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Top 10 Tallest Buildings In Nigeria

tallest buildings in Abuja Nigeria

Nigeria is one of the leading countries in Africa as a whole, and she remains influential as far as the continent of Africa is concerned. Regarded as The Giant Of Africa, Nigeria stands tall in this part of the globe and has various advantages that have given it an edge over various other African countries. […]

List Of All GTBank Sort Code And Branches In Nigeria

GTBank Sort Code

Check out the full list of all GTBank Sort Code and How To Use It. The Nigerian banking system, just like its counterparts in various parts of the world, keeps evolving positively and innovatively to bring up concepts that ensure a smooth banking experience for customers.  One of the things that have been introduced is […]

GTBank Fashion Weekend – All You Need To Know

GTBank Fashion Weekend

What to know about the GTBank Fashion Weekend. Indeed, today, almost everyone will agree that Guaranty Trust Bank is one of the best banks in Nigeria. However, we must always consider the fact that the bank did not simply find itself on the top spot without doing anything, instead, it keeps indulging in certain strategic activities […]

Importance of Small Scale Businesses in Nigeria

Importance of Small Scale Businesses in Nigeria

It is important for us to start this article with a definition of what a Small Scale Enterprise or Small Scale Business is, so as to boost clarity as we progress down to the main subject of this post which are the Importance of Small Scale Businesses in Nigeria and economy. Across the world, there […]

Visa Free Countries Nigerian Passport Holders Can Visit 2019

Nigeria Visa Free Countries

Full list of visa-free countries Nigerian passport holders can visit in 2019 – Visa necessities for African nations are entry restrictions obligatory by the authorities of Home nations on permanent residents of Nigeria. As of 02 July 2019, Nigerian passport had visa-free or visa on arrival access to forty-five countries and territories and few others […]

Top 10 Richest Musicians In Nigeria 2019

Richest Hip Hop Artists In Nigeria

Discover today the top 10 Richest Musicians In Nigeria and see how much influence these guys have achieved in the lives of fans. As far as Nigeria is concerned, the ability to sing and compose beautiful songs has turned lots of people into millionaires. Yeah, there are lots of rich hip hop artists in Nigeria. […]

List Of Skills to Learn in Nigeria

List Of Skills To Learn In Nigeria

A creative list of Skills to Learn in Nigeria presently – Various estimates put the population of Nigeria between 180 million and 220 million people. A good number of this population being youth between the ages of 18 and 35. It goes without saying, therefore, that providing jobs for over 100 million people would be […]