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FUTO Cut Off Mark 2023 JAMB & Post UTME {All Courses}

Federal University of Technology Owerri, FUTO Cut Off Mark 2023 for all courses. JAMB which is the Joint Admission Matriculation Board which is the governing body overseeing the processes of gaining admission or entrance into tertiary schools introduced this medium ( FUTO Cut Off Mark ) for her examination (UTME Examination) so as to grant those who made the cut-off, admission and as well deny those who could not.

Talking about Cut off mark or points is one thing that is familiar to every student in this country, without a sufficient number of it there is no way one can gain admission into the tertiary school. 

FUTO Cut Off Mark For JAMB 2023 

Cut off mark is an agreed score that is set up by an organization or an institution as nitty-gritty for admitting and enrolling students into the department chosen for the study. The score is usually awarded based on the performance of the students which is according to how many correct questions the student was able to answer correctly in a certain examination. Therefore every student that was able to meet up the exact score and above the score tends to get the opportunity to write the post UTME set up by the institution.


In calculating the minimum average score of post UTME, there is a need to add your JAMB score and Post UTME scores and divides it by two.

For example, If 200 was your Jamb score and 150 was your Post UTME score, add both scores together (200 + 150) and you get 350. Divide it by 2 (i.e. 450/2) you will get 175!

This is important so that candidate can know firsthand if they will be accepted or not.


Federal University of Technology (FUTO) is one of the leading universities in the South East. FUTO was initiated in the Old Government Technical College. Nonetheless, in the year 1982, the then Imo State Government granted the school its undeviating site located 25 kilometers south of Owerri. The location of the Federal University of Technology is situated in Ihiagwa-Owerri, Imo State.

Presently, there are over 24,000 FUTO students. The students are popularly known as Futoites. The school also has over 50 professors with the present vice-chancellor being Professor Francis C. Eze.

Academic activities started fully in the 1981 / 1982 academic session with a total of 225 students enrolled in the school. Over the years of continuity and excellence, the university is one of the forces to reckon with.

The Federal University of Technology Owerri places a lot of importance in helping and equipping students with necessary and needed qualities so that they can be efficient and effective in their various fields of endeavors.  

FUTO Cut Off Mark For JAMB
FUTO Cut Off Mark For JAMB

There are six schools in Federal University Technology Owerri which are:

  1. School of Agriculture and Agricultural Technology (SAAT)
  2. School of Management Technology (SMAT)
  3. School of Sciences (SOSC)
  4. School of Engineering and Engineering Technology (SEET)
  5. School of Health Technology (SOHT)
  6. Post Graduate School (PGS)  

FUTO Departmental Cutoff Mark 2023

In order to get admission into FUTO, there is need to choose less competitive courses which is necessary so as avoid been kicked out right before Post UTME, there lies several courses in Federal University of Technology Owerri which is veiled to so many candidates selecting the school such as industrial physics, biological science, mathematics/statistics, etc. when you are sure of the courses you want to go for, it is imperative that you choose 4 subjects in your JAMB list that suits the course you want to study in the school.

JAMB set up the standard FUTO cut off mark at 180 points but the Post UTME scores vary based on the department you want to enroll in.

Below are the list of coursed offered in FUTO and their various cut off mark which it is expected that every potential student to be enrolled and accepted into the varsity should attain.

  1. Electrical/Electronic Engineering 220
  2. Mechanical Engineering 220
  3. FUTO cut off mark for Petroleum Engineering 210
  4. Computer Science 210
  5. Civil Engineering 210
  6. Information Mgt. Technology 210
  7. Chemical Engineering 200
  8. Optometry 200
  9. Dental Technology 180
  10. Prosthesis & Orth. Technology 180
  11. Biochemistry 190
  12. FUTO cut off mark Public Health Technology 180
  13. Material & Met. Engineering 180
  14. Maritime Mgt. Technology 180
  15. Ind. Microbiology 180
  16. Geology 180
  17. Biotechnology 180
  18. Polymer & Textile Engineering 180
  19. Agricultural Engineering 180
  20. Food Science & Technology 180
  21. Agric Economics 180
  22. Transport Mgt. Technology 180
  23. Project Mgt. Technology 180
  24. Animal Science Technology 180
  25. Financial Mgt. Technology 180
  26. Building Technology  180
  27. Biomedical Technology 180
  28. Ind. Physics 180
  29. Ind. Chemistry 180
  30. Soil Science Technology – 180
  31. Biology 180
  32. FUTO cut off mark Mathematics 180
  33. Science Laboratory 180
  34. Statistics 180
  35. Agric. Extension 180
  36. Crop Science Technology 180
  37. Fishery & Aq. Technology – 180
  38. Forestry & Wildlife Technology – 180
  39. Surveying & Geoinformatics 180
  40. Environmental Technology 180
  41. Landscape Architectural Tech, – 180
  42. Quantity Surveying Tech. 180
  43. Urban & Regional Planning 180

FUTO holds her admission screening exercises within a week or two and it’s usually in two categories. Students who applied to study in the school are to proceed for the pre-screening exercise when once it is being announced.

It is of importance that aspirants get to the center early and locate his/her screening venue before screening time. Aspirants will be accessed/screen base on the JAMB scores and their SSCE results.

While the second phase of the screening exercise is after the admission lists might have been posted. Candidates who have merited the admission are invited for another screening exercise where all documents such as;

  • Birth Certification/Age Declaration.
  • A letter of good conduct from your Village Head or a responsible member of your
  • A civil servant or community worker not below Grade Level 10 or that is equivalent in the private sector.
  • Certificate of LGA of origin and notification of admission status
  • Slip

Original copies of their educational qualifications (Statements of Results/Certificates)

N/B: awaiting results are NOT be accepted.


In conclusion, this article is to inform and prepare every person or student choosing and longing to enroll in FUTO for their degree qualification, so that they would know firsthand what to expect when enrolling the school as their choice and place of study. FUTO is a great school to be in and has been very instrumental in building mechanical, engineering and technical students who are to pioneer the affairs of this field both now and the future.

For every candidate to get a better chance of gaining admission into FUTO should study hard and be well equipped by studying previous and past Post UTME questions so as to help prepare them for what is to come, also bearing in mind the nature of course of study they choose which implies that they ought to go for courses where many candidates are not lobbying for and should apply. This gives a better chance of being accepted into the school and ending the saga of not been admitted into the university.


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