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UNIUYO Cut Off Mark for All Courses (Jamb & Post UTME) 2024

Curious to know if the UNIUYO cut off mark 2024 has been released? Or Has Uniuyo announced the date of her post UTME? These are questions that most of the student will be willing to get answers for especially now that they just concluded their UTME examination. If you need answers to them, then you are in the right place.

Are you looking for the UNIUYO Departmental cutoff marks for the University of Uyo? If your answer is yes, then browse through our content as we decipher the marks to you. It was recently that JAMB concluded its nationwide examination which a student must pass before he can secure admission to the University.

Normally, JAMB usually sets the baseline mark called cut off the mark that a student must get before he can be considered for admission. Over the years, the mark has been set to 180 even though for some it is 200. However, fortunately for you, your University is adopting the 180 as the baseline mark in JAMB before you will be considered to write the school Post UTME.

UNIUYO Cut Off Mark for All Courses – Departmental (Jamb and Post Jamb) 2024

UNIUYO Cut Off Mark – 180

But firstly, in order for us to really get what we are talking about, let defines what cut off mark is

Cut off the mark is like a baseline mark that is set by Joint Admission and Matriculation Board or School that a student must pass before he or she can be considered admission into the University. The one set by JAMB is the conventional JAMB cut off the mark that we all know about, while that of the school is the one set by the school itself, the Post Jamb Cut Off Mark.

As a student that aims for admission this year, your ultimate goal is to get the required score that will give you admission this year. But believe me, getting admission into a University especially like UNIUYO takes more than that. You know on a yearly basis, the number of applicants to a University is always on the high side, which implies that competition will also increase. And also know that the complexity of the competition will depend on your chosen course. Competitive courses like Medicine will, of course, be much more competitive than less competitive courses and as such, you have to score a high score if you want such a course.

UNIUYO Cut Off Mark For All Departmental Courses
UNIUYO Cut Off Mark For All Departmental Courses

Actually, the University of Uyo has not released the UNIUYO departmental cut off mark for the 92 departments that the school has. In this article, however, we will be focusing our light on the past year cut off the mark because there is always a thick line of connection. They do not usually change the cut off marks!!!!

Unlike other Universities, where your admission will be judged by the average mark scored from the cumulative of JAMB and Post Jamb, Uniuyo usually bases its own Post Jamb Score on the 100 percent scale. For the Jamb score, the minimum you must get before you even have the qualification to register for the Post Jamb Examination is 180. Meaning that you scored more than or equal to 180, you are good to go for the Post Jamb Examination. But do not forget by putting it on your left hand that the more you score higher in the Jamb Examination and Post Jamb examination, the better your chances of getting admission. Soar Higher for a chance.

UNIUYO Cut Off Mark For All Courses

Salient Points About UNIUYO

Before we proceed to decipher the three numbered cut off the mark, let quickly look at the salient points that you must always remember

  1. For you to register for the post Jamb examination, you must have scored a Jamb score of 180 and above. Anything below that, I will advise that you should do a change of course or even University as the University is the type that works strictly based on cut off the mark. And you know, you cannot play with this year again
  2. During your Jamb registration, you must have chosen UNIUYO as your first choice University. This is important because those that chose the university as the first choice will be having more chances than those that choose them as Second Choice.
  3. You must prepare yourself for the Post Jamb examination registration by ensuring you get the following documents ready: Original copy of JAMB result slip, O/Level certificates, Original copy of your birth certificate, secondary school testimonial, 22 recent passports (or more) and any other academic certificates that you feel will work. In fact, to be on a safer side, it is better for you to go along with any certificate related to your life
  4. Please note that unlike other universities in Nigeria, the University of Uyo does not accept awaiting the result. If this is your case, I guess the University of Uyo is not for you. Please quickly revert to a University that will consider you in order for you to get admission this year. You know time is running away from us.
  5. In the upcoming Post Jamb examination, your duty is for you to ensure a higher mark in the examination in order to have a chance in the admission process. However, you have to know that scoring a higher mark both at the Jamb and Post Jamb level will not guarantee you automatic admission. It is based on luck and remembers that not all that passed will be chosen.
  6. You have to score higher in order to have a greater chance of getting admitted.
  7. Finally, please note that just like other Universities their own catchment area, so do the University of Uyo also has its own.

For the Post Jamb cut off the mark, please note that the minimum you must get is 50%, meaning that anything below this is a shaky chance of getting admission. However, also note that depending on the type of course and how competitive it is, hence the score. For competitive courses, you are expected to score at least 80% to stand a chance of getting admitted while for less competitive courses, you still must score higher.

UNIUYO Cut Off Mark for All Courses

Below is the cut off marks for all the departments in the University of Uyo. Look for yours and see the mark.

COURSE       Cut off Mark

  • 1-Accounting 220
  • 2-Accounting Education 200
  • 3-Agric-Economics & Extension 185
  • 4-Agricultural Engineering 190
  • 5-Agricultural Science & Education 190
  • 6-Agriculture 195
  • 7-Animal Science 195
  • 8-Architecture 210
  • 9-Banking And Finance 220
  • 10-Biochemistry 235
  • 11-Botany And Ecological Studies 215
  • 12-Building 210
  • 13-Business Education 205
  • 14-Business Management 220
  • 15-Chemical Engineering 220
  • 16-Chemistry 210
  • 17-Civil Engineering 195
  • 18-Communication Arts 215
  • 19-Computer Education 200
  • 20-Computer Engineering 210
  • 21-Computer Science 190
  • 22-Curriculum Studies 185
  • 23-Economics 220
  • 24-Education &Economics 200
  • 25-Education And Mathematics 200
  • 26-Education And Music 185
  • 27-Education And Physics 190
  • 28-Education & Social Science 180
  • 29-Education & Religious Studies 180
  • 30-Education And Biology 200
  • 31-Education And Chemistry 200
  • 32-Education And Efik/Ibibio 190
  • 33-Education And English Language 200
  • 34-Education And French 210
  • 35-Education And Geography 205
  • 36-Education And History 195
  • 37-Education And Integrated Science 190
  • 38-Education And Political Science 200
  • 39-Education And Science 215
  • 40-Education And Social Studies 180
  • 41-Education Arts 200
  • 42-Education Finearts 185
  • 43-Efik/Ibibio 190
  • 44-Electrical/Electronic Engineering 240
  • 45-English Language 220
  • 46-Estate Management 200
  • 47-Fine And Industrial Arts 190
  • 48-Fisheries And Aquaculture 180
  • 49-Fisheries & Aquatic Environment Management 185
  • 50-Food Engineering 190
  • 51-Food And Science Technology 205
  • 52-Forestry And Wildlife 200
  • 53-French 200
  • 54-Geography And Regional Planning 190
  • 55-Guidance And Counseling 180
  • 56-Health Education 185
  • 57-History And International Studies 220
  • 58-Home Economics 185
  • 59-Home Economics And Education 180
  • 60-Human   Anatomy 215
  • 61-Insurance 205
  • 62-Land Surveying & Geoinformatics 200
  • 63-Law 280
  • 64-Library Science 180
  • 65-Linguistics 190
  • 66-Marketing 195
  • 67-Mass Communication 210
  • 68-Mathematics 220
  • 69-Mechanical Engineering 230
  • 70-Medicine And Surgery 275
  • 71-Micro-Biology 205
  • 72-Music 195
  • 73-Petroleum Engineering 235
  • 74-Pharmacy 240
    75-Philosophy 210
    76-Physical Education 205
    77-Physics 220
    78-Physiology 210
    79-Political Science 220
    80-Pre-Primary & Primary Education 180
    81-Psychology 190
    82-Quantity Surveying 210
    83-Religious And Cultural Studies 205
    84-Sociology & Anthropology 200
    85-Soil Science 190
    86-Special Education 180
    87-Statistics 200
    88-Technical Education 185
    89-Theatre Arts 229
    90-Urban And Regional Planning 200
    91-Vocational Education 195
    92-Zoology 200.


There they are, the UNIUYO Cut Off a mark for all courses. Look for yours and see the mark you must get to have a chance of admission this year.

Getting admission in a country like ours is one of the most competitive challenges that one must face and conquer. But how does one face such challenge and conquer? It is by your hardworking and prayer to Almighty God as he is the only one to give you a guarantee.

You know you cannot allow this year to pass again without you gaining admission into the University. Thus, you have to act smart or better smarter in other to get your chances. They say behind any successful scene, there is an unsuccessful scene. All good things do not come easily. You have to work for it. Soar higher and make yourself proud.

I hope this article will help you with your findings on UNIUYO Cut Off Mark for All Courses – Departmental (Jamb and Post UTME).

Best of luck and congratulation in advance for your admission into Uniuyo.



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