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Top 20 Best Courses To Study In Nigerian Universities (2023)

Every student has a choice, of course, he/she wants to study at the university. With the number of students applying each year that wants to study in the university is at a high rate and would prefer the best courses to study in Nigerian universities. Many students find it difficult to pick a suitable course. Some have made up their mind on what to study when they were in secondary school, but as time goes on many change plans and might diverse into other areas of interest.

In a country like Nigeria, where we have a large number of unemployment rate, you will want to know the right course to study at the university, if possible the best. However, there are some factors which will be involved in choosing a suitable course at the university, is the course am going to choose easy to get a job after graduation? Is it top paying or even average? These are some things to consider. This article will show you the top 20 best courses to study in Nigerian universities.



This is one of the best course to study at the university, people need to be cured, hospitals also have to functions, so doctors are needed daily to help save lives.


We call this the hot cake job, a hospital can employ up to 20 nurses to help take care of patients, nurses are in high demand daily, and if you study this course, it will not be difficult in getting a job, you can even work in other countries as a nurse and to tell you, you even earn bigger pay over there.


One of the most sorted courses, and definitely among the best courses to study in Nigerian Universities, you are even a doctor when studying this course. You can work in a hospital, have your own pharmacy shop, there are numerous job opportunities you can get after graduation.

  • LAW

There are a lot of cases to be solved in this country, as a lawyer after graduation you are expected to go into more practice and definitely you will get a good job, as they are in high demand these days.


Show me a firm that does not need a marketer, from the banks to organizations and others. Marketers are in high demand today, because of the kind of high publicity they can give to a company.


Banking, who does not like to work in a bank, they are in high demand, a bank can employ more than 20 bankers to work for them and their pay is attractive.

Best Courses To Study In A Nigerian Universities
Best Courses To Study In A Nigerian Universities

Most students run this course because they believe, its all about farming. When you study Agric in the university, you can get a good paying job and even start your own profitable business. There is money in farming, so do not shy from it.


This course is not that popular yet, its still a paying course, industries will call you to work for them. Studying this course makes you a chemist and it qualifies you to work anywhere, ranging from food industries, pharmaceuticals, clothing, plastics.


As a civil engineer, you can work with big contract companies, to carry out projects like the development of roads, bridges and many others.


This is one hot job now, I know we all love money, then this job is meant for you, if you can cope with it in school, then you can get a good job from different oil companies.


Another course a lot of students hate, but it’s among the best courses to study in Nigerian universities when you study fishery, you can get a good job. Apart from that, with the knowledge you acquired in school, you can also set up your own business with it.


The world is now filled up with a lot of technological products, everything is now going advanced. As a computer science/ Engineering/ it student, you have an advantage, because you can secure a job anywhere.


These set of people are in charge of building plans for a house, or anything that is being built. they are in charge of designing building plans and others.


This is a course that you can study and be your own boss. The knowledge of home economics helps us a lot. You can set up a catering school for students when you even graduate.


We need them in our day to day running of activities. They are mostly sorted out for in matters relating to the economy of the countries.


Every organization today needs an accountant to help keep records or tracks of the day to day financial needs of the company. Studying this course will help you a lot.


This course is a very good one as you are also open to many job opportunities far and wide.


This is a course that guarantees you a good job, from a newscaster, Tv presenter, and others. You can even create a job opportunity for yourself by studying this course


This is a good one, you cannot be jobless studying this in school, you can always be a show host, an actor, writer, media production and many others.


This course lets you get a job, it deals with the maintenance of property and other related services. Estate managers are in high demand, everyone wants to acquire a piece of land, or move from one apartment to another. They get paid for all these services rendered.

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Now you have the courses listed above, you can choose what suits you better.

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