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How to use JAMB Portal – – Older members of society and graduates of years ago will attest to the fact that the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board examination {} was not always as it is now. In its inception in the year 1978, everything was done manually, from form filling to form submission as well as the means by which one got the result of one’s examination.

However, as the wind of change and the fabric of time began to move and advance, so did the board. Now, the process is one that is more fitting to the 21st-century clime we currently live in.

One major improvement to the entire process of JAMB examination and registration is the JAMB portal, personalized space for each and every candidate interested in taking the examination via which they can carry out most things that in times past would have been done manually.

JAMB Portal Login
JAMB Portal Login


The JAMB portal is impressive and contains various features ranging from registration information, payment requirements, data correction features and so on. It reduces the room for error that was associated with the previous methods of registration and recording of applicant data.

These days, much like we have on various social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and so on, applicants have a JAMB profile which they have to create before registering for the exam. It is an innovation the board can truly be proud of.

Each year we see more and more people register for the JAMB examination and that has created a need for a continuous improvement in the system to make it more transparent, secure, smooth and easy for all persons involved.

As with most new things, the registration process, as well as general use of the JAMB portal, can be a cause of confusion for applicants especially those who just finished from secondary school and would be attempting the exam for the very first time.

The portal, as previously stated, has various functions which it serves the various candidates depending on what one wants at that moment. We will be going through some of those important features and how one can utilize the various functions available on the portal.


First and foremost, for one to visit the JAMB portal, it can be assumed that one has plans to write the exams, and with this new system, the first step to take before any other thing can be done is to create a profile on the JAMB portal. The profile creation requirement was introduced in the year 2017.

This process has seen some changes despite how recently it was introduced.

When the JAMB profile initiative was first introduced, to create a profile, candidates were required to log in to the JAMB portal and upon getting the sign up page, they were required to enter a functional email address as well as fill in the other details required before going ahead to click on “Verify Email”. Once this was done, candidates were required to visit their respective Emails and confirm that they had received a link sent to them by JAMB.

Clicking on the link redirected candidates to the portal to continue the registration of their profile. On the page, they were required to enter information such as their name, surname, date of birth, email and so on. The successful filling in of these details and subsequently clicking on “Sign Up” brought the profile creation process to a successful end.

Candidates who followed these guidelines could then go on to register and check their results, correct data when the form became available and so on.

The year 2018, however, saw a slight change in the profile creation method and candidates only had to use a simple SMS to create their profiles.

This year, candidates were required to send in their names with their surname first, followed by their first name and then the second name first, via SMS, to 55019, using their main phone number.

Once this was done, a 10 character code was then sent to the phone number which the candidate would then use to carry out the registration at any JAMB accredited registration center.


1.)    Profile Creation:

2.)    Purchase of E-pin at Banks or other recognized E-pin outlets: Getting your E-pin involved submitting the 10 character code and paying for the pin which would be sent to the phone number of the candidate and finally, the candidate would be issued an evidence of payment. The process had six different means of payment namely: Via POS, through banks, including Micro Finance banks, payment via mobile money operators, payment via ATM, payment via JAMB online portal, and payment using USSD.

3.)    Submission of E-Pin at JAMB accredited registration center for final registration.


There are various days allocated for the exams and on those days, the candidate is required to go to their various centers, sent to them via their email or checked via the JAMB portal, to write the exams. The results usually come out within a week of the candidate’s exam date.

After successful writing the exams, the next pressing matter becomes the matter of the results. Due to the speed with which the results are released, candidates hardly have any time to feel any false sense of security brought on by the passage of time as there’s hardly any time between the exam date and the day the result is released for the exam.

Depending on how the exams go, candidates are usually either very scared or excited and anxious to see their result and know how they performed.


  • 1.) Candidates who sat for the examination are required to visit the JAMB examination result portal,; to check their result.
  • 2.) For this step on JAMB portal, the JAMB profile which was created at the start of the whole registration process must now come to play as the candidate will be required to put in their email address and password in the necessary slots and then proceed to sign in.
  • 3.) On your profile page that opens, candidates are required to click on the banner appropriately labeled “Check 2018 UTME Examination results”.
  • 4.) Once the above procedures are followed rightly, the result will instantly pop up on the screen for the candidate to see.

Aside from the method above, there is also a fast method which goes as follows:

  • 1.) Visit
  • 2.) In the space provided, enter your JAMB registration number.
  • 3.) Click on “Check my result” written in blue.

How to Check Your Admission Status on JAMB CAPS (Central Admission Processing System) portal

Candidates who are antsy and eager to know their admission status can check it quite easily, by following the following procedures:

  • 1.) Visit the portal at
  • 2.) Once you access the page and login successfully, your JAMB profile dashboard will be revealed. Scroll down till you see where you see a panel labeled “Check Admission Status”.
  • 3.) Because you may be checking for a different year, you may be asked to enter the year you intend to find out the information about, as well as your registration number.
  • 4.) If you have been admitted, it will be shown there and you can print it out if you wish. If you do not see any indication that you have been admitted, do not lose hope still and simply check back when other admission lists would have been released.

Fixing the problem of invalid email or forgotten password on JAMB portal

  • Some candidates may try to login to their profile and see something like “Invalid Email or Password, try again”.

What this means is that either one or both of the entered details are wrong. It could be the email and the password. In most cases, however, it is the password and in this case, the problem can be solved rather easily as you can simply have another password sent to your email address.

The steps involved in resetting your JAMB profile password are as follows:

  • 1.) Simply pay a visit to the JAMB portal via Http://
  • 2.) Click on the place indicated for the password reset and you will be taken to a page where you will see the box where you are required to enter your email address, do so.
  • 3.) In the second box on the page, you will be required to enter to your date of birth, which must be the same as that which was used upon creation of the profile.
  • 4.) Once this is done, click on “Link to reset password” to have the link sent to your email which you can then use to reset your password.

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The JAMB portal is a very useful platform and is constantly being improved so as to make all the processes and features involved in the portal smoother and easier to understand.

It is important to note that every information filled is kept confidential and that your profile password must be kept private to prevent any form of misconduct recorded on your page.