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The National Youth Service Corps, also known as NYSC is a scheme that was established, owned, managed and completely financed by the Federal Government of Nigeria. The National Youth Service Corps, an establishment of decree No.24 of 22nd May 1973 by then Nigeria’s former Head of State, General Yakubu Gowon.

This decree promulgated stated the purpose for the creation of this scheme called NYSC. The government intended that by using the scheme of National Youth Service Corps (NYSC), it was going to bring together the various youths in the nation thereby promoting national unity among the various ethnicities and religions among Nigerians. { – NYSC Portal – How To Use }.

After the Nigerian civil war of 1967-1970, the National Youth Service Corps came into being. In this scheme the Nigerian youths particularly, those who are graduates and falls within the age bracket of 30 years are trained and equipped to further serve their host communities and the nation at large; that is why the corps members are usually mobilized to other parts of the country in other for them to experience life outside of their own geographical zones thereby learning how to integrate and communicate properly with people different from them. - NYSC Portal - How To Use – NYSC Portal – How To Use

The National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) portal is opened for both those students who studied within the shores of the nation and outside the nations shore. They are usually referred to as local students and foreign students. – NYSC ONLINE PORTAL

The NYSC portal where the prospective corps members can register is this portal contains all necessary information required to better educate the prospective corps members and keep them up to date with the latest happening in the scheme.

First and foremost, the following are some of those things which are necessary for you to be properly be informed about or have a full knowledge of as a local or foreign student who is a graduate of any institution of learning, desiring to enroll into the scheme:

  • For those persons who have studied in any Nigeria educational institution of learning should take along with them to camp their Degree/HND Certificates or Statement of Results, Personal Identity Card from the Institution where they graduated from.
  • Foreign graduates should as a matter of necessity, bring along with them for verification of original copies of all their credentials uploaded on the site and also their travel documents with the inclusion of their International passport.
  • All academic paper(s) written in any other languages other than English should be translated into English accordingly by the foreign graduates and both versions must be presented for verification at the camp.
  • For those into the medical field like Dentists, Medical/veterinary Doctors, Pharmacists, Physiotherapists Nurses, and Public Environmental Health, Optometrists graduates, etc., they are to bring with them their certificates of full registration or professional licenses issued by their various professional bodies.

On logging to the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) portal, the following information will appear which will help to direct the course of actions pf any prospective corps member in other to access vital information.

LOGIN HERE: This is meant for corps members or individuals with an already existing account on the NYSC site/ portal. Here all that is required of such individuals is simply to insert their email address used to register for the service and also input their password which should be easily remembered by the user.

VERIFY CERTIFICATE: the verify certificate is for people who do not have an already existing account on the site, to simply create it. Here are the simple steps to take in other to register;

  1. Firstly, you are required to click on the ‘proceed to verification’ to launch the application on the site.
  2. Click on the “Sign up” link
  3. Click on “Make Payment” on the page which just appeared.
  4. Next, you are to correctly fill the form by entering the necessary information to make subscription payment. Such information includes: institution attended, name and address, your surname, first name and middle name, password to be used, your phone number and email, and also you will have to answer any other questions which you will be asked and after which you click on register.
  5. After a successful payment, you will be redirected to the login page in other to commence the verification process.
  6. An existing account holder can log in with the already created username and password on his subsequent login.

Note: In case an individual forgets his password, he can simply click on the forgotten password icon on the site. After which a password reset will be sent to the email address which was used to register on the portal.


On the NYSC portal, there is an avenue through which Prospective corps members can pay into the scheme in other to enable them to print out their call up letter and green card. The following are the various medium to paying on the NYSC portal:


  1. First and foremost, before paying into any bank branch, it is required that you copy the Remita Retrieval Reference (RRR) number having generated it from the NYSC portal. Write out the RRR on any approved bank teller and make your payment after which you will be issued a printout from the bank in regards your transaction.  
  2. After making the payment, there is a need to confirm if it was successful, hence the prospective corps member will log in to the portal and select on “continue” to query Remita and access the transaction detail.
  3. And lastly, click on “Get status” to view the full details of your successful payments

Note: Do not forget to insert your email address and password anytime you log in to the portal as an existing user.

Not only through the use of Remita can payment be made. Also, through the use of platforms like credit cards and wallet

All that is expected of the prospective corps members who intend to pay using cards and wallet is to click on “Pay now with Cards or Wallets”. As they will be required to provide the card details, pin and any other information which will be required on the page. When the transaction becomes successful, you will be provided with the full details of the transaction.


  1. The law guiding the creation of the NYSC scheme provides that only those who are not above the age of 30 years are allowed to serve in this scheme as a result if one is above this age bracket he or she will be exempted from the service.
  2. Pregnant women and nursing mothers are exempted from joining in the camp activities and even during the service.
  3. Persons with a mental or medical ailment, such as insanity, coma, stroke, etc.
  4. Also, people who have presented their medical report from any government approved medical institution or hospitals, clearly stating their medical challenge and highlighting reasons to why the individual should not be allowed to engage in active service.
  5. People who have been declared guilty by the law court cannot participate in this scheme except they have been declared guilty and or with a proof of social wellness or rehabilitation, etc.


The National Youth Service Corps portal has made it very easy for individuals who have a problem with the date of birth registered on the scheme. It provides an avenue for them to be easily corrected within a short time and this is free of charge.

In other to correct your date of birth, you will have to first login and insert your email id and also your password. Next, you click on change of birth and state your correct date of birth, siting your registration details after which you will submit.

On the NYSC portal, there are Frequently Asked Questions which prospective Corps members have asked and these have really educated other individuals about what is expected from them in other to have a good three weeks of camp exercise and a successful service year.

Also, corps members are educated with other information like how to check the Senate list or its equivalents. In this regard, all that is expected of them is to visit the NYSC portal, click on check senate list. After which they will have to insert the various information required like, institution attended, the course of study and matriculation number and click on submit as this will display if the person’s name is in the list. In the absence of this, such an individual cannot be mobilized for the NYSC scheme.  


Only the accredited or approved program and courses of study are usually allowed in the National Youth Service Corps scheme, as they are displayed on the portal to avoid a situation whereby those who are expecting to be involved in the scheme will have a foreknowledge of what is expected and allowed.  


Prospective corps members are advised not to allow anyone to register in proxy on their behalf in this scheme, hence they should be present during the registrations in case of any detailed information required that may be omitted. The fingerprint of the Corps member must match with the one used during the registration and the screening exercise.

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The National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) portal does not only serve as a registration portal for those who intend to serve their father’s land but also it creates an avenue for proper education of the prospective corps members in the nation at large.