List Of Skills to Learn in Nigeria

A creative list of Skills to Learn in Nigeria presently – Various estimates put the population of Nigeria between 180 million and 220 million people. A good number of this population being youth between the ages of 18 and 35. It goes without saying, therefore, that providing jobs for over 100 million people would be a challenge for any government, more so for a country like Nigeria where the economy is still developing, and there is as yet no clear cut direction as to the growth and development of the nations economy and human capital.

It is no surprise, therefore, that unemployment is on the increase, and there is a teeming number of graduates, walking around with no jobs, and no hope for securing one in the near future. It is not uncommon to see 1 million applications for a job vacancy requiring only 1 thousand candidates.

Is there a solution? Yes, there is! Many young people are doing more than just fine on their own. Many have even gone on to become employers of labour, becoming instructors and teachers to other youths, therefore building lives for the better, apart from contributing their bit to the economic growth, and spending potential of the country. Their skills have lifted them up out of poverty,

and have carried them up into prominence and reckoning.
What are some of the skills that can young people can learn, so as to help them reach their potentials, in this unique society called Nigeria? In this post, we examine a list of Skills to Learn in Nigeria.

List Of Skills To Learn In Nigeria

  • 1. Fashion Designing

Nigerians are very fashionable people, maybe the most fashionable in the whole world. This means that there is no dry season for fashion designers because new fashion trends are always coming out, and the millions of young people are always trying to keep up, so as not to be left out.

Furthermore, Nigerians have great traditional value for clothing and dressing. The various tribes have there own traditional attires and do not fail to showcase them in their important occasions. Occasions such as Marriages, burial ceremonies, naming ceremonies, graduation ceremonies, and the many other ceremonies that the Nigerian people like to engage in all come with a huge demand for clothing. This demand translates to money for the people in the clothing industry.

The only caveat is that if one is to be successful in this field of endeavour one must be hardworking and creative. One must think outside the box in order to produce something different, so as to surprise and excite potential clients. Furthermore, jobs and contracts must be executed within the agreed time, so as not to frustrate clients, and make them find other more reliable designers to work with.

  • 2. Hair-Dressing and Barbing

If men do not have a haircut within a month they tend to look rough like prisoners. If they do not get haircuts for up to 3 months then they start to look like the many mad people walking around. Therefore, for men it is not just about looking good, it is also about looking sane and responsible.

Women, on the other hand, have hairdressing as a part of their fashion. Hairstyles come and go like clothing styles, and women are always looking to follow the trends, so as to keep up with what is obtainable in the society. This presents a great opportunity for hairstylists and dealers in hair attachments and extensions. Some have even gone on to specialize in the making of wigs. That simple statement is worth untold millions as the sheer volume of the various designs and styles available will surprise the unsuspecting analyst. Yes, wig making alone is big business, capable of transforming lives for the better.

  • 3. Photography

Photography once went down with the advent of camera phones, and it was thought that the profession was dying out. However, that notion has been sufficiently proved wrong as there has been a resurgent demand for professionally taken photos, for corporate, individual and event needs.

Individuals, particularly entrepreneurs now, more than ever, need to package themselves and their businesses in such a way as to capture the interest of those who would be potential clients. This involves taking high quality, professional photographs that are sure to give a good first impression.

Businesses and corporate entities now do, as part of their branding, calendars, writing pads and other such personal items which they give out to clients, staff and other strategic people within their businesses, so as to help create more awareness about what they do. These things must have high-quality photographs on them if they are to be effective, and a savvy business knows that it should not cut costs or make compromises in branding.

List Of Skills To Learn In Nigeria
List Of Skills To Learn In Nigeria
  • 4. Web Designing

This is something for the future. Every business is bringing their offices to the homes of their customers by making themselves available on the internet so as to make customers place orders through their computers and smartphones.

This creates a great demand for web designers and website builders as they are constant in demand to create new web sites, make changes to existing ones, add features, and troubleshoots old websites that may have issues.

Web designing is money, and demand for this particular field of business will continue to grow as more businesses come online.

  • 5. Graphics Designing

Graphic designing can stand alone as a very lucrative venture by itself. Graphic designers are much sort after today, as they make good stories our of just a few pictures and text. Their skills are absolutely needed by advertisers, marketers, promoters, event managers, and so on. Any business that seeks to make itself seen by more people has no choice but to engage good graphic designers who can do the job.

  • 6. Baking and Catering

The fact that big multinational companies now bake chin chin and other traditional snacks for sale to the Nigerian market should tell you that the market is large and demand is high for baked snacks in Nigeria.

Caterers also make good money by being engaged to provide food for parties, which is something that Nigerians love to do. Nigerians throw a party to mark an engagement, another party when they get married, another party when they become pregnant, another party when the child is born, and so on. Nigerians even throw parties to remember their parents who died forty years ago- all these parties need someone to cook for them; caterers make real money.

  • 7. Content Development

As many people now make more from social media they need to engage more people to help them produce diverse content. Content development means to author and produces content which will be viewed by any medium.

All those short videos, pictures and sounds that you have on your phones are made by people like these and make no mistake about it, they make their money from doing so.

  • 8. Phone or Laptop Repairs

Phones and laptops in the market today, while they are fanciful and capable, are no longer as strong as they used to be. They are more prone to having technical as well as physical issues. This means good business for phone and laptop engineers as they are always busy, sometimes even swamped with faulty gadgets to repair.

This business will continue to grow from strength to strength as the phones that will be built tomorrow may be even more fragile than the one’s available today. Which means that if the engineers have 2 phones to repair every week at present, they are likely to get up to four phones per week.

  • 9 Blogging

This is just like content development, only blogging concentrates on the text. If a young person has a flair for words, or an ability to string words together meaningfully, then blogging is probably the way to go. Bloggers can make six figures in months, and some bloggers reported earn up to 40 million dollars a year. Of course, those figures were not attained in a day, and such bloggers are often astute business people who blend their talent with words and a commanding business acumen into blogging ventures that rival old traditional publishing institutions.

  • 10. Desktop Publishing

Desktop publishing is currently taught in many computer schools and skill acquisition centres. It is the use of computer software to publish documents and write documents. People who do this are in demand by writers, authors, businesses, churches, schools and other such people who need to write letters, draft agreements, create notifications, receipts, and other such papers.

That’s all about the List of Skills To Learn In Nigeria.

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