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Top 10 Tallest Buildings In Nigeria

Nigeria is one of the leading countries in Africa as a whole, and she remains influential as far as the continent of Africa is concerned. Regarded as The Giant Of Africa, Nigeria stands tall in this part of the globe and has various advantages that have given it an edge over various other African countries. Here is a country that has crude oil as well as a superb population that ensures a large market where any business can flourish. 

So, Nigeria can boast about being one of the most economically developed countries in Africa, and its claims can’t be refuted because of the visible stuff it can show. One of these includes the presence of some very tall buildings. 

These tall buildings make a place more attractive and superb, and they depict standard and class. There are various such buildings in different parts of Nigeria, but here, we will be looking at the top 10 tallest among them. 

Just as you will get to see eventually, the majority of these buildings are sitting in Abuja (the capital city of the country) and Lagos State (Nigeria’s commercial hub). The buildings were constructed by some of the best architects around, and it is pleasant gazing at them. 

Top 10 Tallest Buildings In Nigeria

Although there are various huge and tall buildings in several parts of the country, here are the top 10 tallest among them:

  1. – NECOM House –
  2. – Union Bank building, Lagos –
  3. – The World Trade Centre (Tower 2) –
  4. – The World Trade Centre (Tower 1) –
  5. – Ministry of Communication Building, Lagos –
  6. – Cocoa House, Ibadan –
  7. – Intercontinental Hotel, Lagos –
  8. – Independence House –
  9. – CBN Lagos –
  10. – Great Nigeria House –

Let’s start exploring the tallest buildings in Nigeria: 

  • 1) NECOM House

The tallest building in Nigeria as things stand now is the NECOM House, and so, we are starting with it. In fact, we should add that apart from being the tallest building in the country, it also has the reputation of being the tallest in the whole of West Africa. 

Amazing, the NECOM House, which is a 32-story structure, was built back then in 1979, and is home to the primary office of NITEL.

There are communications spire on top of this huge tower which has specific functions (a lighthouse beacon for Lagos Harbor). The tower professionally and intelligently creates siting in one of the most popular places in Lagos State (Marina), this building, which was made with concrete, stands at 520ft (160m).

Tallest Buildings In Nigeria
Union Bank Building, Lagos
  • 2) Union Bank Building, Lagos

The second building on our list of top ten tallest buildings in Nigeria is the Union Bank Building, which is also located in Marina, Lagos State. It is a 28-story building that stands at 124 m (407 ft), and it serves as Union Bank’s headquarters. Of course, the building remains one of the things the bank can boast about. 

tallest buildings in Abuja Nigeria
The World Trade Centre Tower 2 & 1
  • 3) The World Trade Centre (Tower 2)

This iconic building is sitting in our own Federal Capital Territory. The World Trade Centre (Tower 2) was superbly made, and it represents a beautiful work of professionalism. The building stands at 394ft (120m) in Abuja and is being used for commercial purposes. 

  • 4) The World Trade Centre (Tower 1)

One of the differences between the World Trade Centre (Tower 1) and the other one is the number of floors they have (this one is a 24-floor apartment building). This is a very tall residential building that stands at 110 m (361 ft), and has several apartments (it actually has 120 apartments – making it the tallest residential building in the country). There are various types and sizes of rooms here, and they can be gotten according to the size of the person’s pocket. 

  • 5) Ministry of Communication Building, Lagos

Coming back to Lagos. The fifth building on our list is the Ministry of Communication Building – a 30 story high rise building that stands at 109 m (358 ft). Indeed, the Ministry ensured they got something superb for their operations! 

Tallest Building In Ibadan Nigeria
Cocoa House
  • 6) Cocoa House

Still in the southwestern part of the country, but now coming to Ibadan in Oyo State. The popular Cocoa House is one of the oldest tall buildings in the country (it was actually commissioned for operations as far back as 1965). One impressive thing that should be noted is the fact that this building was made from the proceeds of agriculture – as Nigeria hasn’t discovered crude oil then. In fact, it usually points to the fact that the country will be fine without crude oil (that is, if crude oil hasn’t been discovered then). Cocoa House is the property of Odu’a Investment Company Limited, and it is the pride of southwestern Nigeria (also regarded for its reputation of once being the tallest building in tropical Africa). 

Intercontinental Hotel Lagos
Intercontinental Hotel Lagos
  • 7) Intercontinental Hotel, Lagos

InterContinental Hotels & Resorts is one of the most valuable companies in the world as things stand now. It has a presence in over 50 different countries in different parts of the world, and the company can boast about having over 150 hotels. When they came to Nigeria to establish a business, they settled in Lagos State and built there a superb hotel that has 22 floors (it stands 105m) which was completed in the year 2013. The building, which sits in Victoria Island (Kofo Abayomi Street to be precise), is the 7th tallest building in the country. 

Independence House
Independence House
  • 8) Independence House

Also in Lagos State, the eighth-most tallest building in the country – the Independence House, stands 338ft (103m) tall with its 23 floors. The building, which is also called the Ministry of Defence building, is situated in Lagos Island and has the reputation of being the first high-rise building in the country. It should also be added that the Independence Building t was built in 1960 (the year Nigeria got independence from Britain). Therefore, this building remains iconic as far as the history of Nigeria is concerned. Of course, the reason why it was built in Lagos then was because Lagos was then the capital of the country. 

CBN House Lagos
CBN House Lagos
  • 9) CBN Lagos

The Central Bank of Nigeria is a remarkable organization that must have a remarkable outlook. The building is the ninth tallest building in the country, and it sits in the heart of Lagos Central Business district, with 19 floors. It stands 330ft (100m) tall and was built back then in the year 2013. Well, if there is a list of the topmost protected buildings in Nigeria, then this building should be included. 

  • 10) Great Nigeria House

We are rounding up with The Great Nigeria House, which is the tenth tallest building in Nigeria, and as such, has been placed on the tenth spot. The Great Nigeria House stands 312ft (95m) tall and has 22 floors. It is also located in Lagos State (Martins Street to be precise), and it contains various warehouses. 

So, here we go with our list of the tallest buildings in Nigeria. As you can see, the tallest building currently in Nigeria is the NECOM House, which has been built as far as 1979. In the coming years, we expect that another building should be erected that will surpass this in height.