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ATBU Admission List 2023 Checking Portal

As an aspiring candidate, you would want to know if the school of your choice has released their admission list, you would have to check daily so you don’t get left out for any reason. Well, I know how it feels like, this article will give you full information about the ATBU admission list for the 2023 academic session.

Abubakar Tafewa Balewa University is a federal university of technology Bauchi which is located in the Northern part of Nigeria. This University was named after Nigeria first Prime Minister Sir Abubakar  Tafewa Balewa and its motto which is Doctrina Mater Artium which means  Education is the Mother of Practical Arts.

ATBU Admission List 2023 Checking Portal – How To Check The Official List st, 2nd, VC And Supplementary List

To check if you have been given admission into the University, you will have to know that it’s not difficult. You just need a few things or details ready and that’s all.

  1. You are expected to go to the ATBU admission checking portal at
  2. You are to enter your JAMB registration number in the required column
  3. Then you click search to access your ATBU admission status

The procedure which has been listed above is not a difficult one. You should know that this procedure is being made easy for everyone so you can access the portal in an easy form. Many aspiring students make complains about not being able to access the portal, the link has been dropped. Do not make any form of payment to anyone concerning checking your admission, because it’s totally free and if you are given admission, you should find your way down to the school to ask for further procedures.

ATBU Admission List
ATBU Admission List

More About Abubakar Tafawa Balewa University;

Being a federal university, the fees were not that expensive and it was established in the year 1980. You should know that ATBU has more than 10,000 undergraduate students and more than 200 postgraduate students, so do not worry about the population as they are ready to grant you admission to the University. Another thing you should know that is most Universities in Northern universities do not place high criteria to accept students and they even take many students from educationally disadvantaged states.  In the year 1981, the University first students were admitted and they were for pre-degree and remedial programs while the degree courses began in 1982. You should know that lot of changes were done to the University to make sure that things were placed in the right order, at a certain point of time, the University had to merge with the Ahamdu Bello University Zaria and there was a change of name for it at that time it was called the Abubakar Tafewa Balewa College, Ahmadu Bello University, Bauchi Campus and the year 1988, the University was able to regain itself and it was changed to its actual name.

ATBU is known to have a unique academic matter which is not like the regular universities you hear about daily. You should know that ATBU got its academic pattern from subject experts in Nigeria and from the United States and the United Kingdom. Lots of consultations were made for this and they have made it possible and this theme is applied in all faculties of the University. Being a federal school not just that a school of technology, they offer so many courses and they follow a certain procedure. Each faculty is headed by a Dean and they all report to the Vice-Chancellor of the University. You should know that the Vice-Chancellor is the head of the University and they are being appointed by the Federal Government and other University governing bodies. You should know that the University also has a chancellor for ceremonial activities; the Chancellor just comes for other activities which is related to the University and make sure things are being carried out very well. You should know that the ATBU has over 30 academic departments, 6 faculties, 8 directorates, and 7 centers and this has been set up for the well being of the students.

Studying in a federal university comes with lots of benefits because you will have so many courses that some university does not have, you should know that their fees are not expensive and are very affordable. They are the best when it comes to teaching facilities and lots of other things and a college of medicine has since been established in the University and they have started. So if you applied for medicine, you do not have anything to worry about as you will be given admission to study in the University. Abubakar Tafewa Balewa University has the following courses;

  • Faculty of Agriculture
  • Faculty of Environmental Technology
  • Faculty of Engineering and Engineering Technology
  • Faculty of Science
  • Faculty of Management Technology
  • Faculty of Technology Education
  • College of Medicine
  • School of Postgraduate studies

The school of post graduate studies has so many benefits which it offers to post graduate students. You are to learn or receive lectures in a good environment, you should know that post graduate students are not that much and you do not have to worry about the population or over rowdy classroom, as you are assured of a nice and well maintained environment.

Now before we forget the main purpose of this article which is the admission list for ATBU 2019/2020 academic session for aspiring students. You should know that you need to get lots of things ready once you are being given admission which is especially your credentials and your certificate for various results. Once you are being given admission there are lots of requirements which are needed from you and you will have to provide the original and the photocopy. The original will checked and the photocopy will be taken from you and this is to verify that the school has all your credentials for different purposes. These credentials which are asked from you range from your birth certificate, original Waec results, JAMB original results, local government of origin and others. Now checking if your name was published for admission can be done in two easy steps which will be outlined below.

In Conclusion, we have given you details on how you can check your admission for the Abubakar Tafewa Balewa University and this university is known to be one of the best in the Northern region of Nigeria. You should know that this school is a federal university of technology and they offer lots of courses for your benefits.


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