (BFA) 22
  • Business Administration (BSc) 10
  • Construction Technology and Management (BSc) 18
  • Land Economy (BSc) 13
  • Quantity Surveying and construction Economics (BSc) 18
  • Human settlement planning (BSc) 19
  • Development planning (BSc) 15
  • Architecture (BSc) 13
  • Real Estate Management (BSc) 18
  • Aerospace Engineering (BSc) 10
  • Agricultural Engineering (BSc) 23
  • Chemical Engineering (BSc) 14
  • Mechanical Engineering (BSc) 14
  • Civil Engineering (BSc) 14
  • Geomatic/ Geodetic Engineering (BSc) 18
  • Materials Engineering (BSc) 17
  • Computer Engineering (BSc) 11
  • Electrical and Electronics Engineering (BSc) 09
  • Petroleum Engineering (BSc) 09
  • Telecommunication Engineering (BSc) 14
  • Biomedical Engineering (BSc) 08
  • Petrochemical Engineering (BSc) 11
  • Geological Engineering (BSc) 18
  • Metallurgical Engineering (BSc) 19
  • Biochemistry (BSc) 11
  • Computer Science (BSc) 15
  • Chemistry (BSc) 20
  • Environmental Science (BSc) 18
  • Food Science and Technology (BSc) 15
  • Biological Science (BSc) 15
  • Mathematics (BSc) 23
  • Actuarial Science (BSc) 13
  • Physics (BSc) 24
  • Statistic (BSc) 15
  • Meteorology and Climate Science (BSc) 21
  • Doctor of Optometry (BSc) 08
  • Herbal Medicine (BSc) 15
  • Medical Laboratory Technology (BSc) 09
  • Human Biology (BSc) 06
  • Sports and Exercise (BSc) 21
  • Nursing (BSc) 08
  • Doctor of Pharmacy (BSc) 08
  • Midwifery (BSc) 12
  • Sonography (BSc) 18
  • Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (BSc) 13
  • BDS Dental surgery 08
  • Natural Resources Management (BSc) 24
  • Agriculture (BSc) 24
  • Post Harvest Technology (BSc) 24
  • Landscape Design and Management (BSc) 24
  • Dairy and Meat Science and Technology (BSc) 23
  • Agricultural Biotechnology (BSc) 21
  • Forest Resources technology (BSc) 23
  • Agribusiness Management (BSc) 14
  • Aquaculture and Water Resources Management (BSc) 23
  • Disability and Rehabilitation studies (BSc) 17

More on KNUST Admission Cut Off Points

Knust Available programs

Before we jump into listing out the cut off points for this great University situated at Kumasi, Ashanti, Ghana, Let’s quickly get a glance of what this university really has to offer her students or applicant that intend to be enrolled into the school in terms of programmes and courses, although, few may already know the set of colleges and departments they offer, but right here are enlisted the full courses of this University without left-outs. So if you are on the lookout for courses offered in this institution that might help you make choice or you already made your choice thinking the course is not offered in this institution, search no further as the answers to your question are right here.

However, the courses which will be enlisted here will be discussed in accordance to their various colleges as we know that there are various colleges for different courses in the institution.

Knust College of Engineering

Starting off with the College or say the school of engineering course, the list of courses available for this department or college are as follows;

  • Agricultural Engineering (BSc)
  • Chemical Engineering (BSc)
  • Mechanical Engineering (BSc)
  • Civil Engineering (BSc)
  • Geomatic/ Geodetic Engineering (BSc)
  • Materials Engineering (BSc)
  • Computer Engineering (BSc)
  • Electrical and Electronics Engineering (BSc)
  • Petroleum Engineering (BSc)
  • Telecommunication Engineering (BSc)
  • Aerospace Engineering (BSc)
  • Biomedical Engineering (BSc)
  • Petrochemical Engineering (BSc)
  • Geological Engineering (BSc)
  • Metallurgical Engineering (BSc)

And that’s all the courses available in the University which you can make choices from as they have got great courses which a future engineer can’t afford to lose. Let’s move down to the next college.

knust cut off points
kNUST Cut Off Points

College Of Science Courses

Right here we have another college named the College of Science, now let’s find out what this college has to offer;

  • Biochemistry (BSc)
  • Computer Science (BSc)
  • Chemistry (BSc)
  • Environmental Science (BSc)
  • Food Science and Technology (BSc)
  • Biological Science (BSc)
  • Mathematics (BSc)
  • Actuarial Science (BSc)
  • Physics (BSc)
  • Statistic (BSc)
  • Meteorology and Climate Science (BSc)
  • Doctor of Optometry (a six years Course for BSc degree)
  • Computer Science (Parallel) BSc

College Of Health Science Courses

The College of Health Science offers candidates or applicants the following courses;

  • Herbal Medicine (BSc)
  • Medical Laboratory Technology (BSc)
  • Human Biology equivalent to Medicine (BSc) this course is to be followed after the normal years of study by a three-year clinical programme which leads to MB ChB Degree.
  • Sports and Exercise (BSc)
  • Nursing (BSc)
  • Pharm D or Doctor of Pharmacy which is a six years programme (BSc)
  • Midwifery (BSc)
  • Emergency Nursing (BSc)
  • Sonography (BSc)
  • Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (BSc) also a six-year programme.
  • Midwifery (sandwich programmes) (BSc)
  • BDS Dental surgery (a three years of Human biology which after will be followed by a year of clinical studies which lead to a BDS Degree award)
  • Disability and rehabilitation studies (BSc): this course is made available for the following background candidate; General Science, Business, Visual arts, General Arts, and Home economics/ vocational background.

College of Arts and Built Environment Courses

Here we have one of the major departments in the educational sector; this college offers the following courses:

  • Architecture (BSc)
  • Development planning (BSc)
  • Construction Technology and management are also known as Building technology (BSc)
  • Quantity surveying and construction Economics (BSc)
  • Real Estate (BSc)
  • Land Economy (BSc)
  • Human Settlement planning (BSc)
  • Painting and Sculpture (BFA)
  • Communication Design (Graphic Design) BA
  • Integrated Rural Art and Industry (BA)
  • Publishing studies (Book Industry) (BA)
  • Industrial arts such as Metalwork, Textiles, Ceramics, and fashion design (BA)
  • Communication design (Parallel) BA
  • Publishing studies (Parallel) BA
  • Integrated Rural Art and Industry (Parallel) BA
  • Painting and Sculpture (Parallel) BFA

College Of Agriculture And Natural Resources Courses

Right here we have the following list of courses;

  • Natural Resources Management (BSc)
  • Agriculture (BSc)
  • Post Harvest Technology (BSc)
  • Landscape Design and Management (BSc)
  • Dairy and Meat Science and Technology (BSc)
  • Agricultural Biotechnology (BSc)
  • Forest Resources Technology (BSc)
  • Agribusiness Management (BSc)
  • Aquaculture and Water Resources Management (BSc)

College Of Humanities And Social Sciences Courses

  • Economics (BA)
  • Sociology (BA)
  • Geography and Rural Development (BA)
  • History (BA)
  • Social work (BA)
  • Political science (BA)
  • Religious Studies (BA)
  • French (BA)
  • Culture and Tourism (BA)
  • English (BA)
  • Akan (BA)
  • Business Administration (BSc)
  • Economics (Parallel) (BA)
  • Business Administration (Parallel) (BSc)
  • English (Parallel) (BA)
  • Social work (Parallel) (BA)
  • History (Parallel) (BA)
  • Sociology (Parallel) (BA)
  • Geography and Rural Development (Parallel) (BA)
  • Political Studies (Parallel) (BA)
  • French (Parallel) (BA)
  • Religious studies (Parallel) (BA)
  • Culture and Tourism (Parallel) (BA)
  • LLB (for WASSCE/SSCE, GBCE or any equivalent qualification holder)
  • Part-time LLB (4 years for Degree holders)

Knust Brief History

The Kwame was formerly known back in the year 1952 as the Kumasi College of Technology of which the college began operation on the 22nd of January of the year 1952, this college at that year started operation with just 200 teachers available to tutor incoming and enrolled students as the teachers were been transferred from Achimota for the purposes of establishing a new college. With respect to this, a new college was founded and began operation in the month of October of the year 1952 which was named the School of Engineering and Commerce department and it took in its first set of students that year. Following developments, another Department was established in the year 1953, January precisely,  which was named the Pharmacy department following the transfer of the former Korle Bu Teaching Hospital, Accra, School of Pharmacy to the college, and the department successfully ran a two-years wide course focuses on Pharmacy leading to the Pharmacy Board Certification.

That same year the Pharmacy department came into existence was the same year another department known as the Department of Agriculture was established for the core purpose of providing varying duration in ad hoc courses.

During the year period of 1952 to the year 1955, the school of engineering in this college was busy equipping its students for professional qualifications, and at the final stage of the preparations, the school of engineering went on courses which led to the qualification of Bachelor of Engineering Degree examination in the University of London.

Years went by and the college kept on founding more departments and equipping itself, the name of the college became changed to the University of Science and Technology following the 24th February 1996 revolution,  and finally in the year 1998, an act of parliament which is the Act 559 changed its name to the original name it bears today “The Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology”.



It is deemed necessary to possess the knowledge of the cut-off point of the course you would like to go for in this institution, which is why the management of this institution released a whole big, fat list for the cut-off points of each course. And right above you have what you seek, we wish you the very best.

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