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UNILAG Cut off Mark for All Courses (Jamb and Post UTME) 2023

The University of Lagos, a university in Southwestern Nigeria, is a federal government university that remains one of the most competitive universities in Nigeria in terms of admission.

If you need answers to the above question on Unilag cut off mark for all courses JAMB & Post UTME, then continue the reading as we decipher the marks to you.

  • What Is UNILAG Cut Off Mark For All Courses


the UNILAG Jamb Cut off mark 2023 still remains the same – 200

If you know, you are not up to the score, then do not bother to register for UNILAG post jamb as the university works well with their specified cut off marks. But if you meet the UNILAG Cut off mark for JAMB, then congratulation to you as you have completed about 40-50% of the admission process. You can proceed to register for the Post Jamb and awaits the admission.

In addition to the Jamb Score of 200 and above, you must also possess five (5) credit passes at only a sitting in relevant O/Level subjects including Mathematics and English Language.

Scoring more than 200 in jamb does not guarantee you an automatic admission into your preferred course! You must also meet the cut off mark of the Department you are applying to e.g. Department of History. The University has designed it in such a way that after the Post Jamb examination, your score will determine whether you are qualified for the department you are applying to. So, in essence, it means that each department has its own cut off mark you must get before being considered admission into the department and the University at large. That means you are going to be scrutinized at two different Levels-University Level and Departmental level.

UNILAG Cut Off Mark For All Courses JAMB POST UTME
UNILAG Cut Off Mark For All Courses JAMB POST UTME

Also, note that, unlike other Universities that do calculate their post jamb and Jamb over 400, UNILAG usually calculates its own over 100, meaning 100%. And do not forget that you have to get some important documents ready before the Post Jamb examination as they will be required from you during the internal screening process. Example of such certificates is the Original O/level certificate, Original copy of birth certificate, secondary school testimonial etc. In fact, it is advisable that you should go with all your academic certificates including your recent passports. This is to reduce the cost of transportation, especially for those from very far places.

UNILAG Departmental Cut Off Marks

Before the cut off marks, please be informed that UNILAG has catchment areas just like any other University and for each of the catchment areas, there is a variation in the assigned Cut off the mark. However, if you meet the merit requirement, you stand a chance of being admitted especially if your state falls within the catchment areas. The department cut off marks for UNILAG are


  • Creative Arts (Music)      50.85      
  • Creative Arts (Theatre Arts)   62.15
  • Creative Arts (Visual Arts)      55.80
  • English       61.00
  • French       56.60
  • Russian       55.40
  • History And Strategic Studies 60.15
  • Linguistics Igbo         51.68
  • Linguistics Yoruba       55.55
  • Chinese                                        58.53
  • Philosophy                                   58.88




  • Accounting 68.65     
  • Actuarial Science    61.78      
  • Insurance                 60.95       
  • Business Administration 60.70
  • Finance           63.08
  • Industrial Relations And Personnel Management 60.38



  • Adult Education 51.15
  • Education Economics        60.23
  • Education Business            59.13
  • Education Islamic Religion Studies 52.05
  • Education Igbo 59.00
  • Education English 61.90
  • Education Early Childhood 57.88
  • Education Yoruba 54.70
  • Education French 55.70
  • Education History 54.50
  • Education Christian Religion Studies 52.30
  • Education Geography 54.75
  • Educational Administration 54.10
  • Educational Foundations 57.78 
  • Health Education 51.05
  • Human Kinetics 50.83
  • Education Biology 55.73
  • Education Chemistry 51.18
  • Education Home Economics 52.93
  • Education Integrated Science 52.45
  • Education Mathematics 52.53
  • Education Physics 52.85
  • Education Technology 50.45




  • Chemical & Petroleum Engineering 70.93
  • Civil & Environmental Engineering 71.18
  • Computer Engineering 73.73
  • Electrical & Electronics Engineering 72.40
  • Mechanical Engineering 74.00
  • Metallurgical & Material Engineering 64.23
  • Petroleum & Gas Engineering 67.90
  • Surveying & Geo. Engineering 60.35
  • System Engineering 70.40



  • Architecture 68.95
  • Building 59.05
  • Estate Management 62.03
  • Quantity Surveying 62.75
  • Urban & Regional Planning 60.95


  • Law 67.80



  • Nursing 67.93
  • Medicine & Surgery 77.03
  • Physiotherapy 68.40
  • Radiography 66.70
  • Medical & Laboratory Science 67.65
  • Pharmacology 66.55
  • Physiology 63.45
  • Dentistry 70.53



  • Pharmacy 70.93



  • Biochemistry 63.60
  • Botany 56.83
  • Cell Biology & Genetics 61.70
  • Chemistry 62.35
  • Computer Science 68.80
  • Geology 65.63
  • Geophysics 65.18
  • Marine Biology 57.18
  • Fisheries 50.78
  • Mathematics 63.83
  • Microbiology 61.75
  • Physics 58.43
  • Zoology 55.48




  • Economics 65.80
  • Geography 58.45
  • Mass Communication 65.70
  • Political Science 62.08
  • Psychology 62.98
  • Social Work 54.15
  • Sociology 60.10

There they are, the University Of Lagos, Akoka UNILAG cut off mark for all courses. However, please be informed that the cut-off marks provided is for merit purpose. Other candidates from catchment areas like Osun, Oyo, Ekiti, etc. are having different cut-offs even though the cut-off marks also vary within the catchment area and also within the courses.

Those within the UNILAG JAMB cut off mark are actually having an upper hand during the admission process just like other Universities. So, if you are from the catchment area, lucky you. But, if you are not, you have to prepare so well in order to convince the school authority to give you admission. However, you coming from catchment area does not mean that you should not prepare, in fact, you have to prepare so well as many applicants will be applying from your state. So, you need to prepare in order to win the competitive challenge.

But you must also know that getting the required UNILAG cut off mark does not guarantee you automatic admission. You still have to pray in order for you to get admission this year!

Meeting the above-stated cut-off marks for courses within the environment of the University of Lagos will not guarantee you of automatic admission as it has been already stated. There are other important considerations that you must take note of:

  1. Ensure you have chosen the University of Lagos as your first choice as the university do not use to consider second choices looking at the admission process over the years.
  2. You must have scored a Jamb Score of 200 and above in the just concluded Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME). This is because you will not even be allowed to register for the Post Utme examination if your Jamb score reads less than 200.
  3. Even though the Jamb cut off mark is 200 and above, you must also know that depending on the course you are applying for, the School Jamb cut off mark might change. E.g. Courses like Medicine generally has a higher Jamb Cut off mark than courses like Pharmacy
  4. Still, you meet the Jamb cut off mark of your course will not guarantee you automatic admission! You still get Post Jamb to write.
  5. The next is for you to prepare so well for the Post jamb examination as that speaks well of your admission process. With you getting a high mark or even meeting the assigned cut off mark for your course in the Post Jamb, still does not guarantee you of admission even though you are getting there.
  6. Now, depending on your O/level, Jamb, Post Jamb and your fate in the admission process, the likelihood of you getting admitted into the University will be determined.
  7. The more you get a higher score, the higher your chance of getting admission into the University this year.


Acquiring admission into University like the University of Lagos is one of the most competitive challenges one must be ready to face looking at the location of the University and how vigorous the admission process used to be in previous years.

However, it is said that to become successful, you must be ready to sacrifice and as such you must be ready to prepare so well in order for you to emerge the winner in the competitive row. But you should know that you applying for courses with low number of applicants will definitely give you an upper hand during the admission process. Nevertheless, you have to prepare and get good grades in order for you to have a chance.

And do not forget that you must have gotten a JAMB score of 200 and above for you to be able to apply for the Post Jamb. If you know that your Jamb score did not reach that, it is advisable that you should do the change of course or institution in order to have admission this year as time is going.

Best of Luck

That’s all about UNILAG Cut off Mark for All Courses (Jamb and Post UTME).


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