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KNUST IDL Portal, Fees And Courses

IDL as a term used here represents the Institute of Distance learning, the institute of distance learning, Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, Kumasi, is an institute established to aid distance learning or rather say to help interested applicants of the school far away to learn without stress of having to come over to the school or university for education.

This Institute (IDL) also offers different programs offered by the central University. Today we are going to discuss the KNUST IDL Portal, fees, and courses.

KNUST IDL Portal, Fees, And Courses

This section permits us to provide you one after the other what you request to know as they are entirely different from each other but will be discussed in just one article.

  • Knust IDL Portal

The Knust IDL portal is a website or platform meant to carry out all admission process, fees payment, and Registration of which without this portal the previously mentioned processes can’t be carried out and therefore applicants won’t have access to the institution. And concerning this, the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, Kumasi, Ghana, has provided its Institute of Distance Learning (IDL) a web portal to aid the processes stated above.

The website to visit when looking or searching for the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, Institute of Distance learning portal is none other portals than, the web address stated will take you to the landing page which happens to be the home page of Knust, but for candidates who want to register for admission in the institute of distance learning in the University should visit

If you have already registered for entry in the institution and you want to access your account or carry out a self-service on your school account you should as well visit The web addresses stipulated in this segment are accessible for carrying out the service the portal is meant for.

KNUST IDL Portal, Fees, And Courses
KNUST IDL Portal, Fees, And Courses
  • KNUST IDL Fees

Speaking of the fees paid by the students in line with the Institute of distance learning, the Knust IDL fees for such students happen to vary depending on the course offered by the candidates or students in the institution as the institute occurs to provide different classes and program which hereby cannot have a fixed price for them all. We also believe an engineering student of this institute to pay the same fee paid by an art student as that of the engineering student would be costly than that of the art student.

However, registering for admission in this higher institution for the Institute of distance learning requires you to pay a fee for the application form to be filled for registration as an applicant or candidate and without the application form or payment, applicants would not have access to the institution. This application fee would be discussed according to the programs offered by the institution and also the amount to e paid by foreign applicants as there is room for external candidates to apply in the University for the Institute of distance learning.

The Knust IDL fees for the application form are as follows;

  1. DBA (Doctorate degree program): for applicants from Ghana aspiring for this program in the Institute of distance learning in the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, they are to pay a fee of GH¢ 250.00, while the Foreign applicants are to pay the price of $250 for the application form.
  2. MSc and MEng (Postgraduate program): Applicants residing in Ghana aspiring to be a student under this program are to pay a fee of GH¢ 250.00 while candidates or aspirants outside the borders of Ghana intending to go for this program in the institution are to pay the sum of $250 as application form fee.
  3. All Top-Ups (All Undergraduate program): Applicants from Ghana getting enrolled under this program are to pay the sum of GH¢ 190.00, while foreign applicants or candidates are to pay the amount of $190.
  4. Access Course for nurses and others /Diploma program: Applicants are to purchase a Banker’s Draft of GH¢ 150.00 which is made payable to the Institute of Distance Learning of Knust (Knust IDL).
  • Knust IDL courses

Right in this segment will entail the list of classes as well as programs offered in the Institute of distance learning in the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, Kumasi. During our course of a discussion concerning the Knust IDL courses, we are going to list out the classes according to the program each direction of this institution belongs to or the category of the program each course offered in this institution falls. Therefore, the Knust IDL (Institute of distance learning) courses are as follows;

  • Postgraduate Degree programs:

The Knust institute of distance learning tends to offer postgraduate degree programs of which in this program, the following courses leading to officially recognized degrees which include the Master’s degrees and doctorate degrees;

  1. Mechanical Engineering (MSc)
  2. Agribusiness Management (MSc)
  3. Doctor of Business Administration (DBA)
  • Professional Engineering programmes

Courses offered by this institution (Knust institute of distance learning) under the above plan are as follows;

  1. Oil and Gas Management (MEng)
  2. Energy system Engineering with Management (MEng)
  3. Industrial Operations with Management (MEng)
  4. Municipal Engineering with management (MEng)
  5. Building Services Engineering with management (MEng)
  6. Information and Communication Technology with Management (MEng)
  • Undergraduate programmes (Top-Up five semesters programmes)

Under these programmes are offered the following courses;

  1. Civil Engineering (BSc)
  2. Mechanical Engineering (BSc)
  3. Agriculture Engineering (BSc)
  4. Geomatic Engineering (BSc)
  5. Telecommunication Engineering (BSc)
  6. Computer Engineering (BSc)
  7. Electrical and Electronic Engineering (BSc)
  8. Petroleum Engineering (BSc) Online only
  9. Chemical Engineering (BSc) Online only
  • Undergraduate Diploma programmes (2-year)

Under these programmes are found the following courses;

  1. Diploma Business Administration
  2. Diploma in Horticulture
  3. Diploma in Computer Network Engineering
  4. Degree in Information Technology
  5. Diploma in Mechanical Engineering
  6. Recognition in Computational data analysis for business and finance

NOTE: we would like you all to note that the Accra City Campus, as well as the Takoradi Campus and Kwabenya campus, will also be available for weekday sessions from Monday till Friday for all the diploma programmes involving just two years. More even, applicants getting enrolled in Accra or Takoradi Centres should indicate their preference for either weekday or weekend lectures and activities.

Distance Learning (MSc Degree in Mechanical engineering)

This program has no other motive if not to coach a critical mass of high-grade professionals in the engineering workforce that will pave the way for leadership and innovations in both the private and public sector industry within the country and across the world at large. To accomplish the above mission, well-motivated candidates or applicants with excellent and applicable preparations are invited for application into the institution to be part of the well structured innovative postgraduate programme. However, the programme alternative will cover the following;

  1. Thermal Science and Energy Systems Engineering
  2. Design Manufacturing and Applied Mechanics Engineering and
  3. Industrial Engineering

 Distance learning in Agribusiness Management (MSc)

Agribusiness symbolizes all business-related activities associated with input supply, processing, production, finance, distribution of food as well as agricultural products, and marketing. It also cuddles affairs in value addition such as the safety of foods and quality assurances that are not looked upon in general business programme. The academic order of agribusiness combines theories as well as techniques in finance, management, and marketing to address the issues of agriculture.

The Agribusiness management Master of Science degree is set up to equip students with the relevant skill of business that fulfills the particular demands of the agribusiness industry. This programme aims to bring forth competent Agribusiness individuals who are knowledgeable about the conjecture and practice of agribusiness management.

Duration of Professional Engineering Programmes

The professional engineering programmes offered by the Institute of distance learning in Knust are termed Modular of which the modules will be run only on a weekend basis. These professional programmes will span for 12 months.


Conclusion on Knust IDL Portal, Fees, and Courses

Knust happens to be a high school that considers all candidates and is eager to impart knowledge into interested candidates that would become great leaders of tomorrow and would also help the lives of the majority across the world.

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