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The Top 10 Corrupt Countries In Africa (2023)

Reports on Africa’s corruption index are not encouraging at all, particularly for Sub-Saharan Africa. The Corruption Perception Index (CPI) of many countries increases and decreases in the face of many factors, including the COVID 19 pandemic and the economic downturn. The COVID-19 pandemic brought a new wave of economic distress as well as exposed the many corruption loopholes that exist in the system.

People were advised to stay home under a lockdown order and those who were sick or infected could not access appropriate medical treatment because of the poor health systems on the continent. The commerce chain suffered as businesses were closed down. Palliatives which were the only way to alleviate the situation were misused & hijacked by corrupt authorities. Furthermore, reports show that bribery is fast becoming a way of life in Africa. Somalia is the most corrupt country in Africa.

The Top Ten Corrupt Countries In Africa

1. Somalia

Somalia is reported to be the most corrupt country in Africa. The high rate of corruption in the country can be attributed to the turmoil in the country, the state of anarchy, and instability within the country. Bribery has become a regular feature of the day as some government officials accept bribes thus ignoring the fact that illicit and illegal acts are committed.

While Somalia’s constitution bans all sorts of corruption, however, the process for implementation of these laws isn’t being followed. Institutions and parastatals are unorganized and thus are not able to stand up against the haze of corruption that is sweeping across the country. There isn’t a working structure or rule that governs the control of state operations which results in a constrained and stagnant economic system.

2. South Sudan

South Sudan is another African country that is particularly ravaged by corruption. It appears that everything as little as engaging in commercial ventures is not successful without bribes. The justice system of South Sudan is nothing to praise also as It’s plagued by corruption, and in a position where it cannot address the issues within the country.

3. Equatorial Guinea

Some reports suggest that the control of corruption within Equatorial Guinea is extremely low. Citizens reportedly no longer have confidence in the abilities and the performance of public officials as they believe that they solely serve their private gain. Equatorial Guinea is one of the corrupt countries in Africa.

4. Sudan

Sudan makes the list of the most corrupt countries in Africa due to the widespread corruption across all sectors in the nation, but especially the business sector. The country is plagued by corruption which is also prevalent within the political arena where government officials abuse their authority and favoritism is fast becoming the norm of the day.

5. Libya

Since the end of Gaddafi’s regime in the year 2010, Libya has been thrown into complete chaos. The economy has plummeted and both the industry and public sectors have plunged into a deep pit of corruption.

The once-flourishing oil sector is now a victim of vandalism and corruption. The commercial sector is in chaos as it is arbitrarily and illegally controlled by the government that suppresses any form of competition in private companies. Libya is recognized as one of the corrupt countries in Africa.

6. The Democratic Republic of Congo

The Democratic Republic of Congo is a country that seems to thrive by repression and oppression, particularly for those that speak up against corruption or take steps to curb the corruption. The system of democracy in place is weak as it does not resist the corrupt policies of the government officials who rule the land.

7. Guinea Bissau

Guinea Bissau occupies the 7th spot on the list of the most corrupt countries in Africa. The high level of corruption in the country has engulfed the system and led to a breakdown of the otherwise well-organized government departments.

8. Chad

In addition to the security challenges caused by the insurgency, Chad is also plagued by corruption. The economy of the country suffers a massive hit as a consequence, as the law is not enforced to the fullest extent. Corrupt practices are fast becoming the norm in the southwestern African country.

Severe laws and penalties against corruption in the country that are stringent enough to stop anyone from involving themselves in the practice are existent. However, this does not deter criminals who commit corrupt acts in Chad, instead, they target, trap, and impose these sanctions and penalties on alleged opponents of the government or those in the opposition.

9. Burundi

It appears that only a sociological study and review of policies can save Burundi from its present corrupt state. This is because the current system of policies and institutions created to fight corruption in the country has not helped to ease the weight of corruption in Burundi. Rather, the rate of corruption is increasing and alarming in such a way that it has triggered the country to be in a state of turmoil and instability therefore making it one of the corrupt countries in Africa.

10. Zimbabwe

The Republic of Zimbabwe takes the 10th spot on the list of corrupt countries in Africa. Research has revealed that Zimbabwe is among the countries with the highest level of corruption in Africa from the moment she was granted independence in the year 2000 till date. Reports have revealed that Zimbabwe loses more than $5,000,000 daily due to the high corruption rate within the public sector.

The country is also rocked with allegations of the lack of accountability among many public officials for funds that were meant for public use. The country’s government has also passed numerous laws to benefit government and public officials rather than the nation as a whole.

A lot of government anti-corruption agencies have been established in Zimbabwe to prevent corruption, however, they all appear not to be effective. For instance, there is the Zimbabwean Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) which has very little or no ability to prevent corruption in the country.



This savage dive into the depths of corruption on the continent can be detrimental to its development as several countries are recognized as corrupt countries in Africa. 

However, Africa can combat corruption through a series of urgent steps like controlling public services, funds that are injected into the industry to prevent embezzlement, and reintroducing the check and balance principle which are essential and promote the real democratic spirit.