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National Open University Of Nigeria Portal Login & All You Need To Know

All You Need To Know About National Open University Of Nigeria Portal Login. Many Universities over the years have been created and developed over the years, most Universities in Nigeria, offer full term for students, while other Universities have a Program called Sandwich, where students receive lectures usually on the weekends and have time for themselves during the week to work and earn money to pay for school, and of course, this type of schooling is very expensive compared to the students who offer full-time courses and pay for full-time courses at the University. We are taking a look at the National Open University Of Nigeria Portal Login, And All You Need To Know About NOUN.

There are various ways for one to learn, and it could be either formal, informal or non-formal in nature. Many institutions have come up with a strategy to help students to be comfortable and lead a comfortable life even when they are schooling and working at the same time. The National Open University is one of these many institutions that looked into the lives of those students who want to learn and make something from their lives as citizens, and therefore, a platform was provided for students to learn at will, hence, the University was established.


The school was first brought to the awareness of the public and the government in 1983 on July 22, but the government in power suspended the idea of a Distance Learning Education service for students in 1984.

Through the years, so many students have deprived the opportunity to study and learn at their own convenience, but in 2001, under the regime of President Olusegun Obasanjo who was the President of Nigeria at that time, reincarnated the fire that had been put out by the previous government. The long-awaited NOUN was soon resurrected and the number of students for the first registration was at about 33,000. President Olusegun Obasanjo is known and regarded as the pioneer and father of the University, as his contribution to the University when he was president, made it possible for it to kick start in 2002 which was known as its founding year.

The last census carried out on the University in the year 2011, showed that the population of the school was at about 58,000, and the Vice-Chancellor at that point in time was known as Professor Vincent Tenebe. There was a known administrative headquarters for the school in VI Lagos Island, and this was where all the administrative work pertaining to the school was carried out by highly trained and professional individuals. When the current Vice-Chancellor came into power, he moved the headquarters from Lagos to Abuja and made it permanent there. NOUN alone has over 75 centers throughout Nigeria, and by the promise of the government, more centers would be enacted soon, as the school’s population is known to increase by the hour.

The Program of the school ranges between 40 and 50, and the school offers over 750 courses in total. At a point in time, it was used as a joke that the University was the only one who could train students on how to wear a shoe, which meant that there was a course in the University that thought students how to wear a shoe or tie a lace.

With the way the school is programmed, students normally are not supposed to receive lectures within the four walls of a classroom, but some centers have enacted that into their curriculum where students sit down in class and receive lectures. The whole reason for the school, was for students, especially adult learners who were not able to complete some levels of education in their young ages and are now working and taking care of their families, have the enablement to learn at will and that is why it is known as a form of Distance Learning, and its largest population is Adult Learners.

The National University Commission which is affiliated with NOUN has made sure that all the courses registered for a NOUN have been accredited, and students only need to pay their tuition fees, get materials, read them well, and write exams. There is a Registrar for the school, who is given the responsibility of being a Secretary to the Senate bodies and also to the Council. He also ensures that support is given to the school’s administrative department, so as to ensure a safe and amicable relationship between Senate bodies and staff, and also staff and students. The present registrar of the school is known as Mr. Felix Edoka.

There are a total of 7 faculties at the university and a total of 750 courses offered in the school.

Just like most schools, the National Open University Of Nigeria has a registration process for students and how that should be done can be seen below.

There are 13 steps to follow when you want to apply for admission at NOUN, and there are 5 other steps to follow consecutively after you have made payments. Lastly, when you have filled out a compulsory form, there are 3 last steps to go, and that is all, you are very ready to be a student of NOUN.


This is also known as the National Open University of Nigeria and it came about in 2002, although it was brought to the awareness of a lot of Nigerians in 1983.

This institution is known as a Federal Open and Distance Learning (ODL) and as the name implies the students of this great University, learn in the University from a considerable distance in strategic parts of Nigeria where the University is established. This University is one of a kind and the simple means that it is unique in its own way and came about with its own forms, rules, and opinions. This University was first established in the West region before it later spread out to other sub-regions as the case may be. This University also is known all over the world as the largest tertiary institution for students, based on the fact that more number of students attend this institution than they do other institutions. It is commonly called NOUN by old and new students and even Nigerian citizens call this school NOUN.

National Open University Of Nigeria Portal Login
National Open University Of Nigeria Portal

The motto for the school is as simple as it can be and it is known as “work and learns”, and it is an institution that is open to the public. The Vice-Chancellor is no other person but Professor Abdalla Uba Adamu and the population of the students range between 150,000 and 200,000. The first permanent location of the school is in Federal Capital Territory, Abuja Nigeria, but the school has so many campus sites all over Nigeria for students to have easy access to. Also, the school’s headquarters is located in Lagos state, and the University, however, does not think it can do everything on its own, as it had to have affiliations with two other schools, for good and excellent mentoring and teaching for its students and the schools which NOUN is affiliated with are; AAU and NUC.


  1. Go to a site known as and it is advisable that you make use of Chrome or Mozilla Firefox browsers.
  2. When you have clicked on the site, a page will come out immediately, go to the menu bar and click on the application for admission or apply for admission?
  3. Click on your choice of Program, either Undergraduate Program, Postgraduate Program or any other program which the school is rendering.
  4. After you have picked your choice of Program, click on a button called Faculty which is found on the left side of the page.
  5. Select the Faculty of your choice
  6. A display form will be shown on the screen, fill out the form, providing the correct details and make sure that spellings of names are correct.
  7. Go below the page and click “view admission criteria”
  8. After you have filled the form properly, click on a button that shows “Apply” to take you to the next page.
  9. A UNIQUE ID will be given, write it down somewhere safe.
  10. Click on the button “Continue”.
  11. The next page will show you payment details and branches to pay in, select the Bank Branch of your choice.
  12. Click on pay
  13. Another page will come up which will carry your RRR number. Write down the number and take it to any bank of your choice, as proof of successful payment.

After you must have finished from the bank and made the payment, go back to the site.

  1. Three steps will be given, perform them correctly.
  2. You will see a button that reads “Continue After Payment”, click on it and wait.
  3. A page will come up, which will need you to provide your UNIQUE ID and RRR number, then you will input the Program which you registered for in step 3 above.
  4. Click on a button that says “Proceed”.
  5. Another form will be displayed on the screen of your device, all the point asterisked red are very compulsory and must be filled correctly.

After completing the second phase of registration.

  1.    Click on a button that reads “Submit”.
  2.    An admission letter will come up on the screen of your device, you will have to print it out.
  3.    Go to any study center of your choice, preferably the one close to you for screening.

How To Check Results ON National Open University Of Nigeria Portal

  1.    Use a chrome browser and log in to the school’s portal site which is
  2.    Select the student portal login page.
  3.    Log in with your correct details and click on my result.

That’s all about The National Open University Of Nigeria Portal Login and Other details {NOUN}.

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