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NYSC Senate List 2020 Approved – How To Check & More

The mobilization of individuals to go for the NYSC program starts from the completion of a compulsory program from the University or Polytechnic. After a student must have graduated from school and has been awarded a certificate known as the certificate of degree. This certificate is given to students who are now enlisted on the NYSC Senate List of approved applicants. Every year, thousands of graduates are enlisted to go for the program all over the country. Every University whose graduates have been awarded certificates are given slots in the National Youth Service Corps program that is usually divided into batches.


The National Youth Service Corps program can cater for all students at a time, but in other, for it not to be brought down into crumbles, the program decided to divide its intake of NYSC applicants into about three batches every year. Students are usually very eager to go for their program as there is a compulsory 3 weeks camp program organized in every state. This 3 weeks compulsory camp program is a way of welcoming into the program the newly graduated students from each University and congratulating them for their well spent days in the higher institution. These graduates have the attention of the Federal Government for the NYSC period and are even given a monthly stipend by the government. This is used as a medium of encouragement for the students, to help them develop themselves and serve their countries with the acquired skills and information that they have been privileged to gain in the University. The Federal Government also urges the applicants to make sure that they are well informed and developed about their choice of study and discipline.

How To Check NYSC Senate Approved list 2020/2021 For Batch B

So many hearts begin to wonder if they have been selected to go for the Batch B NYSC program, and the only way to know if you have been enlisted, is to check with the following steps.

  •    On the browser of your phone or laptop, click on the link\nysc2/VerifySenateLists
  •    The next thing to do when the page has been opened on your browser is to click on the Institution or University you have just graduated from.
  •    The next thing to do after clicking on your Institution is to type in the matriculation number that was given to you at the point of admission into your previous University.
  •    The next step to take on the same page is to type in your Surname in the space that was provided for it. There are always directions for them on the page, if you can pay attention to them, you will get them.
  •    The next thing to do is to select the day, month and year of your birth, and it must duly tally with what you used in registration in your previous University.
  •    After this has been done, the process is over, and so, you are to click on the point which shows ‘Search’

The browser will load itself for a few seconds, and then show if you have been enlisted for the NYSC program or not.


This article would help to inform learners or readers of the processes to take in the mobilization of the NYSC program in Nigeria. It would also help to give insight into the process of checking if an individual has been mobilized for the NYSC program, and after this has been confirmed, it would also help readers to know everything that they need to know about NYSC mobilization.

In some situations, some people have been in the situation of not being mobilized along with their mates, and this is very normal as everyone cannot go for the NYSC program at a go but have to be shared in batches. There are ways to know if an individual has been mobilized for the NYSC program, and this is why it is very important for graduates to always check back every time online. Students are also advised to check their emails at every point in time for any information regarding their mobilization. At the end of this article, an outline of the advantages of the NYSC program would be given as a contribution.

NYSC Senate List
NYSC Senate List


Recently, the NYSC Senate list has been approved and thousands of names have been enlisted on this list. NYSC has a compulsory 3 weeks camp program that has a timetable for everyone who has been enlisted, and this timetable is given to the participants, so as to prepare them for what they are coming to face in the camp. This timetable entails all the activities that would happen inside the camp, and the activities are also very compulsory activities for the students in the camp. During the course of the NYSC Camp program, the students are not allowed to leave the camp area, except on specific occasions. The timetable goes thus;

  •    The online registration is the first thing to do when you get into the camp, and everyone in the NYSC program that has been enlisted must go through this process. All registrations are done inside the campground, as the participants are not allowed to leave the premises of the campground for the purpose of security. The Federal Government made this compulsory because of problems during the camp period. There had been situations where corps members left the vicinity of the camp and were not seen again or had something tragic happen to them. The Federal Government, however, stipulated that the centers for the NYSC camp programs are to be heavily guarded by various security personnel so as to keep the lives of all the Corps members very safe for the period that they would be staying in the Camp houses. There are over 26 states in Nigeria where the mobilization of NYSC Corpers takes place, and in every state, nothing less than 1000 students are deployed for service every year. The criteria to work in Nigeria as a graduate is a certificate rendered to the NYSC Corpers at the end of their service program. This certificate is a compulsory part of every graduate’s CV, who wishes to work in Nigeria and earn a living. Without the registration process, where the Corps members would be asked to run series of tests, to test their health status before they are fully enlisted into the program, and to also know which of the corps members has a special kind of ailment that needs utmost attention during the camp weeks. The registration is also done to give corps members the chance to create special NYSC accounts for themselves, where the government would disburse their earnings on every month. This registration process usually takes about 5 days to 7 days to be completed without any problems. Anyone who does not complete the registration process may be found wanting and told to leave the camp as soon as possible. Many corps members have always talked about how stressful the first week of camp can be, and this is very rampant because, the corps members are just getting used to the Nationa Youth Service Corps system, and many of them have not had the opportunity to attend a boarding school, so they do not know what it feels like to be in one. However, the remaining weeks of the camp program if utilized well enough can be one of the best weeks of an individuals life.
  •    Certificate Verification

Here, the corps members are told to verify that their various universities have duly awarded them with the certificates they have cone to present in the NYSC program so as to eliminate fraud in the system from people who have not gone through the normal process of education. 

Verify NYSC Senate Approved List
Verify NYSC Senate Approved List
  •  Certificate of Exemption

N this case, many people are found to not be fit to go through the camping program, and so they are exempted from camp but would be allocated to different cities in the state with their colleagues. Certificate of exemption can come about through sicknesses that the camp nurses and doctors might not be able to handle, and also pregnancies that have entered the last trimester. These people are asked not to partake in the camp process and are given a certificate to show for it. Also, a certificate of exemption can be issued to people who have one or two issues with the place they have been posted to, and want to defer their service year to the next. They are given a certificate of exemption to show that they would not partake in that year’s NYSC program but will wait for the next year.

  •  Issuance of NYSC certificate

This usually happens at the end of the service year. In camp and after camp, this is the timetable to be followed by Nigerian Youth Service Corps members.

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The NYSC director announced that people should keep checking their names, as the names for the NYSC Batch B, has not been fully updated. Students are advised to check back in their emails and browsers every now and then for any kind of information that they might need for the purpose of NYSC. If a mistake has been made during registration, it is advised that students correct their issues in their schools before leaving finally, as the information is directly uploaded to NYSC from the Universities or Institutions.

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