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LASU Cut Off Mark 2023 for All Courses (JAMB & Post UTME)

Has LASU released the various departmental cut off mark? Is LASU cut off marks for all the departments out? Are you in search of answers to the above questions, then this article is meant for you. You just browse through the content as we decipher the various departmental cut-off marks.

Before a student can be given admission into any University in Nigeria including your LASU, there are some criteria that must be taken care of by the student or simply that he/she must meet their requirement before being considered for admission into such University. Ideally, part of the criteria is set by JAMB with the remaining part based on the University’s decision. Such criteria also run across all other educational institutions.

One of such criteria is meeting the required LASU cut off mark for the course he/she is applying for in the University. It will become so easy for one to have a chance during the admission process so far one has met the requirements. But what is cut off the mark? See below

LASU Cut Off Mark for All Courses
LASU Cut Off Mark for All Courses

Cut off mark is a set score or a baseline score that a student must have before he/she can be considered for admission into any educational institution in Nigeria. Yes, the definition capture ‘before a student will be considered for admission’. This is because there are still many requirements to be fulfilled for the admission to be a successful one.

Ideally, the cutoff mark requirement comes in two phase-one is to be set by the board regulating admission process in Nigeria, JAMB, while the other will be set by the preferred University just like LASU, has just done. Therefore, before anything, getting the cut off mark set by JAMB and the school should be the first priority. Then subsequently, your preferred course cut off mark should follow and since it will be determined from the Post Jamb Score, no need to worry yourself during JAMB Examination.

JAMB Fixed LASU Cut Off Mark for All Courses

The cutoff mark set by the Joint Admission Matriculation Board is 180.

LASU Cut Off Mark For JAMB – 180

Lucky you as some of the Universities have JAMB Cut off Mark as 200. This implies that before you even think of participating in the Post Jamb Examination, you must have the minimum 180 in the recently concluded JAMB Examination.

Maybe this is not your first time of applying to the school and you have been scoring above 180 in JAMB yet, you never got any admission, you might want to add while you are not given admission?

As earlier stated, there are other requirements that you must meet before being considered for admission in LASU. One of them is meeting the required cut off mark in the Post Jamb Examination. Apart from that, you still have to meet the cut off mark of your preferred course. Do not forget those like other universities, there is the issue of considering those from catchment area before those from the non-catchment area. Of course, if you get a higher mark and you meet other requirements, you will be considered for admission if not given.

Also, know that admission into LASU is a very competitive one, so you have to prepare well in order to have a chance. Do not base your reading on the cut off mark. Aim higher. Even O/Level result also matters during the admission process.

LASU Departmental Cut Off Mark

Yes, the Cut off mark is 180. But that score implies that before you even think of LASU, you must get a JAMB Score of at least 180. Now, depending on the departments you are applying for, hence the score you must have from the 180. This implies that for the various departments in the University, there are variations in the cut off marks. Of course, you do not expect the competitive course to have the same cut off mark compare with the less competitive course. Theirs will be higher.

Below is the list of the various departments in the school and their various cut off marks.

1. ARTS –  Arabic 180
–  Christian Religious Studies 180
–  Islamic Religious Studies 180
–  History & International Studies 180
–  Music 180
–  Theatre Arts–  Portuguese / English 180
2. EDUCATION – Arabic Education–  CRS Education

–  Islamic Studies Education

–  English Education

–  French Education

–  History Education





–  Yoruba Education–  Biology Education

–  Chemistry Education

–  Mathematics Education

–  Physics Education

–  Physical & Health Education

–  Health Education

–  Computer Science Education

–  Educational Technology

–  Business Education

–  Accounting Education

–  Educational Management

–  Geography Education

–  Economics Education

–  Political Science Education
















3 LAW – Law 180
4. SCHOOL OF AGRICULTURE – Agriculture 180
5. MANAGEMENT SCIENCES – Accounting 180
– Public Administration 180
– Marketing 180
– Banking & Finance 180
– Management Technology 180
– Industrial Relations and Personnel Management 180
– Insurance 180
6. SCHOOL OF COMMUNICATION – Mass Communication 180
7. SCIENCE – Biochemistry 180
– Botany 180
– Chemistry 180
– Fisheries & Aquatic Biology– Mathematics 180
– Microbiology 180
– Physics 180
– Zoology 180
– Computer Science 180
8. COLLEGE OF MEDICINE – Medicine & Surgery 180
– Physiology 180
– Dentistry 180
– Nursing 180
9. SOCIAL SCIENCES – Geography & Planning 180
– Psychology 180
– Economics 180
– Political Science 180
– Sociology 180
10. SCHOOL OF TRANSPORT – Transport 180
11. ENGINEERING – Mechanical Engineering 180
– Electronics & Computer Engineering 180
– Chemical and Polymer Engineering 180

Please note that even though virtually all the course requires 180, there is variation in the cut off mark which will manifest in Post Jamb cut off mark. This implies that the difference in the cut off mark requirement lies in the Post Jamb score. Sure, the competitive course will have a higher post jamb score compare to less competitive courses. They have more applicants than others.

Post UTME LASU Cut Off Mark

After you must have met the JAMB Cut off mark to apply to LASU, the next is the POST UTME cut off, that is the minimum score you must have in the Post Jamb for you to be considered for admission during the admission process.

Just like some of the Universities, the cut off mark for the post JAMB is based on a hundred percent scale. And for you to be considered for admission, you must get the average score. It is with this Post JAMB, JAMB and also the O/Level that you will be examined whether you qualified for the admission or not. You see that you have to prepare so well as time is going. You must get admission this year.

Important Salient Points About LASU

Before you proceed to register for the Post Jamb examination, there are some important points about LASU that you have to take note of.

  1. You must have scored at least a score of 180 in the recently concluded JAMB Examination. You have to take note of this because the University works strictly based on the cut off mark.
  2. During the JAMB Registration, you must have chosen LASU as your first choice. This is important as the University works mainly based on preferences.
  3. You must prepare all your academic certificates as they will be required of you during the Post JAMB examination. Take note – take with you all the academic certificates that relate to you. Certificates like Original Copies of their educational qualifies, Birth certificates/Age declaration, etc. must also be taken into consideration
  4. You must prepare so well for the Post JAMB as it will be among the admission process.
  5. Also, note that like other Universities, the Lagos State University (LASU) also take into consideration, catchment areas.
  6. Note that LASU does not accept awaiting result as LASU do work with such. If you are using such, it is advisable to do a change of institution.



Lagos State University is one of the top tertiary institutions in Nigeria and they try all their best to maintain a certain standard. This makes it one of the competitive institutions in Nigeria. How do you increase your chances of getting admission?

The way is to pray as if you do not read and read as if you do not pray. This is to ensure that you score a higher Post Jamb score in the Post Jamb examination. Even though it is not the only measure taken during the admission process, at least it will form a part of the admission process.

You know you have to prepare so well in order to have a chance in the competitive admission process. As they sat that all successful phenomenon as an unsuccessful story behind it. Not all successful things come easily. You’ve got to work for it in order to have a story to tell at the end.

That’s all about LASU Cut Off Mark for All Courses (JAMB and Post UTME), I hope you will look for your department and see the mark slated before it.

Hope you find this article helpful.

Congratulation in advance for your admission into LASU.



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