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List of High-demand Non-skilled Jobs in USA

Relocating to the US could be the best move ever as the promise of greener pastures could turn things in your favor.  However, if you have no academic qualifications, you will have to settle for non-skilled jobs that tend to pay way less than the skilled offers.

Fortunately, there are several high-demand, non-skilled jobs that will pay thousands of dollars every month without requiring any professional training of any sort.

While unskilled jobs require little or no experience, being a fast learner will come in handy especially if you want to earn more or work two jobs during your stay.

non skilled jobs in usa

High-demand Non-skilled Jobs in the USA

While there are many non-skilled jobs for foreigners in the USA, only a few of them are in high demand. These jobs will pay more than others though they might require more of your time.

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Factory Worker

The USA is littered with production companies that require lots of manpower and labor for their production. In some departments, you won’t need a certificate or professional experience to be employed.

Being a factory worker does come with its perks. You can earn at least $19,000 as a warehouse worker, or up to $45,000 if you’re a hard labor factory worker.

House Painter

While this non-skilled job does come with some impressive figures, the actual amount you can earn will depend on your ability to land deals.  Housing painting is in high demand as your services will be needed by many clients all over the county or state. If you’re able to expand your network, you might be able to earn more. However, it might not be possible for a lone house painter to hit it big by working for tons of clients. To get even better deals, you should work for a union. You could earn between $30,000 and $45,000 annually as a house painter.

Sanitation Worker

You could work in a garbage collecting company without any professional experience or skill. While picking up dirt from house to house might not sound like the best job to go for, there are several perks to it. A sanitation worker whether as a garbage truck driver or a garbage collection could earn really high depending on the state and the amount of effort they put in the work. The median salary for a garbage collector is $37,840.  It could go as high as $50,240 or as low as $28,880.

Construction Worker

Construction workers are in high demand in the USA and it is one of the highest paying unskilled jobs. Keep in mind that this job can be tiresome but the pay is just as decent.

Several reports have shown that construction works earn impressively based on their levels. A starting-level construction worker earns over $21,000 annually. A mid-level construction worker earns slightly higher at an average of $32,000.Top-level construction workers earn more than twice as starting-level construction workers collecting an average of $47,000 per year.

Street Maintenance Worker

As the name implies, street maintenance workers are involved in the repair and patching of streets, pavements, and potholes. They operate with small-motorized equipment which makes the work less tiresome as a construction job. A street maintenance worker could earn as much as $44,000 if they’re able to find the right company.

Custodial Worker

Custodial work is almost similar to a janitor except they do more than just clean the floors. The custodial work is in charge of performing and managing routine building maintenance tasks like plumbing, carpentry, electrical, and HVAC repair. The custodian or custodial worker might be required to clean the workspace or warehouse.

To be considered for such an offer, you might be required to get certified but there aren’t any degree qualifications to worry about.  A custodial worker could earn just $20,500 per year or up to $31,500.