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Solutions To Corruption In Nigeria and Causes. Good day readers, here we are again to write on something important and something that has been a long-standing problem in the history of the country. These issues have escalated to every facet of the economy ranging from ministries to another from sector to sector and at all levels and parastatals. The major discussion today is the causes of corruption and solutions to them. sit back as we journey a bit to the highland of knowledge. This act happens everywhere even between siblings, husband and wife, and many unimaginable places today.


Before looking deeply at the causes of corruption we have to look at what it means and how it related to the nation today and other related factors. To look at corruption in one term is a difficult thing, corruption cannot be precisely defined or given a concise definition because it is a household thing that degenerated to everything related to issues.

But for this sake of this piece, we can see corruption as a situation where a person wanted to use his position to side fund a public fund. Also, we can see corruption in the light of bypassing the normal protocols and standards to get things meant for personal purposes done. Also, it can be seen as doing the right thing in the wrong way or using the wrong approach to a rightful thing.

Solutions To Corruption In Nigeria

To see this clearly, take, for instance, there is a loan facility for certain entrepreneurs, and all rules are to be based on merited given investors, but because the individual in charge of giving the loan has a relative in the number of people applying for the loan was given the loan without considering others application or collecting some certain unapproved fee before allowing people to access the fund. This is just a practical example of corruption.


There different types of corruption and there are various reasons responsible for these types of corruption. It is the thing that saddens one’s heart when a nation that is rich in the economy, resources, has enough man capacity and bless with a good and fertile soils couple with good weather conditions. It still remains mystical to some people but it is not a new thing that all forms of underdevelopment and malnourish infrastructures are all a result of corruption.


Basically, there are about 7 types of corruption in which every form has been categorized under this we will be discussing them briefly.

  • Corruption In Terms Of Politics:

In Nigeria today, all the political party has a form of corruption ranging from the mode of conducting a primary election in which candidates with technocratic ideas are not chosen but candidates with more capital to spend are more preferable to others. Also, in terms of fee payment for picking nomination forms, the fee is just too exorbitant for candidates with a clean profile to afford yet they all claimed to be operating an open system and platform for all.

  • Individual Corruption

Listing another type of corruption is the individual type which entails the personal desire for materials things which make a lot of people go to any length to accrue money and another form of influence to themselves.

  • Endemic Type

This is the type of corruption that has eaten deep to the society, eaten deep to the core of every family, every parastatal which in one way or the other makes everyone self and seek a way to boycott rules and others to achieve their aim.

  • Grand/High-Level
  • Legal
  • Moral


The effect of this cannot be underestimated, it has paralyzes the state of the country today in all facets and sectors. The country looming in loans and debt from various bodies loaning the nation.


To solve the prevailing issues of corruption in the country, the following can be adopted

  1.    Educating the countrymen on the adverse effect of corruption on the national economy and development
  2.    Strengthening of the body responsible for upholding integrity in terms of corruption and bring the offender to book to serve as examples to other intending in such act.
  3.    Giving incentives to noble and compatriot countrymen who see to full compliance with rules and others, and reward for people who report every form of corrupt practices


Corruption in Nigeria starts like a little lump of cancer that now generated to the uncurable ailment in the body and soul of the country. In the then pre-history of colonial in Nigeria, the introduction of leadership by the then British colonial masters lead to the establishment of some regulations body to see to penalized anyone found erring the instruction of the colonial masters. And in a bid to escape the rot and punishment melted on them, some seek to give their properties, belonging and other things that are of value to the policemen then.

This later further protrudes into the government after independence as government officials are found purchasing goods and all manner of expensive goods from the international country. This was a result of opportunities most of them have when they are elected to govern a section of the government. Most of these officials even go as far as getting a luxurious building, acquire the building in the country outside their continents or best one in their continents, flock around and display of all affluence and influence. Some misuse power to intimidate the fewer privileges and the ones that are not up to them in standard and in every ramification.

As time pass, there was a reduction in the level of transparency, accountabilities and none of these fellows were prosecuted. Some of these personalities embezzlement were glaring and clear to most officials responsible for sanctioning and looking into government officials that are corrupt yet they were incapacitated in apprehending them due to inducement via bribery and other forms of intimidation from government officials.

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We have discussed the issues of corruption what it means, the brief history, forms of this corruption and a possible way out.

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