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JAMB Change Of Course And Institution Portal

How to JAMB Change Of Course And Institution Portal, uses and guides. Since the inception of the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board in the year 1978 as a means of determining the number of students who are qualified for admission into the university and other institutions of tertiary learning, the exam has grown in fame and complexity.

Year after year, the number of students who troop to register for the examination increases considerably as more and more people now see just how important a degree or diploma is to one’s future in this modern world. We are taking a look at the JAMB change of course and institution portal.

Quite commendable, the board has tried to not remain rigid in its ways and instead, advances to suit present times and climes. Most recently, the exam was changed from a written multiple-choice exam to a computer-based test (CBT) which, true to the original model, features multiple-choice questions and answers from the three courses required based on the course the applicant hopes to be admitted for, and the Use of English, which is compulsory for all applicants.

As is noticed every year, a lot of candidates, quite possibly as a result of excitement due to the thought of finally registering for the exam that will signal the next step of their lives, or just as a result of ignorance in certain aspects, make mistakes while filling the form. Another common reason why entries into the form may later be considered mistakes are because of events that take place after the form has already been filled, such as the release of a prerequisite result, with a bad grade.

JAMB change of course and institution portal
JAMB change of course and institution portal

Many applicants fill in their choice of institutions, without prior investigation into the nature of the school they hope to receive their tertiary education from. Afterward, they may realize that the chosen institution is not to their tastes, and then decide that they need to change it. Others may fill in courses that their eventual grades will fall quite short of, and they will also need to change. These and many more are some of the reasons why the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board created a system by which these errors can be corrected.

The most recent JAMB examination for admission took place in March this year and already the results have been released for each and every applicant to know the next step they are required to take as relates to the matter.

As is the norm, the portal that will allow applicants who made mistakes while filling in their choice of institution or course to correct those mistakes has now been opened for use by the applicants. If you are reading this and you made a mistake while registering for the recently completed JAMB examination, as pertaining to your choice of institution or course of study, then you will find this article quite helpful, so pay attention.



The JAMB change of course and institution portal ( a platform created by JAMB, after taking into account, the fact that human error as well as errors based on lack of understanding, and an inability to predict future events can occur even while filling the jamb form during registration. Many of these errors can be seen as a fault of the applicant as adequate research is supposed to be made before going ahead to fill such an important document and also during the filling, rapt attention is meant to be paid to all the details, minor or major. However, nonetheless, the platform is open to all candidates to right those errors relating to those areas.

Not all attempts at changing are due to mistakes made, however. Say, for example, you selected a university before, but open more research, realize that you actually do not like some of its policies, this form is a golden opportunity for you to change that rather than having to wait another year to take the exam, which would be a colossal waste of time.

The JAMB change of course and institution portal –, as the name indicates, is divided into two parts namely:

  1. JAMB Change of course
  2. JAMB Change of institution


This is the first aspect of the forms and deals solely with the change of course. Some students may select a course and upon seeing their jamb form, and after proper research, realize that their score falls short of that required to study that particular course. This change, of course, is usually carried out within a school of choice which was selected by the applicant.

The different course carries with them, different grades which qualify applicants to study them. This is known as the “Cut-off mark” for that department or course. I’d an applicants JAMB score falls below that cut-off mark, they will not be granted admission into that department to study their chosen course, even if they are admitted into the university.

This Change of course form helps you switch to a department accommodated by your score, within the same institution you have chosen.


This second aspect allows applicants to change their previously chosen institution to another one they find more agreeable.

The change is not restricted to just university to university and could very easily be University to Polytechnic, University to College of Education, Polytechnic to University, Polytechnic to Polytechnic, Polytechnic to College of Education, College of Education to College of Education, College of Education to University and College of Education to Polytechnic.

For this aspect, the JAMB general cut-off mark comes to play. In times past, the cut-off mark was placed at an unshakable 200 for all schools and applicants. However, in more recent time, different schools now have their own JAMB cut off ranging between 180 – 200.

If a student scores below 200 but above 180, and the institution they filled only accepts students who scored above, then such a student would need to change to an institution that also admits students who scored less than 200 but more than 180.


Before we go into this, it should be noted that the best place to go about effecting these changes is at the nearest JAMB accredited registration centers close to you.


  1. First things first, you need to go to the official JAMB portal by going to Http://
  2. Once you have been able to access the portal, then you are required to log in by filling in your email address as well as the password for your profile page.
  3. When you have been granted access to the page, go the left side of the page for the menu tab and click on “Registration (2018 only)”.
  4. You will be shown a drop-down menu featuring a list of functions and from there, you need to select “2018 UTME Data Correction”.
  5. Once that is done, you can then proceed to payment. You will be given the option to either pay online or via the bank. Depending on your preferences, you can choose to pay either way.
  6. Note that the fee for data correction is #2,500 naira and that there is also a bank charge of #100 naira. After making your payment, visit the closes JAMB office or JAMB accredited registration center to complete the process.

Other Details that Data Correction allows you to change

Aside from your choice of course and institution, you can also change your bio-data information which includes

  1. Your name
  2. Your gender
  3. Your date of birth
  4. Your state
  5. Your local government of Origin


Your Jamb brochure is your best friend and should always be consulted when in doubt. When changing a course, consult the brochure to make sure the new course is available at your chosen institution.

When changing institutions, make sure that the new school you are changing to, does not have a cut-off higher than your own score.

Ensure that any new course you choose is in line with the subject combination you took during the initial registration, to prevent yourself from being screened out when the school you applied for begins its screening process.

Also, there may be a limited number of options available to you as regards the course or institution, so you have to make sure you have a plan B, and C for your choice of course or institution, just in case some of them are unavailable.

Your one-time payment can be used to change both your bio-data information as well as your choice of course and institution at the same time.

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These corrections are important and very helpful to various applicants, but one needs to apply them with the utmost care. Once you submit your form, you can no longer change your bio-data information, and as for the Change of course and Institution, that can only be changed twice, so you are advised to use the opportunity wisely.

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