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UNN Cut Off Mark For Medicine And Surgery (2023)

The University of Nigeria, Nsukka is a federal university based in Enugu State. The university was given birth to as a result of the relentless efforts of Nnamdi Azikwe in 1955. Then, the formal opening was done five years later.

The university is located three campuses which are named Nsukka, Enugu, and Ituku-Ozalla. On a fact note, the university was actually the very first fully capable indigenous and first independent university in Nigeria. On the Enugu, the campus is located in the Law, Medical Science, Business Administration, and Environmental Studies faculties. 

The University Of Nigeria Nsukka – UNN Cut Off Mark For Medicine And Surgery

Unlike other universities that work out their admission process based on the average score of the Jamb and Post jamb score, UNN works out her admission process by setting a Jamb Score for most of the courses in the university including Medicine and Surgery.

Apart from the Jamb Score, the university like any other university also set post jamb scores for admission into the university. Even though the general cut off for the university is 180, there is variation in the cut-off mark depending on the course you are applying for.

Cut Off Point Explanation

For Medicine, you need to have a Jamb score as high as 250 in order to guarantee yourself a 70 percent assurance of getting admission into the university. The remaining 30 percent will, of course, come from your performance in the Post Jamb examination. If you score better in the examination, there is an almost 100 percent assurance of you getting admission into the university. Also, note that you will be competing with people from different parts of the world and as such you will not afford to waste a single mark.


  • UNN JAMB Cut Off Mark – 180
  • UNN Cut Off Mark For Medicine And Surgery – 250+


For you to know that they value the score gotten in Jamb, they will even segregate aspirants into several groups based on the JAMB score. These groups are then allocated a different day for the post jamb examination. This explains a lot as that means for you to gain admission into Medicine and Surgery, you have to get a high Jamb Score. Also, that explains that they tried to segregate aspirants based on those that meet the merit and those below or close to the merit.

UNN Cut Off Mark For Medicine And Surgery
UNN Cut Off Mark For Medicine And Surgery

Now, do not forget that depending on the state you are coming from, whether educational developed state or Educational less developed state (ELDS), hence the cut-off mark they will work with. If you are coming from an educational developed state like Ebonyi, then you should be aiming at scoring on average, a score of above 300 while if you are coming from an educational less developed state like Kaduna State, you might just be coming with a Jamb score of 230 on the average.  And also do not forget that they might also decide to grade their post jamb on 400 and in addition to the Jamb score, they will get the average score which will serve as the bedrock upon which the admission selection will be based on. However, whether they wish to calculate it based on a percentage or not, I think the best thing is to just perform very well in the examination and leave them with the methods employed in calculating the average score.

Also, please do not forget that after getting a high score in Jamb and probably even in Post jamb, you will not be considered for admission unless your O’Level result is without any deficit. Because without it, even if you are having a Jamb Score of 350 and above with a very good post jamb score, you are likely not going to get admission into UNN this year. Thus, in essence, what this means is that all requirements have to abide by their requirement to guarantee you admission in the university. 


Thus, in conclusion, for you to even plan on registering for the Post jamb of the University of Nigeria Nsuka {UNN}, you must have gotten 180 and above in the recently concluded JAMB examination. Now, depending on the course in which you sought, hence the actual JAMB score you have to get in order to guarantee yourself admission into the university.

For competitive courses like Medicine and Surgery, it has been ascertained that you have to get a high Jamb Score in order for you to have hope in getting admission into the University. The jamb score we are talking about is nothing less than 280 in order for you to be so sure that you will be given admission. Not only that, you will be chosen based on merit.

Another point in which you need to perform so well is the Post Jamb examination. This is to support your chance of getting admission to the university. Now depending on the manner in which the university decided to conduct her Post Jamb examination, hence the way the result will be released- Percentage or not.

However, as I have said earlier, this is of less concern to you. What matters most to you is for you to do well in the examination and leave the rest with them. How they calculate the final score is not important to you. I guess I am right, am I? I believe once you have done well in both the Jamb and Post Jamb examination, you are likely to be given admission and not just admission, but admission into your dream course- Medicine and Surgery.

I wish you the very best of luck on UNN Cut Off Mark For Medicine And Surgery.


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