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UNN Cut Off Mark Departmental (JAMB and Post UTME) 2023

For students looking for UNN cut off mark for JAMB / Post-UTME 2023 and UNN departmental cut of mark for all courses, you are in the right place.

Recently, the Joint Admission Matriculation Board concluded her examination which is one of the criteria used by all schools during the admission process. Thus, the authority has set a cut off mark of 180 for admission. However, depending on the University that you are applying to, this mark can actually change in order to suit the admission criteria of the universities, polytechnics, and colleges.

UNN Cut Off Mark Departmental (JAMB and Post UTME) 2023

Faculty of Agriculture                      Score

1- Agricultural Economics 227

2-Agricultural Extension 201

3-Animal Science 202

4-Crop Science 206

5-Soil Science 205

6-Fisheries 227

7-Home Science 200

8-Nutrition and Dietetics 247

Faculty of Arts

  1. Archaeology & Tourism 246
  2. English and Literary Studies 271
  3. Fine and Applied Arts 260
  4. Foreign Languages 254
  5. History and International Studies 259
  6. Linguistics and Nigerian Languages 245
  7. Mass Communication 268
  8. Music 255
  9. Theatre and Film Studies 254
  10. Combined Arts 201

Faculty of Biological Sciences

  1. Biochemistry 248
  2. Botany 200
  3. Combined Biological Sciences 214
  4. Microbiology 243
  5. Zoology 207

Faculty of Business Administration

  1. Accountancy 257
  2. Banking & Finance 229
  3. Marketing 207
  4. Business Management 233

Faculty of Dentistry

  1. Dentistry 270

Faculty of Education

  1. Adult Education 201
  2. Education Art 251
  3. Education Chemistry 203
  4. Education of Social Sciences 245
  5. Agricultural Education 205
  6. Business Education 220
  7. Guidance & Counselling 263
  8. Health Education 206
  9. Home Economics Education 229
  10. Industrial Technical Education 236
  11. Library and Information Science 246
  12. Science Education 200

Faculty of Engineering

  1. Agricultural & Bioresources Engineering 204
  2. Civil Engineering 248
  3. Electrical Engineering 242
  4. Electronics 232
  5. Mechanic Engineering 242

Faculty of Environmental Studies

  1. Architecture 226
  2. Estate Management 201
  3. Geoinformatics & Survey 201
  4. Urban and Regional Planning 210

Faculty of Health Science & Technology

  1. Radiography 266
  2. Medical Rehabilitation 258
  3. Nursing 268

Faculty of Law

  1. Law 297

Faculty of Medical Sciences

  1. Medicine 295

Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences

  1. Pharmacy 284

Faculty of Physical Sciences

  1. Computer Science 227
  2. Geology 234
  3. Mathematics 200
  4. Physics and Astronomy 200
  5. Pure and Industrial Chemistry 206
  6. Statistics 200
  7. Computer/Statistics 200

Faculty of Social Sciences

  1. Economics 260
  2. Geography 243
  3. Philosophy 259
  4. Political Science 275
  5. Psychology 252
  6. Public Administration 266
  7. Religion 232
  8. Social Work 213
  9. Sociology/Anthropology 260

Faculty of Veterinary Medicine

  1. Veterinary Medicine 227

Above are the various departmental cut off marks in the University of Nigeria, Nsukka. So, check that of your department and work toward it. However, be informed that the University does calculate it cut off based on over 400.

How to Calculate UNN Cut Off Mark

Unlike other universities that work based on 100 percent, the University of Nigeria, Nsukka usually calculates its cut off mark over 400, meaning that the admission process will be based on the average mark gotten from the JAMB and Post JAMB Cut off marks. So, assuming you get a JAMB score of 240 and a post JAMB score of 240, the average score will then be 240. This implies that you will judge based on your average score. So, the more your average score, the higher the chance of you getting admission into UNN. You just get a higher score on average and support the rest with prayer as that as not also guarantee you of automatic admission.

Let define what a cut-off mark means!

Cut off mark is the minimum JAMB or Post JAMB score that an applicant must get before he/she will be considered an admission to a particular school. So, this implies that the cut off mark is set by JAMB or Schools depending on whether it is UTME or Post UTME.

Getting the cut off mark for any course in a University will be the ultimate aim of any applicant that wishes to get admission into the University but it takes more than that. You have to work hard for you to get admission this year as the number of applicants keeps increasing. Not only that, but the way you prepare is also dependent on the type of course that you are applying for. For example, an applicant of a competitive course like Medicine should be determined to have a high average score than an applicant of less competitive courses like religion.

UNN Cut Off Mark Departmental JAMB Post UTME
UNN Cut Off Mark Departmental JAMB Post UTME

Actually, the University of Nigeria, Nsukka has not released the UNN cut off mark for the various departments and courses that the school offers but there will be a thick line of connection between the cut off marks used during the academic session. As such, the cut off marks for the year will be given here.

When is UNN Post Jamb Examination coming? Even though the day and month to be stipulated for the examination is not yet known, there is a likelihood that the exam will take place around July/August. So be prepared!!!

Meeting the required cut off mark of the school for the preferred courses is one of the criteria used by the University in giving admission. Meaning that for you to even think of getting admitted into the university, you must have the score that beats their cut off mark. However, meeting the marks or scores do not actually guarantee you of automatic admission. Applicants with high marks above the cut off marks are usually given more preferences during the admission process. Do you see why you need to get a higher score?

If your preferred course is having a higher cut off mark than yours, it is advisable for you to do the change of course or change of institution in order for you to get admission this year! And do not forget that to even apply for the Post Jamb, you must get 180 and above in the recently concluded JAMB.

Depending on the courses that you are applying for in the University of Nigeria, hence the UNN cut off mark that you will have to work with. Even though you get the UNN departmental cut off mark for JAMB does not guarantee you of admission, you scoring a higher score will give you an upper hand above those that do not perform well.

Important Points You Must Know About University Of Nigeria Nsukka

Before we proceed to the various UNN departmental cut off mark for all courses, there are salient points that you must take note of in order for you to have a chance of getting admission into the University. These points are

  1. You must have scored a JAMB Score of 180 and above in the just concluded UTME examination. This is so important as the University is the type that works solely based on the cut off mark. If your score did not reach that, it is advisable to look for another university in order for you to get admission this year.
  2. You must have chosen the University of Nigeria, Nsukka as your first choice as the University does not work with the second choice.
  3. You must score a high score in the upcoming Post Jamb examination. This is to ensure that you have a high or good average score. You know that will explain your chance of getting admitted into the University.
  4. You must get all your academic certificates like O/Level, Jamb Result, Pre University Certificates, etc. ready for the screening day as you will be required to provide them with proper identification
  5. And lest I forget, you must have also performed so well in your pre-university examinations like WAEC, NECO, NABTEB, etc.
  6. The more you score higher, the higher your chance of getting admission into the University this year.

Looking for the various cut off marks for each department, then enjoy the read.



Now, that you have known the various cut off mark for departments in the University of Nigeria, it is expected of you to work toward achieving the cut off mark slated for your preferred course. However please be informed that depending on how competitive your chosen course is, hence the more score required of you. This is to ensure that you have an upper hand during the admission process.

Also, you should know that courses with fewer applicants will give you the upper hand of getting admission this year. But if you want a competitive course, then you have to work so well for it. How do you work well for it?

By getting a high score both at the JAMB and Post JAMB level. This is to ensure that you have a high average score that will increase your chance of getting admission into the University this year.


That is that on the UNN Cut Off Mark Departmental (JAMB and Post UTME) 2023

I hope you find this article helpful.

Best of Luck


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